USA – The menace in the South China Sea

The American again flew two B52 bombers over the Chinese islands in the South China Sea yesterday and all China did was to protest. This is making China looking helpless in the eyes of the international community and especially Asean countries that would think China is ripe for the whacking. China has not learnt the lesson from the Japanese invasion. Weakness is an invitation for war. The Japanese saw the weakness in Manchu China and invaded. The Americans are seeing the same weakness in China and getting bolder and are tempted to push China out of the South China Sea, even to attack China.


China has no choice. The policy of restraint advocated by Deng Xiaoping is not longer working in the face of a hostile aggressor like the Americans. Either China stands up and face the Americans squarely or be bullied and loses all respect in the eyes of Asean and the world. It would lead to the scattering of support and friendly countries to the American camp.


Though war is bad for China and it is trying its best to avoid an open conflict, China cannot keep sitting still and do nothing to the provocations. Even lame Australia thinks it is up to it to challenge China by trying to act as a deputy sheriff as well. There are many ways to deal with the Americans without going to war. There are economic, political and financial tools to apply the pressure where it hurts. There are many areas that China need not cooperate with the Americans where it matters most to the Americans. Let the North Koreans and the Iranian thump their chests at the Americans.  China can work more closely with the Russians in Syria by contributing to the war effort on the side of Assad and the Russians.  China can also support the indigenous people of North America and champion their cause to reclaim their land in the UN. Beat the drum hard in the UN and let it be heard. Keep the occupation of stolen land issue alive.


China must take the initiative, go on the offensive instead of sitting there and waiting for the Americans to come kicking down their door. No need to engage in military warfare unless forced to. Fight the Americans in areas that they are weak and sensitive about, hit them where it hurts.


Not doing anything is not an option.  The Syrian conflict is a good start to keep the Americans busy with American troops on the ground to drain their military resources and bog them down in an area away from China. Putin is doing a great job and if China can give him a helping hand, that would keep the Americans very busy there and got no time to provoke another theatre of war and create mischief in the South China Sea.


Give full support to the North Koreans and back them up. Do not be forced to act against the North Koreans to benefit the Americans. China must take the side of the North Koreans or lose an ally to benefit the Americans.


Remember, the Americans are broke and cannot sustain their military operations overseas for long. The Americans are upping their pressure, encouraging the Japanese, the Pinoys and the Indians to send their military ships to patrol the South China Sea. These provocative acts must be stopped before it got too big to manage and war becomes unavoidable.


Veritas said...

From some speculation, China is bankrolling a significant part of Russian initiative in Syria as well as pledging Syrian post war reconstruction.

There is one more trick China, Iran and Russia can play. Spill the Yemen War, and foment Saudi
Eastern Province uprising.

Very few people are not aware that Sunni have not so much oil. Sunni is a parasite leeching on their minorities.

The world's biggest oil field lies in Saudi Eastern Province which is -- Shia. Sunni parasite took Shia oil and let Shia-land rot like a fucking shit hole. This is what exactly the same Fucking Malaysian did to Sarawak and Sabah.

Similar, most of Iraq oil lies in the South, somewhere close to Basra, which is more than 90% Shia. And Iraq is now controlled by Shia.

With the execution of Shia Cleric Nimr in Saudi, the East Province are getting wobbly. And if Yemen Shia start a war in Saudi, the East Province could declare independent. Then a civil war will start.

Now Sunni already lost Iraq. And Ishallah, Sunni lost Eastern Province, then Sunni significant oil deposit is in Kuwait, UAE and Libya, which is not so much.

With the destruction of Sunni oil power, USA petrodollar will be destroyed.

And Sunni jihad kid is going to their rightful place of savage desert barbarians. No one is going to fund those crazy madrassah or hate mongering Sunni cleric.

I am dreaming every night for this to happen and it will. Sunni did too many shit, steal too many from their minorities, and its time Shia get BACK their OIL.

Veritas said...

If my dream comes true the new oil states are

Saudi Eastern Province -Shia
Iran -Shia
Iraq -Shia
Kuwait -Sunni
UAE -Sunni
Russia -Eastern Christian
Libya -Sunni

Shia oil will be 125% more than Sunni.

agongkia said...

Don't understand why Uncle want to see action.
To kill a little chicken, no need to use a knife mean for killing oxen.
Nothing to do go visit your ancestral village more often.
PRC knows what to do.
長他人之氣,滅自己威風。Help to convince the daft Sinkies to be loyal and vote wisely if you are good and not meddle too much with PRC affair.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ you must be joking, RB:

>> the Americans are broke and cannot sustain their military operations overseas for long. <<

The USA was technically broke/ bankrupt / kaput around the 1980's, and yet it still could expand its influence and flex its military might, funding and staffing well over 100 military bases around the world and arming itself to the teeth with better weapons and better trained personnel, especially those who fall under the umbrella of SOCOM.

Once the "golden handcuffs" of the Bretton Woods quasi gold standard came off in 1971, the USD's special privilege as the world' reserve currency meant that they could print up as much USD's as needed, and borrow from the world. When the US offers up debt securities, there's a huge rush to buy them...cuntrees like the usually smart Chinese bought trillions!

China sells its cheap crap (now getting better---not so cheap, but less crappy too) to the fat lazy American---a stereotype of some entitled "world owes me a living" character who lives well beyond their means. Since the Chinese are productive and competitive, they sell lots of stuff and earn lots of money; money which they "recycle" by loaning back (buying US debt) to the fat lazy living-beyond-means American consumer. Hardworking Chinese "finance" the spending-binge lifestyle of the US consumer...who instead of being thankful complains that the Chinese are "stealing jobs" from overpaid US workers.

