The Singapore formula of the highest science

Now what is that? I also don’t understand what is the title all about. What is the highest science? Got such a thing meh? I briefly remembered Einstein calling political science the master science, because he could not find a theory or formula that is exact and unchanging, and predictable. All the variables are changing all the time. Now what is the highest science? I can’t give you a definition, but from what I am going to write below maybe you will get an idea of this out of the world kind of science.

Singapore has just appointed a very high level Constitutional Commission to recommend a formula to elect a president that will not be a rogue. It is like a system that will not fail in what it is set up to do, to produce an infallible man to be the Elected President of Singapore. Get the idea?

And to do this task, the PM has picked out a team comprising the most talented talents in the island, the top judges, top civil servant, top political scientist, top businessmen, top minority talent, top banker, top top of everything, the eminent men and woman of the island. Their combined talent and intelligent are likely to exceed any living genius on earth. You will need such a pool of intelligence to come out with a system that will not produce a rogue Elected President.

To understand the complex nature of this extraordinary task, you must understand a few things. One, it is a democratic election system where the people, the unthinking masses, are supposed to make the decision as a herd. Then there is the selection committee of equally fallible men and women, I can’t expect to say they are flawless unless they are godlike. And this team will, with their imperfect human nature, pick a man they think will not be a rogue.  And the person that is being picked is going to be truly godlike or may not be godlike but can pretend to be godlike during the selection process. And also presumably he will not fall to temptation and his life is so blessed, that his aspiration or appetite for more money or anything will be neutered. See, human nature is such that human beans are prone to temptation and their heads tend to grow bigger and bigger when they are put into position of power. So for such an infallible man to exist, to be the Elected President, is a daunting task, all temptations and desires must be castrated to prevent him from becoming a rogue.

Now our eminent team of men and woman is going to design a formula that would not fail, would not produce a rogue Elected President. Now you see, given the flawed nature of human beans, isn’t this the highest science?

Would it be more important to design a system that would not produce rogue MPs , Ministers and Prime Ministers? These elected representatives actually wield more power and carry more responsibilities than an Elected President. Should not this be the top priority? Never mind, let’s wait for this mission impossible, a system or formula to produce an infallible man in the Elected President that would not become a rogue. I will not add another condition, that it would not violate the rights of the citizens provided in the Constitution to be eligible to become an Elected President.

I wonder if there is a prize in this world good enough to award to this team if they could ever produce a scheme, system or formula to pick a flawless and infallible man. I know God failed in this task when he thought Noah was the perfect man and spared his life to be allowed to breed a flawless specie of human beans. But Noah proved just as fallible as any human bean, flawed.

What do you think? Can this team do it when God had failed? Can there be a perfect system that would not produce a rogue president?

PS. This is my piece for the weekend. I am taking a short break with my friends.


Anonymous said...

How much is this Constitutional Commission going to cost?
Where is the money going to come from?

Anonymous said...

Putting the cart before the horse is the
Best the Pappies can think of, but 70% Stinkies think the same. So accept your fate.
With or without the President, the End is near.
To avoid the Fate, leave Sin as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Highest science means looking into the sky

TO the stars..need to built a observatory stn 1st.

agongkia said...

Fate or not,do not be a loser or khongcum to leave Sin,giving opportunity for foreigners here to boss your love one that you left behind around.
Be a stayer,join the 70%,join them to fine tune the system.
Most important is to produce more to serve NS.Together we make Sin city a prosperous and happy place to stay.Everyday New Year.Everyday AngPows..Huat Ah.

jjgg said...

PAP's roadmap is very clear la...put enough roadblocks...traffic snarls and trench diggers n then allow 1 bullet proof armoured car together with its outriders through.

Anonymous said...

Oligarchy, ... meaning "few", and "to rule or to command" is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people.

These people might be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, education, corporate, religious or military control.
Such states are often controlled by a few prominent families who typically pass their influence from one generation to the next, but inheritance is not a necessary condition for the application of this term.

