South China Sea – A big power contest

The South China Sea dispute is not a dispute between China and some Asean states that the Americans would want the world to believe. It is a contest for domination and control. China is moving in to reoccupy and develop their islands. The Americans are seeing this as an attempt to carve away their area of influence. The Americans are moving into Asia with their Asian pivot strategy to control and dominate Asia and to protect their interests, definitely not of Asean’s. They are trying very hard to conceal this ambitious hegemony motive by stirring up difference in the region and wanting to drag Asean to confront China and allowing them to move into the region as a welcome warlord

The Asean states are not taking the bait. No matter how hard the Philippines and Vietnam tried to push Asean to become a vehicle for American dominance in South China Sea, the other Asean states are staying away, preferring to stay neutral as what Asean stands for. Asean is not going to be recolonised and ruled by any big power and definitely not by the Americans.

The failed attempt by Obama to string a coalition against China in the summit in Sunnylands is telling. But the Americans are not giving up and are continuing to agitate the Asean states to fall in line, that China is militarizing the South China Sea and they need to bring in the Americans to fight for them, to defend them. Yet again, the Americans crying wolf is not getting any attention. The latest, they are going to add another nuclear attack submarine and a new stealth guided missile destroyer to the South China, for peace and stability?

The next move is to exert pressure on the unwilling Asean states to force them to get on board the Empire’s warship. Malaysia is under great pressure. Next will be Thailand and Indonesia. If the Americans could get these three states to fall in, the majority of Asean states will just follow suit.

So far the Americans are seeing their attempt to seed a war in the region failing. With Asean not biting, not stupid anymore, they are falling back on their backups, the willing Japanese and Australians to do the dog’s work, to conduct joint patrols to provoke China.

China is now in a corner and has to hold its ground, to push back the invaders at its door step. China is digging in and moving their military hardware into the South China Sea to make a stand. They will have anti B 52 missiles ready, anti ship missiles ready, anti submarine hunters ready. China has decided that they will have to make a stand or be pushed out of the South China Sea. It is a contest for control and the gun will rule the day. The aggressive Americans have said they would send in more warships and war planes to exert their power to push China out of the region. It is gunboat diplomacy all over like Commander Perry sailing into Japan to force open Japan for the Americans and the British gunboats attacking China once again.

A military conflict is about to flare up. Asean states are best to stay out of this shit or be made to pay a heavy price to fight a war for the Americans only to welcome a big power to rule over them. The South China Sea is a war for sphere of influence between China and the US, nothing to do with freedom of navigation. China is just developing their little islands but the Americans are here to control and to rule the region.

The Americans should stop insulting the intelligence of Asean leaders to think they can con them into a fight with China.


Virgo 49 said...

China will simply carried on their line of defence building and consolidating the military installations.

Once a while just rebutt their rhetorics. Treat it as noises just like the PAP treated the daft sinkies feedback as noise.

The American presidential election upcoming and no clear hawks to lead the assaults yet.

With time on their hands the PRC gonna built up fast their military strengths and also diplomacy to other countries to lean on them.

The Americans look for suckers to shed blood for them.

Do not think5 they make any foolish move yet.

Anonymous said...

Lucky such things don't happen in Singapore.
I feel so blessed.

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As a result, the company will never file its audited financials, the stock will never resume trading, the management team will never go to prison for what was clearly massive corporate fraud, and the story will quietly be buried under the rug with management quietly getting a get out of jail card after the government likely provides a partial or full bailout to all investors, whether bond or stock.

And so on, until the next major fraud. ////


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak Uncle you cum too soon lah.

The real politik process is a diplomatic dance. Parties which play "hard to get", need to be wooed with sweet sounds and enticing gifts...and if still no response, keep trying. Until of course a certain point is reached, then you have to use a stick as well to push gently at first, and then used as a bludgeon if need be.

If America offers the ASEAN leaders the "right deal", I will bet one or two will bite, then the rest will follow.

Asians invariably end up working for the whiteman. That's just the way it is lah.

Anonymous said...

If your land is taken away legally or illegally. It would be the same case even in China shoes that its own citizen would put the blame on its own govt.

This is especially so in the "democratic" countries in Asean where riots can happen or demonstrated in election results.

The people would call their leaders traitors that sell out their countries interest and serves as a US/China dog. So in this case, no matter how unwillingly one Asean Countries would want to cooperate with US, LL got no choice. Now to make things even more and more complex, suddenly this UK and Aussie start to pop into the picture.

Anonymous said...

"Asians invariably end up working for the whiteman. That's just the way it is lah"

I agreee. And invariably only the Chinese are aware of what the game the West is playing.

In Chinese history this strategy of the whiteman is known as 'borrowing sword to kill someone' without doing the dirty work themselves. The stupid asians, like the Sinkies, never learn their lessons. Cannot blame them Sinkies, because they are asians too.

b said...

After Snowden and Assage, everyone already knows the evil of american. Everyone just have to wayang here and there and Obama will be gone in no time. Trump will be the next president and he will restore peace since he will need many rich chinese and arabs and whatever to turn up at his casinos and resorts for profit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows?Is veit war still going on......????

