Singapore is our country

Together we have sent a message that will echo from Wall Street to Washington, From Maine to California. And that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super PACs’.  Bernie Sanders, Democrat Presidential candidate

Does the above quote sounds eerily familiar? This was something that the people of Singapore should be shouting in the last GE but somehow it faded away. It changed tune with 69% of the voters shouting from Raffles Place to the Istana and from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands that Singapore belongs to them.

When would all the people of Singapore be shouting that our great island city state belongs to all the people of Singapore and not just a handful of wealthy politicians or to foreigners? Would this message be heard in the next GE? Or would this message be heard in the next GE that the position of the President of Singapore belongs to all the people of Singapore and not a few special people with purple blood?

The victory of an ordinary man, without the richest and glory, not a natural aristocrat, came as a surprise, that common people can become the president of the USA, (but not in Singapore).  Bernie Sanders won convincingly in New Hampshire. The Democrats were banking on Hillary Clinton’s political experience to carry the votes. But the voters voted a man that had lesser experience, no experience in running a town council to prove that he can fun a country as big as the USA to be their presidential candidate.

Republican candidate Trump also had a big win. According to NYT, both men ‘won significant support from voters who felt betrayed by their parties and were dissatisfied or angry with the federal government’. This would not happen in Singapore when the voters were satisfied and happy with the ruling govt. Sanders or Trump would not stand a chance with their lack of experience in political office if they were to run for the office of the Elected President. They may not even be qualified in the first place, to be eligible as a candidate.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

"This would not happen in Singapore when the voters were satisfied and happy with the ruling govt."

Not really lah. In the American election system, Trump and Sanders have to contest in the whole of America mah. And America is so big, u know. So if they can do that, it means they already got some standard lah.
Whereas in Singapore, which opposition party, except the ruling PAP, can contest the whole of Singapore, even though Singapore is so tiny? So where got standard? If no standard, how to expect majority Sinkies to vote for them?

Anonymous said...

Political Joke
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

American voter says:
1) To vote for the best Presidential candidate with the best ideas.
2) It's a free country and the chicken will vote for the best politician who will make his life better.

Singaporean voter says:
Government say can vote for Opposition meh?

Please note:
This is just a joke.
Singaporeans are really not this daft despite what the Japanese translator says.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Singapore is our country!

1n 2015, 70% said OK and happy, said thank you very much.

So what to talk?

Life here is like that lah!

Don't U think so?


Anonymous said...

" A foreign student from China was rather candid, saying that PAP is like a Nokia phone that is losing relevance but Singaporeans are still unwilling to give other alternatives a chance because of their fear.
He said that perhaps one day Singapore may not be able to adapt in time, just like Nokia failed to adapt quickly enough to compete with Apple and other smartphones. "


When our New Citizens form their own political parties.
Do you think we should vote for them against the PAP?

When New Citizens form their own political parties to stand against PAP.
Do you think PAP will finally reverse their immigration policies?
Do you think it's in our interest to vote for the New Citizens political Party?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I said before, it's looking more and more like a Trump-Sanders race to the finish...but anything can happen in the mean time.

>> Sanders or Trump would not stand a chance with their lack of experience in political office if they were to run for the office of the Elected President. <<

Err...it actually doesn't matter WHO wins ANY election. People still believe in this myth known as The Great Man Theory of history/ leadership.

Even in Singapore: the majority of people believe (and they will argue and fight you if you don't) that if there was no Lee Kuan Yew Singapore wouldn't be what it is today. They'll tell you that without LKY Singapore would have "died" long ago. They would never-never-ever consider the case that Singapore would have been the same or greater if someone other than Lee Kuan Yew led the cuntry after secession. Maybe if there was LKY, Singapore would not have seceded from the Federation of Malaya...no one knows. Most people--even the international media, business pundits, etc, are so **cock-sure** that Singapore's "success" is because of one man known as Lee Kuan Yew.

A piece of Singapore is available to anyone who has the money to BUY land in Singapore. Other than that, no one "owns" Singapore (in the OBJECTIVE SENSE)---if you want "ownership" all you have to do is to PAY for whatever is for sale, and it becomes YOURS exclusively.

The territory known as "Singapore" is managed by The State of Singapore and governed by The Laws of Singapore. That's it. No need to get so melodramatic...and objectively WRONG.

Anonymous said...