Throughout history, oligarchies have often been tyrannical, relying on public obedience or oppression to exist.
Aristotle pioneered the use of the term as a synonym for rule by the rich, for which another term commonly used today is plutocracy.


Anonymous said...

Especially during the fourth century BC, after the restoration of democracy from oligarchical coups, the Athenians used the drawing of lots for selecting government officers in order to counteract what the Athenians saw as a tendency toward oligarchy in government if a professional governing class were allowed to use their skills for their own benefit.

They drew lots from large groups of adult volunteers that pick selection technique for civil servants performing judicial, executive, and administrative functions.

They even used lots for posts, such as judges and jurors in the political courts, which had the power to overrule the Assembly.


Anonymous said...

" It is the job of the Fourth Estate to act as a check and a restraint on the others, to illumine the dark corners of Ministries, to debunk the bureaucrat, to throw often unwelcome light on the measures and motives of our rulers.

‘News’, as Hearst once remarked, ‘is something which somebody wants suppressed: all the rest is advertising’.

That job is an essential one and it is bound to be unpopular; indeed, in a democracy, it may be argued that the more unpopular the newspapers are with the politicians the better they are performing their most vital task.

– Brian R. Roberts from a October 29, 1955 article in the London periodical “Time & Tide”

"A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier."
– H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

S'pore formula of highest science is how to fuck 3.3M Sinkies everyday and still get 70% votes. hahaha

Anonymous said...

What is the formula?

It's a meritocracy.
You can also be a millionaire.
A HDB flat millionaire.
Don't rock the property prices.
Just vote for Pee and Piss.

Anonymous said...

"Can this team do it when God had failed?"

As long as God fail the Sinkie opposition, this team not only can do it but also can succeed in it.

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia, the 70% already kongcum.

Stay behind and become kongcum like them??

Hi Mr RB, enjoy your deserved break. If you are in The City above the Clouds on the 22nd I.e.chap goh mei, can meet you at the Resorts Hotel lobby for the Lion Dance performance and firecrackers display.

Thereafter can have dinner and few drinks together.

Huat ah!!!

agongkia said...

Virgo Lao Chek ah.
Wish you and your love one a very Happy Chap goh meh.
Good to see you inviting Uncle RB.
But auto,why only invite the rich .
You should invite our Uncle Patriot here who keep mentioning in blog that he love to find a place in Gohtong Raya.
Help to get him a rental type to plant jagong and with poor WiFi reception see whether his itchy finger can tahan one month or not.
Wish you all a Happy gathering .

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> What is the highest science? Got such a thing meh? <<

No. If you ever hear such claim, make your exit post-haste and hang onto your wallet, because a con/ scam is about to go down, and you don't want to become "the sucker" later on standing there looking dazed and confused.

>> See, human nature is such that human beans are prone to temptation and their heads tend to grow bigger and bigger when they are put into position of power. <<

Which is why power has to be DISTRIBUTED, like the concept of separation of powers in government. That is why a committee or parliament appointed/ elected president is A MUCH SAFER BET than a directly-elected (by popular vote) president.

For e.g.: China: president appointed/ chosen / elected by the huge party. USA, Philippines, Indonesia: president directly elected by population. China ==> politically SAFE. The rest, anything can happen...you can get a good person or a total wanker. Check you history for EVIDENCE on my claim.

>> Can there be a perfect system that would not produce a rogue president? <<

No such thing as "perfect system", because fuckers like me, and the myriad of people far better than I could ever hope to be, will eventually hack your system and break it (as many hackers are want to do).

When you talk "science" you have to also talk "math", and when it comes to proof or evidence the math used to determine whether theories are true or false is statistics. Essentially you are looking for a "p value" (calculated probability which sheds light on the SIGNIFICANCE of your results) to small enough (typically ≤ 0.05) to REJECT the null hypothesis (i.e. the "opposite" hypothesis of the claim).

