SGX promises more dialogue with remisiers

This was the title of an article by a Wong Wei Han in ST on 30 Jan 16.  After reading the content of the article I was wondering whether I should cry or laugh at the silliness of the dialogue. Just the title itself makes me sick. The once in 50 years dialogue would lead to more dialogues. Is more dialogue the solution to the remisiers’ problem? Yes it is the remisiers’ problem. The moribund stock market is the remisiers’ problem. It is definitely not the MAS or SGX’s problem for one good reason. They did not see any problem with the stock market. The stock market is doing very well.

Can you imagine what happened at the dialogue? There were ducks and chickens quacking and cackling but there was no meeting of minds. The frustrated remisiers were there not just for a dialogue per se. They were there not just to complain or vent their frustrations. They were there telling the MAS and SGX that something must be done quickly to save the dying market and industry.

But what happened? The MAS and SGX must be thinking these remisiers must be desperate. There is nothing wrong with the market and nothing needs to be done. And if there is any problem it is the remisiers’ problem, no business, low income and cannot make a living. What has that got to do with the MAS and SGX? Ok, MAS and SGX will be compassionate enough to lend a listening ear. They will have more dialogues if that is what the remisiers want. Ok, happy now?

And the article did narrow done to one big problem that was causing the remisiers the pain and the loss of income, the highly unpopular Minimum Trading Price (MTP). Wow, they finally discovered that this was the problem. ‘The MTP requirement is forcing many companies to consolidate their shares, which has wiped out hundreds of millions in shareholder value and further pressured the already bearish market.’ I am not going to ask who allowed the prices of main board stocks to be split into super penny worthless shares. The good news, this is the problem and if this problem is solved the market will recover and all the remisiers will be happy again as their business will be back. I am very sure this is not the elephant that I was talking about. Anyone sees the elephant yet?

And not all remisiers are so daft. ‘Other remisiers agreed that while the discussion was not in depth and no concrete solutions emerged, the dialogue itself was a welcome gesture.’ So, what are they expecting the MAS and SGX to do when they cannot see anything wrong with the market? Or what would the remisiers want the MAS and SGX to do? What is the elephant?

‘In a statement to The Straits Times, SGX’s rep said: “We are aware there are many long held misconceptions about our market, and we wanted to assure the remisiers that their views and suggestions are heard, and have been, or are being addressed.”’ I see, it is all a matter of misconceptions, nothing serious. Just explain the misconceptions away and all will be fine. Have more dialogues.

If you see a doctor and the doctor did not see anything wrong with you or think that you are not sick, only a misconception, there is no need for any remedies what?  This is what comes out of the dialogue. The ducks said no problem. The chicken said got, then what is the problem? MTP?

More than 100 remisiers and several top MAS and SGX officials spent 3 hours in a dialogue and what came out of it? Has anything been achieved, anything concrete waiting to be done?  One positive result is that there will be more dialogues to explain away any misconceptions…’He (Mr Loh) promised that he will pay attention to our (remisiers) problems and to have more frequent dialogues with us. It’s premature to say whether our (remisiers) issues will be resolved. There is nothing wrong with the market. It is the remisiers and the remisiers’ problems ok?

Luckily no one says ‘No one owes you a living.’


Anonymous said...

Who says dialogue is useless?
Just ask PAP.
The National CONversation or National Dialogue or One Singapore CONversation resulted in 70% win at the General Elections in 2015.

Do you think SGX is learning from PAP?

Anonymous said...

// The moribund stock market is the remisiers’ problem. //

Uncle RB, to cut straight to the issue on hand, SGX "may be right" in their "approach". .......?

Why .........!?

Anonymous said...

// The moribund stock market is the remisiers’ problem. //

Uncle RB, to cut straight to the issue on hand, SGX "may be right" in their "approach". .......?

Why .........!?

Anonymous said...

What else can SGX learn from PAP?

How about a Pioneer Generation goodie bag for remisers carrying a Pioneer Generation card?
All remisers carrying a Pioneer Generation card does not need to pay any commissions to SGX for the first 1,000 trades in a calendar year.

SGX should also consider giving away new titles to their "Founding Generation" of SGX Board of Directors.
Wheelchair out those old buggers from their bungalows and honour them in a ceremony.