Anonymous said...

You mean Vietnam War? The Vietnamese after being bombed to high heavens and their land fertilised by Agent Orange and still active today, are now sleeping with the Americans who were killing their people and destroying their land with the intent to keep them under the Empire.

Anonymous said...

It's never about the islands, stupid. It's never about sovereignty or land. It's all about the oil & gas under the seabed. The islands are a convenient excuse to claim rights over the surrounding seas.

Even if the various individual islands belong specifically to a country, the control over surrounding seas is legally very small. By international law of sea & international law of borders and territories, a country has only control of seas up to 15nm from its coastline. That means only 15nm radius around each island. This is actually very small compared to the whole south china sea & east china sea.

But jokers like china, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, brunei, japan, etc are claiming vast tracts of the oceans, totally out of proportion to their coastline or the size of the islands. It's like Malaysia claiming the entire Straits of Malacca and the Straits of Johor just becoz they got Malay names and historically all the Malay rajahs and fishermen all use & control it for 1000 years already. M'sia dare not & don't want to, becoz (1) S'pore navy & air force will blow them away, and (2) M'sia not strong enough to force the world to pay toll to pass thru Straits of Malacca --- so no economical gains at all.

However, in the south china sea, the stakes in oil & gas are high enough that countries are willing to project war power to claim their stakes. It's become a "Might makes Right" situation now. Last time use to be just 1 or 2 platoons or companies of ragtag 2nd-class soldiers standing among the rocks. Today it's about strike fighters, interceptors, SAMs, SSMs, OTH radars, guided-missile destroyers, frigates, that can project firepower over hundreds of kilometers.

China just passed a law 2 days ago allowing China to claim underwater space and the seabeds in the south china sea & east china sea as China property. Remember last year, China used a submersible to plant a China flag on the seabed of the south china sea. You think the Chinese are so interested in the fish & corals & ecosystem??!? No, it's the oil and gas, stupid.

Anonymous said...

Why no one ask the Americans, Australians, white New Zealanders what right they have to claim the continent of North America, the continent of Australia and the islands of New Zealand and all the Pacific Islands and islands in the Indian Ocean?

Anonymous said...

How far is North America from Europe, how far is Australia and NZ from Europe?

Claimed yesterday can, claim today cannot is it?

Anonymous said...

They are here to con the stupid Asians who did not know history. Stupid Asians are born only today, did not know anything about yesterday. Some also did not know that their parents are not white in colour and their God is also not white in colour.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 933, an interesting question:

>> How far is North America from Europe, how far is Australia and NZ from Europe? <<

Please use Google to assist you in finding out for yourself---it saves me writing ;-)

Consider the territorial claims of ANTARCTICA. The LARGEST claim (in size) is Australia.

The SECOND LARGEST claim is by NORWAY! 😳 WTF?!? The other Northern Hemisphere claimants are the UK and France. One can understand Argentina, Chile and New Zealand...but those northern states, c'mon now...

Anonymous said...

Looks like there are legal interpretations.
Who define and set the Law?
Are the Laws All Binding and
accepted by every nation?
Who enforces the Law?
Bear in mind the United Nations
is a scarecrow.

What if a sovereign nation refuses to accept or comply?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> The Americans should stop insulting the intelligence of Asean leaders to think they can con them into a fight with China. <<

Cannot lah. First they must have INTELLIGENCE in order to be insulted. 😂

When it cums to big yankee dick, eventually the Asean Asian will cave. The tipping point is when their eyes glaze over, and they are so mesmerised by the whiteman's charm.

Slowly and sensually they turn around, drop trou, and bend over. Using both hands placed on each buttock, they pull their ass-cheeks apart to expose their tight Asian-boy arsehole, glistening with KY, quivering like a scared animal, and beckoning with pink, puckered desire...

...the the white guy, overcome with lust rapes them violently.

ASEAN is America's bitch lah. As long as you put whitey on a pedestal---even to condemn him and call him evil---you are already surrendered. He is in your brain...controlling your EMOTIONS.

How do humans make decisions: By EMOTIONS.

Anonymous said...

The fucking Americans don't accept Unclos. They want freedom to conduct spying in other people's countries. Not to be tied down by laws like Unclos. Only stupid countries signed Unclos and believe the Americunts will respect UN or Unclos.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are The Law. The rest of the world must live by The Law.

Anonymous said...

China are rich enough to import oil and gas from any nation.

African and Russian have tons of natural resources.
Yet, they are a poor nation.

Western nation purchase those raw material so cheaply and later re sold their finished product back to them with such exorbitant prices.

Get the logic!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

And Singapore, not sure if it is representing the Americans or Asean, is going to Laos to talk about 'might is right' like what the Americans are saying. Of course the Americans would not be accused of using their might to exert pressure on any Asean countries. The Americans are moving their big guns to Asia under the pivot to Asia, for peace, not to back up might is right.

This thought would not appear in the brains of the parrots and the bananas in Singapore. Everything the Americans are doing is for peace, and for Asean.

Is Singapore going to Laos to engage in China bashing for the Americans?