For e.g.: Take a claim: "When I wear my red shirt, I win at Blackjack". The hypothesis to be tested is then: "Red shirt causes a win at Black Jack". The null hypothesis is "Red shirt does not cause win at Blackjack". Then you gather large amounts of data. If the data collected REJECTS the null hypothesis, the original claim is TRUE (probabilistic---not 100% "certainty") , and you should stock up on red shirts and play Blackjack everyday. If not, then you know that you can wear any shirt and sometimes win and mostly lose at Blackjack.

Most people believe that science can "prove" something to be "true". The way science is taught to kids in school is part of this problem, as stats is not taught until secondary school. By that time most kids are already conditioned with this "cause-and-effect" idea fixed in their minds and it becomes difficult change the way they think (but it should be done, nonetheless).

We have a PM who is a math genius. Whilst Singapore kids are up there with the world's best in math and science, I think there is a LONG WAY TO GO to change the culture of thinking. The PM should himself lead the way. Who knows, it could make him a happier and more content person, if he reaches out and "energizes" the population to become better critical thinkers, and the kids to reach even higher heights in math and science.

C'mon PM Lee, step up to plate!

Anonymous said...

The Singapore formula
Everyman for himself.
You die is your business.
13-year-old boy locked up in detention cell with other offenders for alleged molest


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I've alluded to previously: these "molest" laws are indeed suspect.

The kid accidentally---UNINTENTIONALLY---touched the teacher's ass Fuck me, this sort of shit can happen on crowded public transport. Yes, we know that there are twisted men who definitely will take the opportunity to touch women inappropriately, however, every case of touching...and let's face it, most of them will be ACCIDENTAL can potential turn into a life-ruining event for the male.

And I also said before that the women have the upper hand on this: you, the male, are GUILTY until proven INNOCENT.

What the Fuck?

Anonymous said...

Duhaime's Law Dictionary
Police Interrogation Definition:

"Questioning put to an accused by the police with the purpose of eliciting a statement."


Dominance and Submission: How the Police Use Psychological Manipulation to Interrogate Citizens


Anonymous said...

What tactics can the police use when questioning a suspect?
The police are prohibited from using physical or psychological coercion when conducting police interrogations.
A confession or evidence that results from coercive tactics is inadmissible at trial.
The police, for example, may not use torture techniques, threats, drugging, or inhumane treatment during an interrogation.

The police, however, can use lying, trickery, and other types of non-coercive methods to obtain a confession from a suspect.


Anonymous said...

You used "rogue" eight times. Obviously you think it will be a concern which is your least. Sin city is by nature Sin. Whatever system Sin adapts or however it tweaks, it is fundamentally iniquitous or contractually fatal . By what you ask? By buying and selling. Hence, dust you came, dust must be returned. You are ever at the mercy of conniving and proud agents when you look up. Oh how will you wash a crimson flag for thou art Sin and proud.

Anonymous said...

Agong of course khong khongcum wuey and gong wuey.
Ahgongs also like to sacrifice themselves and that's precisely why they are khongcum. 人不为己,天珠地滅嘛! 不是吗? 不是我说的, 是俗语。
Agong and Concum are actually nice people, blindly loyal like man's best fren.

Maybe Sin does have about 70% of Concum and Agong. Congrats to Sin. Hurray.!


Anonymous said...

Correction for the Word 珠。

It should be 诛。


Anonymous said...

Do you think the formula is like this:

If you ask PAP government for help, they say Singapore does not owe you a living.

When PAP government asks Singaporeans for help (eg National Service or blood donation), PAP government will say "kampung spirit".

Anonymous said...

Slave mentality

Anonymous said...

Man's Best Fren
Very Faithful too.

Anonymous said...

Man of Sin

Virgo49 said...

Ah Ahgongkia!

Patriot no need rent in GohChokTong oops GohTong Raya.

Can afford to purchase a penthouse right on the hill top overlooking the winding road down under.

Wong WiFi first class here with so many operators.

Better than sinkieland Data Roaming sometimes hang hang.

Here, just purchase HotLink or Hotshot or Hotstuff Top Up card and top up only when required. Local calls only 10cts. Sin: 03 cts

What more you want.

Tried the Roti Canal or Prata and their Mama san fried rice. Cheap and good.

