US actions ‘raise chances of conflict significantly’

Below is a report in a reputable media.

President Hussein says US should step back from unilateral action in S China Sea disputes

Buangkok(Tharland) There are areas of genuine tension between China and the United States, said President Hussein, referring to the disputes in the South China Sea about which he gave the blunt assessment that “USA is resorting to old style of might make right”, as opposed to working through international law and norms to resolve territorial disputes. The Americans must not return to gunboat diplomacy to exert their control over the South China Sea.

This has led to “significant potential” for confusion and war among countries in the region,… adding that ‘The more we can convince  the US that it’s in their long term interest to abide by these international rules as well, the more peaceful and secure the whole region would be,” he said in an interview with Channel Newsworld.

President Hussein also said he did not want to hypothesise about the US going to war with China but stressed that the US ought to step back from unilateral action to avoid a war in the region.  The President added, ‘What we learnt is that societies work better when these norms are observed. The same is true at the international level. And USA, as a large country, should have even more investment in wanting these norms to be observed.’

It could take some time, the president said, for the Americans’ own experience over the course of history in genocide, slavery and wars that binding itself to certain norms and rules would allow the US to flourish. ‘I think the US would discover the same thing. They are growing into their size and power and it may take a while for them to recognize that they must obey the rules and norms of international law.’

President Hussein concluded, ‘I am confident that, over time, US will develop not just the desire and the intent, but also the capacity, the bureaucratic capabilities, to carry out some of these functions as a global leader. I think if they do it in a way that is consistent with existing international norms, then that is good for all of us.’

PS. President Obama. The pivot to Asia by bring in all their weapons and setting up more military bases in the region is NOT militarising the region.


Anonymous said...

The military fortress in Diego Garcia with B 52 nuclear bombers is not militarising the Indian Ocean.

All the military bases in Asia, not militarising the region?

White men speak with fork tongues since the killing of Red Indian days.

Virgo 49 said...

Distraction, distraction, more distractions.

With our massive debts, soon to be obsolete WMD, now don't create tensions and get more boeymen when is the correct time???

When chaos is everywhere, creditors will soon forget all matters.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ah...reputable news source eh? Splendid. I instantly believed it!!

Anyway back to the GI Joe sale at Toys 'R Us...

Cui bono?

US Defense, Weapons and Security contractors.

With US Forces permanently in the region, the private US contractors get a foothold on the Asian market. All the US "allies" in the region will naturally "lust over" new fancy military hardware to the point where they'll be begging the US to sell them some of these new mass-murdering goodies. Easy financing available.

Who are the suckers who end up paying for this epic block buster?

1. US Taxpayer---many already strapped for cash. Many too defaulting on their mortgages, their car loans, credit cards....and the good old student loans!

2. ASEAN taxpayers: many of them in shakey job situations, purchasing power of their respective currencies already in the toilet and still sinking. All asset valued down, some by double digits.

This is not robbing the poor. This is robbing EVERYONE.

Democracies at work :-) Everyone gets the government they deserve!

Veritas said...

Right now USA and allies are acting like a gangster. In retrospect, I really want to thank you Mao, Ho Chi Minh and the martyrs who sacrifice fighting USA.

In Syria, USA and fucking Sunni allies are supporting Sunni terror against humanity. USA allies like Turkey and Saudi are now talking about invading Syria to set up a fucking satan terrorist micro-states, totally anti humanity.

Fortunately, USA got humbled in Vietnam (China help Vietnam).

So USA dont dare to be too wicked.

But I see some light in middle east. The Kurds who are Sunni now got bail out by Marxism and decide to declare war on Sunni, embracing humanity. Kurd now organize a force of Christians, Sunni and Syria collition, to kick Sunni Islamo ass.

Now Sunni have hope.

The only Sunni hope is that they betray their own religious vanguard.

Anonymous said...

A fucking Chinese chauvy like veritas will always blame Islamo even though fucking China is the one creating the tension in the Spratlys. But this tension between Americunt and China is all wayang. It is all a show to demonstrate who's gun is bigger and stronger. China is now behaving like a hoodlum suka suka claiming land instead of negotiating. US then use excuse to get involved because China now aggressive. In the end, Veritas cannot accept that his own China is the trigger of the tension, so blame Islamo. That is what Nanyang-Nantah Chinese chauvinist is good at. Kill ownself, then blame others.

Hermit said...

When two elephants fight, the grass below suffers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
A fucking Chinese chauvy like veritas will always blame Islamo even though fucking China is the one creating the tension in the Spratlys.

At least Veritas know who is his father and mother. Who is your father and mother?
You got it so mixed up in your sicko mind that you are now so confused, not sure whether your father and mother are white, yellow, brown or black.

Anonymous said...

No fight yet.
Ministers wang yi and john Kerry still smiling and shaking hands just now but different story in the ground or rather at the high seas. it is show of muscle with their respective frigates, corvettes, spy planes, fighter jets, submarines, aircraft carriers, bombers, missiles, radars, satellites, stealth jets, and what have you

@return excess salary to State

Anonymous said...

Yes, veritas knew that his marder was raped by his farder and that he was born of a bastard. For you, your mom was raped when she was a child which meant that your farder was a pedophile. Like farder like son.

Anonymous said...

at least the ministers wang yi and john Kerry from the superpowers CHINA and USA are doing their jobs in promoting their countries interests BUT with a salary a tiny of what a SG ceremonial president is paid in Singapore an island State of 700sqkm , as compared to USA CHINA total GDP/ land areas, population and influence, so please

@return excess salary to State

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The meeting between John Kerry and Wang Yi is a very serious meeting, more important than the meeting between Obama and Xi. It is all guns on the table. No blinking of the eyes.

