Petrodollar - The Colder War

The Colder War

By Alex Vadim
13 Feb 2015

The Colder War is a new book by Canadian author Marin Katusa.  Watch the video on the future of petrol dollar.

Watch this short video, 11 minutes, to understand the value of the petrodollar and why it is so important to the USA as the world's Number One Superpower.


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Anonymous said...

Rb what is the financial lost for Temasek on investment on Chesapeake? Plus other investment in the energy sector? Must be at least 10 billion or not? Anyone has information?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This one must ask the expert fund managers in Temasek.

jjgg said...

Whoever recommended Chesapeake probably been promoted and bonuses doubled and out there looking for another Chesapeake type investment. Think about it...without SEC filings, Singaporeans would never know of this type of " investment". Any wonder why.. Temasick is looking into Chinese, Indian n dogs' poo to invest in.

jjgg said...

Remembered an eminent Govt figure telling parliament that the reason we don't give specifics on our investment portfolio is to ensure that nobody can take advantage of Singaporeans ..can it now be said that its to ensure that nobody ,outside a select few, know of the rubbish we bought? How much more rubbish are there???

Anonymous said...

The trick is to lose money.

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Yep. Wanna the links?

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OW, you mean the links where he impersonated people like Rach Zeng and used images of real life people to defame them?

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Anon 9.19pm, those links are found on OW's beasthector blog. It is locked and only accessible to members. If you are a follower of my site and want to join OW's membership, drop me a note at my site in the comments section of my "contact me" page.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good morning OW and bukti, welcome to the blog. I presume you are two identity or could be one.