Aiyo can hear firecrackers! Whats CNY without firecrackers.

Back to the 60s Joyous REAL CNY Celebrations.

Old Fart banned Firecrackers, chewing gum.

Poor sinkies see chewing gum Sylvie drip drip.

Anonymous said...

Good parting shot. We Singaporeans have dabbled with too many systems and most were not successful. Huat ah! Another overpaid exercise.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo 49.
Thanks to Agongkia for asking You on my behalf about Malaysia.
Indeed Gohtong Raya impresses me very much witg its' cool weather, lush greenery and peacefullness.
It is one of the cleanest and least polluted place around our neighbourhood.
Me not looking for highrise apartment, never like highrise living even if they are luxuriously furnished.

Born and brought up in tge village for 20 years, me just yearns to have basic shelter with a few thousand square metres of land to keep pets, rear some chicken, ducks, geese and pigs. Plant some fruit trees and veggies preferably with a pond to augment.
There is no need for me to own the land, so long as I can rent it for a small fee says 2 to 4 hundred Ringgits a month, I should be very happy to contract it as long as I am alive.

Do You know where in Gohtong Raya I could find such a place.
For Your information; patriot is only slightly better than a church mouse. How I wish there is a small temple in the Hills of Gohtong Raya where I can live as a temple helper.

Thank You for addressing me and wish You and All here a Prosperous and Healthy Lunar New Year.


virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, just above got Chin Swee Temple.

Under Resorts World management where founder Mr Goh Tong memorial hall.with.his remains are.

Temple built up within the caves like Har Par Villa.

Many worshipers during festive and special occassions and also.for their guests with free shuttle service.

Generally quiet with vegetarian restaurant.

Temple not run by monks or priests. Temple helpers laymen.

Resorts world website have jobs offers.

From there to to Genting or KL very convienent.

March.got four days free hotel stays. If interested I can bring u round.

Temple got shops for rental

Can venture. There got some old residences like farms

agongkia said...

Go meet laochek Virgo.I believe he not that NATO type.Wish your dream come true.

Virgo 49 said...

Wah I bet 2999-5 or 50$???

Only 4 permutations.

1$=500$ 1st prize

Huat Ah

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Virgo,

Thanks for the invite. I went south, was at Batam for the weekend.

What an eye opener on what I saw in this once sleepy island. It is developing very fast, I heard the Taiwanese and Chinese are investing a lot of money into the island.

Shopping centres in the mould of Singapore are popping up everywhere and selling goods at very attractive prices. The Indons in Batam no longer need to shop in Sin city any more.And you can get all the imitation branded goods, excellent quality, for a song. I could not resist the temptation. No need to go to Ma Boon Khrong in Bangkok. And the biggest Buddhist temple in SE Asia, the size of a football field with the main building occupying half of it is almost completed.

For less than $200 per head, We stayed one night in a 5 class hotel, 1 breadfast, 2 seafood lunches, one sumptuous dinner, massage, karaoke with free flow of beer, and a conducted tour and cost of two way ferry.

Batam is going to be a major tourist destination with tourist dollars pouring into the island.

agongkia said...

Jialat.So many Uncles love Batam,including the You Know Who.Looks like my cpf will be held back till 70 lor.
Why uncles love batam harr?
Looking for little girl to play 5 stones in hotel room arr.

virgo49 said...

Aiya, what CPF ahgongkia??

Now Singaporeans, no say I see u no up.

By 55 most if not all got 5K balance teow cheo liao.

After the HDB, EC or condo to them who sucks yr blood.

Anonymous said...

Eh khongcum, CPF gone lah, bo liao. What you toking, still got CPF to use meh?

Anonymous said...

You pay a King's ransom/million$/billions$ for elites to be each other puppets to basically build a grossly unequal and contentious world of mostly meaningless labor. A world of conflicts, wars and deaths by the millions. If that's not enough, you pay with your life blood to build obscene temples and cathedrals to listen to divisive teachings. How much would you pay to reverse the order, if there is such a way out?