The issues, no THAAD in Korea like no missiles in Cuba, and no more provocations by B 52s and missile destroyers in the South China Sea. The Chinese are moving their guns into the islands to take a stand. This time the Chinese are prepared and ready.

It could be Gunfight at O Coral.

Veritas said...

Despite how fucking Malaysian Malay hate Chinese, their fucking elites knew what is going on. Malaysia is the ONLY country in SE Asia that give China a military base. This is a great step ahead, because this shows some Malays are now having more cow sense, rather than brandishing allah hu akbar.

That is probably the reason why USA fumed at Malaysia.

In the next 10 years, Malay due to CHina influence will learn the good things, and ditch that bad one USA and her salafi dog teach them, sich as tudung, anyhow "allah hu akbar", "no way to apostasy", shitting on shia and ahmadya, shitting on Iban and Kadazan, busybody on Lina Joy...etc

Anonymous said...

1:07 marder farker, when are you going to be nabbed back to IMH? U real sicko up there.

Anonymous said...

Of course Malaysia and China buddy buddy. But vermintas, the Nanyang Chinese Chauvinist always make up stories that the Malays are after Chinese blood. So on one hand he posts lies that Malays are out to get Chinese. But the Nanyang Chauvinist in him cannot help in pointing out the Malay Malaysians and the China Chinese have good relationship. So he is like his left hand is slapping his dick while the right hand is masturbating it. Always contraDICKting himself. That is what engaging in too much Nanyang Chauvinism will do to you. It causes the brain to malfunction.

As for the pedo who is calling other people sicko, that is like a rapist blaming the witness. Good try but not good enough. A pedo is a pedo is a pedo.

Veritas said...

Malaysia after so many lost years of wondering under shit mind Islamofascism, is finally moving back to her China mother.

Malaysia MOST illustrious "empire" Malacca Sultanate (actually its is BS. Malay has nothing to show off, other than a village), was a vassal state of China. When Malay got shit from Portuguese white man, she scream for help to China.

Many banana think white man very powerful and big cock, CHina sure lost. WRONG.

Around the same era is 1521, just 10 years after Malay lost their pants to Portuguese, Chinese navy engage the portuguese and white man lost their pants.

White man loser keep losing to China in EVERY war until 19th century.

THe time has come for Malaysia Malay to go back to their real mother.

Veritas said...

Below is what Wikipedia said about Battle of Tunmen where China showcase her world class naval supremacy. Note, Portuguese then was the MOST powerful naval empire in Europe. Next came the spanish. The navy of portuguese and spanish went downhill following the defeat of Spanish armada.

Simão de Andrade had been kidnapping Chinese children to sell in Malacca. and ignored Chinese sovereign authority at Tãmão, building a fort. The Chinese believed that the Portuguese roasted and ate the Chinese children they had kidnapped. The Chinese responded by blockading the Portuguese. The Portuguese would have starved if they had not run the blockade.

During this period China's navy maintained around 50 ships. Simão de Andrade's fleet was defeated by the Chinese navy, which emboldened the Chinese to take further military action the following year, at the Second Battle of Tamao (1522) against Martim Afonso de Mello.

The Chinese were commanded by Wang Hong. The battle started in either April or May, and ended when the Portuguese fled to Malacca in October. Many Portuguese vessels were captured by Chinese forces. The Chinese killed and captured so many Portuguese that only three Portuguese ships survived the battle, out of the many ships and Chinese junks with which they attacked the Chinese. They managed to escape only because a strong wind arose and scattered the pursuing Chinese ships, enabling the Portuguese to escape to the open sea. For many years afterwards, the Chinese would kill every single Portuguese who attempted to land in China.

Anonymous said...

Loser Vermintas is hopping mad that China Chinese love Malaysians more than Nanyang Chinese. Malaysians and China Chinese buddy buddy. But during the times when the Nanyang Chinese were buttkicked, bitchslapped and arsehole-drilled by the Brits and governments of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in the 1950s to 1980s.... and when the CPM terrorists, Commies and Marxists were executed, killed, detained without trial etc, China Chinese did NOTHING to help the Nanyang Chinese.

Vermintas' love of China is like a one-way affair. He loves China but China does not love him. Instead China chooses the Malays of SE Asia, his competitor. So like a spurned bride, vermitas now bitches about his competitor.

Loser Vermintas should wake up. This is the 21st C, not the 1950s or 1960s, where the Nanyang Dead Spirit was used to rally Nanyang chauvinists to overthrow the Brit, Malaysian and Singapore governments. Stop worshipping the dead horse Nanyang Spirit. It is a ghost spirit and will never be revived.

Anonymous said...

Might is right.

US is using their military might to force China into " unequal bargaining" position.

b said...

The rest of the world want to use trade to make peace. Cowboys still using threats to make peace. It is time for cowboys to grow up, be a man and stop resorting to barbaric behavior.

Anonymous said...

Must be Red Bean Times.

President Hussein is actually President Barack Hussein Obama (his middle name is Hussein).

The words in RB's article are bastardised from the recent interview of Obama by CNA.

Part of it at this link: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/exclusive-china-resorting/2531608.html

Anonymous said...

Chap cheng 4:35,

Veritas got someone to worship and look up to. Who can you look up to when you know not who you are or who are you parents.

So sad. Feel so sorry for you. It is not easy to be chap cheng. I understand you have a heavy chip on your shoulder. At least ask your mother to be truthful. Be nice to her, She may tell you the truth. Then you can become like Veritas.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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