Are results guaranteed?
Will 70% of the remisers see the light and stop complaining?

Anonymous said...

// If you see a doctor and the doctor did not see anything wrong with you or think that you are not sick, only a misconception, there is no need for any remedies what? //

To use YEWR medical analogy but from another perspective, let's say in a country where the authority is inept and let to a particular incurable disease outbreak among say tens of thousands of ....... remisiers, oops. ... oops ...... should be residents of that particular cuntry ....... so Uncle RB, YEW see the point?

Anonymous said...

As long as the authority is inept in controlling the outbreak and incompetent in securing a solution to the MORIBUND ECONOMY. ..... oops ...... oops moribund health control of the outbreak, the CEO or agency in charge of the healthcare epidemic or health scare can only do the same thing lah ......?


Yah lah? Lend a helping hands ....... oops ...... lend a listening ear lor .....? ( Pretend to do sthg mah ........ ? Nvr heard the term "political song and dance" or "TKSS"? )

Anonymous said...

Ok ok?

Get to the point?

Yew see, Uncle RB, using your medical analogy again, if a diabetic patient has a leg infection, YEW think the problem is with his skin on his leg or the breakdown of the sugar level problem in his body?

YEW got the point?

Anonymous said...

The leg infection is a reflection of his diabetic problem, right?


Anonymous said...

If there is a problem in the sick market ..... oops ...... stock market, this moribund sick market ...... oops ......oops moribund stock market is a reflection of what?

Anonymous said...

YEW dislike derivatives?

But can YEW escape from the fundamental concepts?

Is not the ( moribund ) sick market ...... oops ...... ( moribund ) stock market ...... a derivative ( reflection ) of a ( moribund sick ) economy? Uncle RB, YEW get the point?

Anonymous said...

you don't know meh......

living in this tiny crowded city state is like that lah.....

always talk n talk n talk n talk........

please please con't to talk.......

anyway 70% said ok........so what to do..........


Anonymous said...


YEW are right?

More dialogues make YEW more sick ...... oops more of the same and still sick ...... but at least they lend a listening year mah ......?

Hopefully can make YEW feel better lor ....?

Fundamentally, can they solve a sick moribund economy to solve the sick moribund market?

Seriously are they able to do it?

And how long has the economy being sick?






People had been injecting steroid to keep it alive?

Now, steroids are losing their effects?

No more strongER drugs to inject to enable the patient to be off life support?

Now will be on life support and in ICU indefinitely. ......?

Which "loctor" got the panacea?

YEW go ask around .....?

Ha ha ha

Elites or dumb asses or dumbos?

Yew decide?

Some more on multi million package by default?

Gazillion face palms?

How many ( is enough )?

Anonymous said...

In Latest Shock Video, Migrants Maul Elderly Germans In Munich Metro

I think Germans must learn from SGX.
They should engage their Aliens or migrants in a "One Germany Dialogue"
It's all a misunderstanding.
Just talk .... everything will be all right

Just talk, and very soon all remisers will be rich again.
Or should I talk like the running dogs;
" SGX is so good. If remisers are not happy, the leave SGX lah."

Anonymous said...

// The ducks said no problem. The chicken said got, then what is the problem? //

Ducks or chickens all TKSS?

Anonymous said...

Is 2016 ( 丙申年 ) a good year for the market to recover?

Anonymous said...

丙 in Chinese astrology represents "Fire from the Sun"

Anonymous said...

The 丙 years in the 2000s, 1990s, 1980s. ...... had been terrible years for the stock market and real estate?

Anonymous said...

In 1986, it was recession year?

And it is preceding year of the 1987 stock market October Crash?

Anonymous said...

Well, let's hope for the best and more elites lending their kind ears for more dialogues to make everybody feel better by listening to their frustrations and in between tweedling their thumbs ......

Anonymous said...

As the aristocrats say, sinkies shall not live by bread alone?

They can and shall also subsist with kind words from the elites?

Anonymous said...

// ‘The MTP requirement is forcing many companies to consolidate their shares, which has wiped out hundreds of millions in shareholder value and further pressured the already bearish market.’ //

Already told YEW many times having observed the elites in their ( fumbling of ) policies in the recent years, they are many times really clueless what they are doing .......?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese call it:

"雪上加霜" 。。。。。。?

