Why condemn North Korea for launching a rocket?

The Americans and its lackeys were all up in arms to condemn North Korea for testing a rocket it used to launch its own satellite in space. This is provocative? This is a test for a long range missile to the USA? This must be condemned?

Can a country like North Korea or any country that the Empire branded as evil, have the right to develop their own rockets to launch their own missiles? Have these countries the right to develop their own weapons systems to defend themselves? Why is this a provocative act and unacceptable when the USA and its allies possessed many many missiles that are more than enough to fire at all the countries in the world many times over?

How would this measure up to in terms of being provocative when compares to the Americans sailing their warships into Chinese territories, within the 12 nautical miles from the island provided by the UNCLOS? How provocative can it be for the Americans to sail all the way from across the Pacific Ocean to the South China Sea to show the PRC that they can violate Chinese territorial integrity and sovereignty?

Why was there no condemnation of such naked provocations and acts of aggression? The North Koreans were exercising their rights to develop their own rockets/missiles and defence system. What is wrong with that? Why is that provocative? Every country has a right to develop and build its own defence system to protect against being attacked, especially by an aggressive and war mongering evil Empire like the United States.

What about the amendment of a pacifist Constitution to forbid a war like country like Japan that launched the biggest invasion in Asia, invading every Asian country to go to war again? Japan is amending its pacifist Constitution to go to war again citing fear of China and North Korea when the aggressor that attacked these countries was Japan. Historically, Korea and China had never invaded Japan but Japan had did it many times. No one is condemning Japan as an aggressive and provocative nation when it tore away its pacifist Constitution and is now sailing its warships everywhere and engaging in military actions and threatening China and North Korea?

So the South Koreans would have to pay the price for this hype of a hostile North Korea, to pay for the multi billion dollar missile defence system, THAAD, and to allow the Americans to keep it as a semi colony for more good years.

It is so easy to mislead the daft countries of the world. Just hype up a threat and they would believe without thinking. North Korean missile test means a threat to the world. How many silly asses believe this is so? The threat to the world is the country that owns an arsenal of nuclear weapons that can wipe out every country in this world and would do it callously, wielding a big stick to whack anyone that refused to toe the line. The threat to world peace is when former invader of Asia decided to want to go to war, to be able to conduct war as it pleases. North Korea not only has no record of conducting aggression or military invasion of any country, it does not have the resources to do so.

Stop believing in the boy that cries wolf and expecting everyone to panic. North Korea wants to conquer the world? For what? It does not have the capability.


virgo49 said...

Wait till one fine day, Braking News, Land of Rapists and Shits and Pakistan necular weapons seized by the Talabans or ISIS.

Pointing and launching at the so called free democracies of the world.

U Ass Hay will shout wah piang eh! SHOULD STOP THEM long ago.

At least Nkorea arsensal are safer in their hands

Hosay liao, Good Show!

Beginning of stone age.

Anonymous said...

Where was RB when PAPies raping Sinkies in the 1970s, 80s and 90s? Scheming to earn big salary, buy private properties, buy big cars??? How can RB's $10,000 per month lifetime pension, bungalow, and Mercedes help Sinkies today???

Anonymous said...

You think RB your ah kong is it?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps because North Korea is not a superpower that the world is objecting to its launch of rockets or missiles. The USA, being the most powerful country on earth, is naturally entitled to possess as many missiles and weapons of mass destruction as it wants, but it is not a terrorist nation. A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but doesn't have an air force.
Since the second world war, the US has bombed over thirty countries around the world and overthrown or attempted to overthrow more than fifty foreign governments. It has also been involved in attempts (successful or otherwise) at assassinating some forty national leaders. For more details , please refer to "williamblum.org".

Anonymous said...

The imminent target of the US is Najib. Najib must go.

The US is not a terrorist. It is the father and mother of terrorists.

Anonymous said...

The next target to be removed is Prayut of Thailand.

Anonymous said...

They painted Saddam and Gaddafi as monsters and murdered both of them. Now they are painting Kim Jung Un as another monster to justify invading North Korea to kill him.