When they make you choose, you are already stupid. When you choose again and again and again you are confirmed more stupid than a pig. No wonder the world is in a mess. With so many educated stupid people, how not to be in a mess?

Anonymous said...

Rb's pstriotism is laudable and respective, BUT, it shall be all in vain and futile. His unwavering rallying calls for nationalism is foolish, MS is quite sympathetic to him in this regard and had done much to remind Rb not to waste time on it. MS even went into the Extend of jolting Rb with vulgar antics, however, Rb perserves regardless.

My greatest respect to Rb; being of his generation, me does see that we do have to do a last duty before turning into dust and dirt. However, me opibes that MS has better ideas about living in Sin and the Youngs in Sin better adopt his understandings about livings. It's not just about pragmatism in survival.
There is more lofty purposes in life than just survival per se. There are freedom, creativity and spiritual endeavours for a meaningful existence. Money does not get one everything and the Most Precious things in life are probably not things that money can buy. Love, happiness, freedom and spiritual attainment are by and large beyond money. Even patriotism and faithfulness are beyond money and power.

Sin is reaching a point of no return, if it is not already at it. Please stop chasing after a lost love, time for Rb to be like Virgo49; let the Way for the Youngs to venture farther into the Big World to live and smell the flowers. If possible chase butterflies and not stay in Sin to get sting by mosquitoes abd disturb by rats and flies.

Anonymous said...

My apology.

The Word 'respective' to be corrected to respectable.

Anonymous said...

And 'perverse' to persevere.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish you are talking. Your leaders love money. Bloody ending for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Matilar,angkokia and to a lesser extend Virgo are a piece of shit, wasting earth oxygen and people time writing nonsense. Rb on the other often write something that many have not thought of or view from certain angle. It will be a pity if Rb throws in the towel and quit like lucky, Tatar from Singapore notes and fish who has truly departed. There are not many good Writers left in sinkie land in alternate media. So for the sake of the 30% sinkies I hope Rb soldier on.

Anonymous said...

What is socialist? Dating service?

Veritas said...

Today a "Socialist" is gaining ascendancy among mainstream while just 2-3 years back, socialism is a dirty word. In Singapore, calling yourselves socialist is liable to be lock up without trial, and today, Malay Islamofascist are still denigrating the struggle and sacrifice of our socialist prophets and fathers, who fought for us.

Our young people think socialist are murderers and trouble makers. The ONLY young people in my generation (I have NOT met another one), who worship socialism is Veritas.

Due to the greed of elites, there will be more hardship in SG 10, 20 years down the road. And then people will think of socialism.

While the capitalist seem winning, their victory has sealed their date and their self destruction.

Anonymous said...

Hah? Like that also scare must delete? LoL

Anonymous said...

Your education is instilled with one tracked thinking that ensure MIW or replicates will be in power indefinitely. Like the religiously indoctrinated, even if you have been robbed in broad day light, you will still soldier on faithfully.

b said...

Politicians cannot be trusted whether left or right wing. They are like salesmen selling socialism or capitalism depending on the flow to win votes and gain power. Hitler and Mao were both great socialists. Socialism appeals to people in poor economic and social condition. Its all just manipulation. There is no right or left only right or wrong.

Veritas said...

Hitler is a genius and every elites hate the truth to be out. When Hitler came to power in 1933, Germany was in shit. 4 years later in 1937, Germany was the strongest country in Europe.

Before Hitler, every economist tell German cannot do this cannot do that and Germany must be poor, unemployed and starve till death forever. Hitler solve every single problem and by 1937, every single German is employed, well fed, and strongest militarily in Europe.

Anonymous said...

b...quite true

Anonymous said...

"Socialism" is just another term to disguise the nefarious Marxist, Communist ideology of the Nanyang-Nantah Chinese commies. Commie-nism is dead. Veritas is betting on a dead horse and expects it to move. Even Deng Xiaoping had to bring in capitalism so that China could prosper.

China was filled with rich history and culture before communism. During the commie era, the Chinese destroyed their own history and regressed backwards. Then in came capitalism to boot socialist plan out and China prospered. Now we have commie supporters like Veritas who wants to bring back the suck-iologist plan to China so that China can be knocked back into the stone age.

Hail the Nanyang-Nantah Spirit!

Veritas said...

The problem is China need to fast track development and protect her territory. Say what you want to say, before 1949, China was nearly being destroyed by foreigners, especially Japan, Russia and UK.

