New York Times endorses American presidential candidates

NEW YORK: The New York Times on Saturday (Jan 30) endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination and Ohio Governor John Kasich for that of the Republicans….

The Times editorial board opted for a front-runner and a moderate underdog in endorsing Clinton for the Democrats and Kasich for the Republicans.

"Voters have the chance to choose one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history," the newspaper said of Clinton, a former secretary of state, senator from New York and First Lady….

The Times credited Sanders with generating enthusiasm among Democratic voters, but in the end, it said, he "does not have the breadth of experience or policy ideas that Mrs Clinton offers."…

In assessing the Republican candidates, The Times appeared to have settled on Kasich through a process of elimination.

It rejected Donald Trump, who has dominated the Republican race thus far, as a populist "who invents his positions as he goes along." "Mr Trump has neither experience in nor interest in learning about national security, defence or global trade," it said….’

Would out local media be so bold or be allowed to endorse any presidential candidates in the PE, if there is going to be one? It is just unthinkable that the media will be given such a free hand.  On second thought they had actually been doing so without openly saying so, I think.  The local media would not dare to say they endorse so and so as the Elected President for sure.

There is another interesting angle to look at the US Presidential Election and the comments on endorsement by the NYT. It was based on the experience of the candidates.  This reminds me of the great number of very experience politicians in this island that would definitely be chosen by the NYT if they are Americans by birth. We have so many talented politicians with better qualities than Hillary or John Kasich, with a string of straight As that would make George Bush Jr blushed.

Unfortunately the American Constitution forbid any Tom, Dick and Harry that were not born in the US to become their President. Otherwise we could export our talents to the US to vie for the crown of the President of the USA. Then again, the pay may not be attractive enough to lure our political talents away. The only attraction is the use of Air Force One. At the pay the US President is getting, the Americans would never smell the goodness of our politicians. They would just give it a miss, not in the USA, not anywhere in this world, except Sin City that could afford to pay for such exquisite talents.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can feel safe that they would not have to face the best of the best in their Presidential Election. Whew.


virgo49 said...

Now CNN live awaiting Trump and Sanders Victory speeches.

PRC would prefer Donald Trump.

Will not focus enemity on PRC.

Veritas said...

The world is seeing another Marxist or Fascist revolution due to those type of mofos like Kuan Yew. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2016/01/17/oxfam-wealth-inequality-report-davos/78929370/Just 62% of the world owns more than half of world's population. And most of these people does not got their wealth by hardwork, but rather by corruption, lucky sperm and rent seeking.

Adding to insult, these thieves come back to insult the poor hardworking people using terms like parasite, lazy, stupid..., just look at what Kuan Yew has said.

The world need another Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh.

Under the USA propaganda together with PAP dogs, we never get an idea why Vietcong won the revolution. Vietcong was presented as a troublemaker. Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Ho were presented like a butcher.

In reality, Vietcong got 99% of support in Vietnam. Just 1% of Vietnamese owns 99% of the land.

The South Vietnam could have bail themselves out by doing land reform. In reality South Korea were under worse security threats compared to Vietnam. The difference is South Korea president Rhee Syn Man quickly distribute land to peasant, meanwhile, South Vietnam elites hold on to their land.

The elites of Singapore, being such a piece of shit, will going to have their judgement day. Maybe this generation can still enjoy, but disasters are going to befall on their sons.

Virgo 49 said...

Wah lucky, my two children both single. So ends with them and no descent for further sufferings.

Kong Hee Fatt Choy

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ once-upon-a-time-a-great-newspaper:

>> The New York Times on Saturday (Jan 30) endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination and Ohio Governor John Kasich for that of the Republicans <<

Of course they would.

IMO Trump and Sanders are the MOST HONEST candidates...they tell it as they see it and don't try to "impress" citizens just to get their votes. Sanders is an unapologetic socialist, and Trump...well, Trump is just Trump...anywhere the wind blows he will go as long as he can negotiate "a deal" where he will win. (A Pragmatist)

I have a feeling the voting public will silently disregard the NYT's "endorsement", and tell the NYT (a truly faded glory a worse newspaper than the Straight Times) to get fucked.

Both Trump and Sanders have a better feel for the voters; i.e. they RESONATE with voters concerns. People are pissed off with banks and corporations, sick and tired of no job security, and simply don't trust their elected governments anymore, can't afford Obamacare, carry crippling tertiary education debt (about USD 70k for the average young couple just starting a family)...etc etc. Trump has already indicated that he has no problem paying more tax...a point which would make Bernie Sanders happy!

So IMO, I think it'll be Trump and Sanders...but in politics, anything can change, for NO REASON, at ANYTIME.

P.S.: It doesn't matter who wins...in America...or any where else for that matter. These days government is losing its purpose, and fast becoming IRRELEVANT!

virgo49 said...

Sanders just said have the wealth for the people of USA instead of the top 1percent

Sounds familiar in somewhere here??

Top 3.percent?

Veritas said...

Due to the abuse of elites like Kuan Yew, the world will be turning to socialism, this time, again with repeat of wars and violents.

It is not that capitalism is no good. In fact, the guy who lavish most praise to capitalism is Marx. But there is inherent contradiction of capitalism that will cause her implosion -- the wealth concentration, rent seeking, cronies...etc.

Inequality in capitalism should be treated as a industrial toxic, but Kuan Yew and PAP guys who are pervert, openly worship it.

The 18th century France is not the most fuck up, but on the contrary, the most prosperous nation in Europe. Russia, Poland, India China are more miserable than France. Revolution broke out in France not because of poverty, but because of inequality, and because prophets like Voltaire taught the people how to identify mother fuckers.

When the time comes, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Castro will get their rightful place in history.

Anonymous said...

"I Don't Trust Deutsche Bank" David Stockman Unleashes Truth Bomb: "When The Crunch Comes, Bank CEOs Lie"

Following this morning's proclamation by Deutsche Bank co-CEO John Cryan that Germany's largest bank is "rock solid," David Stockman exposed the ugly truth that everyone appears to have forgotten from just 7 years ago...

"in my experience is that when the crunch comes, bank CEOs lie"

Stockman details the Morgan Stanley, BofA, Lehman, and Bear Stearns bullshit that occurred before exclaiming...

"I don't trust Deutsche Bank. I don't trust what they're saying. And there's reason why the banks are being sold all across the world... because people are realizing once again that we don't know what's there [on bank balance sheets]."

Anonymous said...

Neither can you trust those banks that sold their shares to Temasek and GIC when they were all in shit but did not disclosed them.

Also recently Deutsche, Stanchart and DBS were banned from trading RMB by China for speculating against the RMB.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting this in case we have scholars in Temasek or GIC who might want to invest in Deutsche Bank shares:

- Deutsche Bank may have total derivative exposure of $64 Trillion
- that's Trillion with a "T" ... not Billion



Veritas said...

Deutsche Bank was destroyed by his former FT Indian CEO Anshu Jain. FT Indians are fucking scammer and every companies infested by them go belly up or become a mafia entreprise.

Example are
Citibank Vikram Pandit
Deutsche Bank Anshu Jain
Mckinsey Rajat Gupta
Sun Vinod Kolsa

And I am 100% cock sure Google, Microsoft and FB is going into shit, because their bosses infested them with so many FT Indians.

Anonymous said...

Would DBS be next? Who should be responsible should DBS ended in the shit hole?