Uncle RB, YEW really think the yellow banana elites know what it really means ( other than every month hand long long collect fat pay cheques courtesy of all the taxpayers including all the oldies contributing to the 7% GST, 120% vehicle excise duty upon embarkation, approximately average 400% of each vehicle OMV in terms of the COE indirect tax paid, ridiculous petrol tax when global oil prices have essentially collapsed and sinkies are still paying through their noses at the petrol station pumps. ...... etc etc?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, YEW hear many of the yellow bananas elites speak mandarin do YEW know can vomit blood or make a Chinese want to give these yellow bananas tight slaps on the faces and ask them shut up ......?

Anonymous said...


Now, why "雪上加霜"?

Despite minister after minister made coordinating minister, is there anybody coordinating anything especially of significance to the real economy, business in general and the millions of individual households?

Anonymous said...

Take for example the increase in CPF income ceiling contribution for middle income earners that kicked in early this year ( 1 Jan 2016 ) .......?

How on earth does the MOM decide to roll out this policy at this point in time when the manufacturing sector is effectively contracting at almost 20% for the whole of 2015 and likely get worst in 2016 and 2017 .....?

Have they worked out how much $$$$$$$$$ is being SUCKED OUT from the private sector economy and banking system when the entire economy needed it most ......?

Anonymous said...

Assuming $200 million per month is being drained from individual households, that is approximately $2.4 billion in just 2016 alone removed from the pockets ( and bank accounts of individual households ) but the problem is much larger than that?

Anonymous said...

Modern banking process involves fractional banking and thus multiplier money creation process in the entire eco(nomic) system ........?

Ever wonder why there is this "eco" in the words "eco-nomics" and "eco-nomy"?

It is precisely that .....? Just like the food chain process .....? If YEW anyhow removed sthg from the eco-system, YEW will likely WREAK HAVOC in the entire eco food chain?

Anonymous said...

So when the dumbos ....... oops ..... elites "removed" $2.4 billion from the private sector, what ( would ) happen to the money creation process in the eco-nomic system?

Assuming a fractional banking reserve ratio of 10%, how much less $$$$$$$$$$ would the entire sinkieland eco-nomic system potentially experience?

Uncle RB, YEW work in MBFC, among the creme de la creme in the financial industry ......? Surely they know how much could be potentially and actually missing in the sinkieland eco-nomic system by sucking additional about $2.4 billion out from the private individual households?

Anonymous said...

Besides the potential 900% ( lesser ) money creation process in the banking eco-system, there is also the approximate ( lesser ) 190% multiplier effect in the net aggregate demand ......?

All in all, how much is being potentially and actually drained from the sinkieland eco-nomic output and national income?

With the all round lesser money and national output in the sinkieland eco-nomic system, would there be MORE or LESS $$$$$$$$$ to INVEST or JUMP START the ( moribund ) sick market ....... oops ....... oops ..... ( moribund ) stock market?

Anonymous said...

Would the income potential for remisiers ( ceteris paribus ) be BETTER or WORST in 2016, ( assuming the economic conditions do not deteriorate, which are highly unlikely )?

jjgg said...

Anon 12.13 pm...not to worry about the $2 billion plus being zapped into Govt coffers...$100 per patron into casino per day already resulted in Genting Sing being traded at 60 odd cents...watch this space!! What arguments are our government gg to give when they backtrack on the casino levy...hehe...days of gambling tourism is over...whales of the industry have all been harpooned..only left ikan bilis

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Talking of RWS, dropped by recently with some business associates for lunch during peak hours .......

Was ( so ) shocked there were so many empty seats even in the mass price food court when just a mere 2 to 3 years ago, practically patrons have to stand around "in eternity and fight tooth and nail" to get seats to tuck in a meal?

Anonymous said...

In the business eco system, mass price food and beverage outlets are seen as safe havens and last line of defence even during downturns. ......?

At this juncture when there is still 2% GDP growth, it is already so bad ......?

What would happen when a small storm hit, not mentioning a tidal wave or worst a tsunami ala 2008/ 2009 GFC?