After 1949, NO ONE dare to play with CHina.

Without Mao, China will be another Syria.

The Deng reversion back to capitalism is ONLY possible due to work of Mao. Before 1949, according to studies, there is serious land concentration in landlord.

Mao did a redistribution, and later nationalization.

Without the work of Mao, China could be just another Oligarch.

Anonymous said...

"Hitler is a genius and every elites hate the truth to be out. When Hitler came to power in 1933, Germany was in shit. 4 years later in 1937, Germany was the strongest country in Europe."
February 15, 2016 5:14 pm

If only Hitler died in 1937.
He would have been crowned 'Founding Father of Modern Germany".
He would have been given a gun carriage funeral.
Instead, Hitler died in 1945 ... after starting and losing World War Two.

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
Batman - The Dark Knight (2nd film)

Some people know when to exit gracefully in a timely manner.
Others hang around until they destroy their own legacy and memories.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 214 (patriot, is that you?):

>> MS has better ideas about living in Sin and the Youngs in Sin better adopt his understandings about livings. <<

Ehhh...uncle, steady on lah. Other folks are not me, and I am not them. I have certain ideas about living and about life, and I am damn sure that they are not a "fit" for everyone.

I hope people live their own lives and gather understanding from that rather than try to be someone they are not. At the end of the day YOU have to be comfortable with yourself...if you fake it and try to be someone else, I guarantee you you will live i torment. ;-)

That being said, I think we can distill the notion of "living well in Singapore" into a few general pointers:

1. You need money to live here. You need to be able to make enough money to live well.

2. It is a meritocracy. There is no "level playing field". There is no "just world". There is no "fair world". There's just you...and "the other guy"...who will win? Ah...

3. Your mental state is the **ONLY THING** which will ultimately determine the quality of your life's experience in Singapore. If your head is fucked-up, living in Singapore will suck big-time, and you are to blame, and you will deserve it. (No sympathy from me. Eat shit and die motherfucker!)

4. If you have "worldly troubles", no one will give a shit about you, and your "social status" will decline rapidly. You must be a "winner"...it's a meritocracy, dummy.

5. Social status has high currency in Singapore society...but...

6. It only works if you're a NICE PERSON...or in my case, a twisted foul-mouthed fuck who has LEARNED to be nice and charming, and positively delightful company...

7. Don't make enemies. They will sabo you.

>> It's not just about pragmatism in survival. <<

Neither one nor the other for me. It is about, and will always be about FREEDOM. There is no such thing as "absolute freedom" or "total freedom", nor "freedom is forever", but you can strive to MAXIMISE the amount of freedom you have, in as many circumstances that you have.

The basic freedom is that you get to figure that out for yourself...it is not anyone else's business to ever tell you what to do! Thus the basic freedom is that you should be LEFT ALONE ;-)

...but no...sooner or later someone will come to kachau you. Which is why you need to amass necessary "resources" to make sure you can be LEFT ALONE, and remain in-charge of your life.

Eh, not easy, OK?

Anonymous said...

Long before 1949, China was killing itself. China people have been killing Chinese people for many centuries. That is the ownself kill ownself mindset. Because of this ownself kill ownself habit that has been ingrained in the China inhabitants, many foreigners find it easy to over-run China in the 1900s. Stop blaming other forces when China itself is the real culprit.

Even after 1949, China still had the ownself kill ownself habit. Isn't it because of the ownself kill ownself that is the reason why there are so many Chinese fled the mainland the last century? And that is also why KMT fled to Taiwan, another people's land. And after that China claims that Taiwan is theirs? Ha ha. That is like Japan suddenly has internal conflict then when some policital leaders seek refuge in HK, the Jap govt says that HK is part of Japan! Cool.

Also, don't you think for once that after 1949 China is a strong nation. The US lost Vietnam because of Soviet support. China was nothing. Today, China's military is strong and that again is because of Russia selling its arms to them. China is like Israel. No US, no Israel. No Russia, no China.

For all the talk that China is an economic superpower and that it is a rich economy, it had to dunk its socialist ideals for capitalism. That's an unspoken admission that socialism sucks worse than capitalism. It is also an admission that Mao was just good at sucking cock, while Deng was able to show that Mao was no better than a cock that crowed and boasted it woke the sun up to rise.