In the meantime, the banks love this stuff as their business is DEBT, i.e. making loans. So the US is all tapped out financially, but still by fluke, subterfuge and "leverage" manages to still be the wealthiest society in world history, whilst China is still considered a "developing" nation.

China is definitely on the back foot here. Economic growth has stalled, business owners are simply walking away from their enterprises leaving workers high and dry and unpaid, domestic financial systems although vastly improved are still lacking---smart Chinese put their money overseas.

Since the Yuan is pegged to the USD, the Yuan has been appreciating in tandem with the USD, making China less competitive/ more expensive. China might have to devalue to gain competitiveness, but doing so could trigger more capital flight from their markets and sink the rest of Asia...which is also struggling to ward off a recession. (good luck on that)

The world was never fair. There is no such thing as a "just universe" (i.e. no such thing as "karma"). You can be an asshole and totally irresponsible and still WIN if you manage to out-maneuver your competitors, by using "unconventional tactics".

For e.g.: in the 2008-2009 GFC, the motherfucking bankers who played a large part in causing the collapse paid themselves healthy bonuses with the (taxpayer-looted) BAILOUT MONEY.

When "bad guys" win, they win BIG! (just in case there is karma, better to make your scam worth it!)

Anonymous said...

Vermintas, in true fashion of the Nanyang-Nantah Spirit, always picks on a scapegoat to cover up the ills of his own ideology. In the last century, it was in the Nanyang-Nantah Spirit that blamed the Malays and Muslims for betrayal during the WW2, when it was they own Nanyang-Nantah folks who betrayed the Chinese villagers. Later, Nanyang-Nantah created problems and riots for the Brits and blamed the Malays for the race riots.

Today, vermintas carries on the Nanyang-Nantah blame game. While it is China's plan to usurp areas in the Spratlys and that triggered US involvement, vermintas blames the unwitting Muslims for this mess.

Hail the nefarious Nanyang Nantah Spirit of creating trouble and placing the blame on others!

Anonymous said...

China paying him 20,000 a month, so must write pro-China stuff mah.
If don't write wait china fire him & no more free china mei mei to play with.

Veritas said...

I am 100% pro Islam. Whenever I go to forum and see Sunni curse Imman Hussein, Imman Hassan and Imman Ali, I get very piss off. I even see Sunni gloating and celebrating Ashura and curse that Imman Hussein deserve to die.

How can SUnni be so heartless to Proh Mohammad.

Also I have seen Sunni supporting Umayad, supporting scum people like Muawiyah, who is top most evil person in history, forever wanting to harm the prophet.

I feel fucking angry. I am angry that SUnni have betrayed Muslims. How can Sunni treat the prophet this way.

So Veritas being a good person speak out.

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with Agongkia in this Thread.

Like to say Mainland Chinese know
better about their survival than those outside China. 5000 years and still standing high and tall is proof itself.

Btw, Sinkies could be the Most Pitiful in the Coming Years. The Monkeys are in control of the Sinkies in Sinland.
Withethe US bend on disturbing and stirring in this Region, Sinland gonna suffers the Most. Although it is trying it's very best to be nice to the Colliding Super Powers, it shall suffer like the Whore that's nice to every of her customers. She shall be treated as a whore and nothing more. A whore has very limited time to stay in business for long, much like barren piece of rock with nothing to sustain livelihoods.

Playing politics and monkeying around shall be dangerous. DONT BELIEVE? Just look at the monkeys at Mandai and those at the Botanical Garden. THEY SHALL BE EXTINCT BY 2050.



Anonymous said...

Vermintas' hypocritical declaration of pro Islam betrays his frustration that the nefarious Nanyang Nantah Spirit is dead and gone. The Nanyang Nantah Spirit is nothing but a ghost haunting vermintas' mind. So like a true Nanyang Nantah supporter, he is in total denial that his ideology of a strong Chino is nothing but a strawhouse and therefore blames Muslims. Then to disguise his hate for Muslims, he says he is pro Islam. That's like a WW2 Jap soldier saying he is pro China. The WW2 Jap soldier then says he is fucking angry that Chinese have betrayed China. How can Chinese kill ownself? Jap must invade to control the cannibalistic nature of the Chinese in China to stop themselves from killing ownself.

Veritas said...

What is wrong when I try defend the prophet?

You support Muawiyah? You support Umayad? You support killing of Imman Ali, Imman Hussein and Imman Hassan just like the fathers of Sunni?

We should say fuck to those murderers.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with WW2 Jap soldier defending Chinese by invading China? You support Chinese killing ownself? We should say fuck those murderers.

Anonymous said...

This chap cheng kia's father is an animal, a bear.

Anonymous said...

Vermintas has a new supporter, a cheeky chinko pedo.

Hermit said...

More and more guests joining the party.

"Joint patrols with India in South China Sea may reduce tensions: US"


Anonymous said...

Same reasoning like elected President can produce a rogue president. So frightening.
No one question why the American presidential system cannot produce a rogue president?

b said...

''Those who control oil and water will control the world - John Gray''- People should stop relying on oil. It is full of blood. People from countries that need heating should move to countries that do not need heating. We can stop wars. Just need to move.

Anonymous said...

That "new supporter" is not really new. He has been around for a long time trolling on forums and chat groups since the 1990s. A crazy sex maniac from some ozland uni.

Anonymous said...

Try so hard in n owe so much.