As for Veritas' worship of Mao and taking away credit from Deng, that is like saying the sweet fragrance is from the excrement your dog poo-ed, instead of attributing it to the sweet smelling roses your neighbours planted. The fact is that IN SPITE of Mao's draconian ownself kill ownself ideal, Deng was able to bail China out of the shithole.

Mao Shit-dong, otherwise known as Da Pian tong, created enemies with US, a superpower. It was Deng who made friends with that superpower. Now we have shit supporters who are nothing more than Nanyang-Nantahans trying to revive the Nanyang dead Spirit.

The real stupid assholes are the Nanyang-Nantahans in SE Asia who worship the Marxist rule and advertise it as a Socialist programme. Luckily Lee Kan You, a fan of Deng, closed down Nantah and killed all Marxist-commie plot to bring in Mao's shit to Singapore. Otherwise, we will be Shitapore. Just like what it was like in China during Mao's era.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matilah Singapura;

You are right, it's me patriot.
Indeed no one can be You, if we(others) are, theb there could be no My Singapore News and the Motley Crowd around it.

Here in My Singapore News, we gave ultra patriotic Rb and Agongkia and a super pragmatic wise and knowledgeable man.

The Youngs in Sin never experienced the Pre-independent Sin and probably have no idea how much carefree the Older Generations lived. No doubt living was hard then, but it was more than made up by tge abundance of land(space) and camaraderie aka kampong spirit and clan support. How children can be produced by the dozen or half of it. Hardly anybody was starved to death or even had to go after left over food and unfinished cigarettes.

Almost every district in Sin was a self sustaining unit before tge 70s.
Then my Parent's Generation and the Succeeding Ones bought into tge 'Koyoks' sold by some shrewd miinded folks and here we are today discussing the Shits in Cyberspace.
To cut it short, it's my personal opinion that Sin is beyond salvation and no one should imagine patriotism and nationalism will change the Fate of Sin. The Worst is yet to come and the challenges shall be beyond the Means of many.
Problems are created and accumulated over a very long time, in relation/comparison to average individual lifespans.
The Wealth created by the Hardworking Past Generations are greatly reduced in value.
A thousand dollars monthly income before the 80s allowed obe to set up a family witg at least a 3 or 4 room flat and have
3 or 4 kids.
Today at 4 to 5k combined income could hardly own more than a 3 room flat and 2 kids.
Even if Sinkies are indeed frugal and start a family, they would be in trouble if any breadwinner gets overwhelmed by sickness or loss of job. It shall be dire strait from then on.
Supposing none is beset by any problem, Sinkies in the Low Income Segment which is growing as the days go will still face very gloomy twilight years. In fact, it shoukd be dark twilight years instead of tge Age Gracefully Slogan from the Greedy Folks in White. That's the Reality awaiting Sinkies.

Here in My Singapore News; Commenters b, Virgo and me share the View that Sinkies in the 30% Bracket shall be wise to hunt for greener pastures. The Pasture here is sold and depleting and shall soon be gone.
Survival in Sin shall get very challenging and there is no backup for those at the Lower
Income Folks.

I see no reason for Sinkies to want to face the Worse to come thinking they could surmount the Challenges ahead whence there could be alternative ways.
Sinkies need to learn from wisemen or at least venture like tge Aliens that are making good in Sin.

Last but not least, with reference to the Result of GE 2015, dare I say that Sinkies are not just facing the Challenges from POLITICAL POLICIES, THE 30% ARE FACING 70% AMONGST THEMSELVES.
So, any callers for solidarity amongst Sinkies must bear in mind IT IS A CALL FOR TGE 30% TO FACE THE POLICY MAKERS AND THEIR 70% SUPPORTERS.

Incidentally, MS and Agongkia do not any help, Both shall survive comfortably because of their versatilities.
Clever and Rich Folks survive anywhere.

Anonymous said...

My bad and my apology for the many spelling errors.
It seems that my h/p auto predictive input has gone haywire.

Do forgive.


Veritas said...

The reason why you keep on harping internecine war in China is because someone here told you and I admit, out of integrity.

However, Chinese civil war is far more peaceful compared to others, including Europe and Islamic. Reason being, there is still "civil war" in China punctuating a long period of peace.

In Europe and Islamo land, you guys are one people and breaks up. You guys do not have civil war in the same way as China. You guys have war against enemy states.

If Arabs or European are treated as one people, your wars are MORE bloody than China.

Anonymous said...

The reason why veritas keep harping Islamo is because as a Nanyang-Nantahan, you need to blame someone else for the ills of your failed Marxist plot. All Nanyang-Nantahans do is to blame, blame, blame. Little do they realise it is their own folly that caused their own downfall.

As for Chinese civil war is peaceful compared to others, yeah, right. Never mind that Chinese have been killing and cannibalizing their own people since Qin Shit Huang, who built the Great Wall by burying his own people in there. Never mind the Chinese guards at the wall who were supposed to prevent the Northern barbarians from passing through, took bribes from them and allowed them in by opening the gates, allowing the barbarians easy access to kill their fellow Chinamen.

Never mind the never ending ownself kill ownself policy that made China so weak that even the smaller nations are able to walk all over Chinese people. Never mind that even when under attack by foreigners, the Chinese people still continue to be fragmented and still attack themselves instead of grouping up together.

Never mind that even till today while people in Taiwan and HK don't see themselves as Chinese nationals, we have stupid Nanyang-Nantahans in SE Asia who are wannabes of China nationals. Never mind that while Nanyang-Nantahans worship China, China mainlanders pee and shit on lands that Nanyang-Nantahans reside.

Veritas should stop living in lalaland believing that his Marxist Socialist crap will save China, Chinese and the world from corruption. The CCP is one of the biggest corrupt governments in the world.

Stop blaming others for your own failed policies and look at yourself instead. The spirit of Nanyang-Nantah is dead, has been dead, and will remain dead. Keep believing that China civil war is civil. I like it. That way the Nanyang Nantah spirit will be a true ghost spirit - ie dead. Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Why you laughing? You good enough to go university or not?

b said...

Honestly, LKY is one of the best leaders in this world that ever exists. Naturally, no one is perfect. However, he is hundred times better than Merkel - queen of EU.

Anonymous said...


One of the best leader in this world that ever exists.
What' are the Criterias used to reach such a conclusion?
Is it an unanimous opinion?

Based on the Criticisms hurled
at him, the One that is in Vogue is
the Horrible Man.
Together with his Co-Japanese
Indian Race Colleague, they are
known as traitors to most Sinkies.

Despotic could be the most fitting
description as many charts have
shown that most of the top fellows
in the ruling class and institutions
are related somehow. The dictator
like demeanours were gardly that of someone benign or respectable.

How such people could be described
as best leaders is certainly quite baffling.

Anonymous said...

To be born in Sin
does not mean it
is your country.
It is the land you
are born in and you
belong to it.
That's why you have
to do national service
to protect the land and
it's inhabitants.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 536:

>> How such people could be described
as best leaders is certainly quite baffling. <<

Not as baffling as those who cannot or will not accept PLAIN FACTS, simply because they are so emotionally WEAK they allow their piss-weak negative emotions to cloud their already low-quality and suspect judgement.

The supporting evidence is overwhelming. You don't have to "like" the guy or his philosophy and policies, but there is no denying that he had the power to galvanise a nation, and command the respect, and disdain (if yew are good, yew will piss off some notable people) of leaders of cuntries older, bigger and richer than Singapore.

And let's face it, he "led" Singapore even when he "retired" as PM. Pray tell us, how are your own leadership skills? ;-)

Anonymous said...

A man best known for his ruthlessness was a best ruler in the World, then Hitler must be the bestest ever.
Led Sin even when he retired because the daft Sinkies claimed and some are still claiming he is the Father of Sin.
However, to be historically and politically correct, there is a Chinese Term call 垂帘听政 meaning calling the Shots behind the Curtain, liked Empress Dowager Cixi.

Ruling a small dot armed with machete and knuckle duster was leadership?
More liked godfather lah.
No wonder he called Sinkies DAFT.

Anonymous said...

Godfather or Mafia Lord ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> A man best known for his ruthlessness was a best ruler in the World, then Hitler must be the bestest ever. <<

He probably was. Unfortunately his "cause" was a tad "immoral", resulting in the deaths of millions.

>> Led Sin even when he retired because the daft Sinkies claimed and some are still claiming he is the Father of Sin. <<

Exactly. Power is GIVEN, by the mass approval of the majority. If anyone can suka-suka claim power, one of you cum-gargling dead-shits can just jump up on the stage at Hong Lim and claim that you're the Supreme Ruler of The World...and automatically it will be so, and everyone will immediately fall on their knees and worship you.

Get real lah.