New hope for opposition parties

The performance of the opposition parties was anything but pathetic in the last GE. And the sad thing, they are running out of ideas. So I am here to give them a piece of good advice to win the next GE. They must be innovative, creative and think out of the box, what else can I add to make it sound even more ludicrous?

Ok, the plan is very simple. Prepare to bring in the foreign talents. Go West, go to the land that we admire most, the USA. Speak to Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Bush and a few more of the prominent American leaders. Tell them don’t waste time running for Presidency there. Invite them to Singapore, help them to apply for citizenship. This part sure no problem, sure pass one.

The next step, when they have become citizens, make them join the political parties, WP, SDP, or whatever Ps.  Promise them that at least they will become ministers, and promise them you will double, triple or quadruple their pay. And tell them, no need to work so hard. Singapore is not even a fraction of their smallest state, so the work is not that big. And if they still don’t bite, tell them they will be assisted by ministers of states and if not happy, appoint more ministers for the same ministry. I am sure they will find it attractive to become ministers here.

With such a line up of foreign talents making up of presidents, secretaries of states, can add some from the UK also, the opposition parties will be in the game. They will have the talents and experience to take on the formidable PAP political machine and stand a chance to win and to form the next govt.

There is still plenty of time before the next GE. Go for it. Don’t sleep. Bring in the best from the world to contest in the next GE before they tweaked the system to stop foreign talents to stand for election and become ministers.

Quick, quick, go West to go East. Just imagine a GRC with Obama anchoring it or Hillary Clinton as the anchor woman. No need to be frighten by PAP chut pattern anymore. But don’t bother with Donald Trump. He has too much money and money would not attract him here. And you even have Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, a husband and wife team anchoring a GRC. Sure makan one.

Be creative man! Ma Ing-Jeou is also available. Oh, not to forget Modi also. The opposition camp can be very strong with the strongest candidates from the whole world coming here to represent the Ang Mo Kia, Punggolites, Queenstownians, Woodlanders, Pasirians….It would be so exhilarating to field Obama against Hsien Loong in Ang Mo Kio.

What do you think?


agongkia said...

Cow, drag till Beijing still a cow.
If they smart enough, today you have no chance to write this.
Let these jokers demoralise, and wayang in 4 years time to harbour hope again.
Oredi Year of monkey , tell them to wake up now "betterer" than to teach them what to do lah.

Anonymous said...

"No Hope For Opposition Parties".

I don't like to pour cold water, especially during this CNY eve.

Your title "New hope for opposition parties" should be "No hope for opposition parties".

How to? How to? PAP is everywhere! PAP is turning everyday a PAP DAY!

Look at the endless activities with free gifts/schemes organised by the PAP "roots".

PAP......Too BIG To Fail

Unless there is an internal split within PAP.....otherwise there is absolutely NO hope for opposition parties.

Please be realistic. Agreed?

But, I still want to salute the members of the opposition parties for working extremely hard and their sacrifices. Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...


After an audit by the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department, more than 70 guns were missing from the armoury of the two gun clubs. These guns belonged to members who were deceased, quit or have left Singapore.
How frequent are these audits done?
One audit every 55 years?

virgo49 said...

These gun/rifle club members usually are for the PAP cronies and the rich elities who made their bucks sucking the blood of the masses.
When we are on duty at the WAOB at the Mt Vernon camp.

There is a range for testing the weapons both heavy and light after repairs. Also a shooting range for those air pistols and gun praticise for those sportsmen and the VVIPs including their families. Lee Wei Ling was a frequent shooter acompanied by a troupe of male and female SB officers. Wearing NPCC t-shirts. BANG BANG ON THE HOUSE LAH.

Those moving electronic operating targets utilised by the prominent rich bums and elites. Not cheap cheap, fire one session can pay one sinkie monthly salary.

The person in charge of the armoury is a civilian employee of the club.

If towkay wants to take out own pistols or guns. He dared to say No?? Chiak kia kee.

No doubt the licensingn is strict.

Our men only conducts checks on our SAF armoury at the checkpoints.

So anything can happen between the audits.

Aiya, you dared to check stringently on the rich and powerful plus SAF, SPF officers with many crabs and pips on shoulders??

Virgo 49 said...

You know how strict in sinkieland in possession of unlawful guns and rifles.

Even air rifles.

So many may be having sleepess nights this CNY.

Unless unless, ...... they better think of a foolproof explanation.

Karma comes fast and furious.

Anonymous said...

Karma follows daft people and you know why? Daft people sow daft deeds and reap daft rewards. Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Time for Opposition Parties to throw in their towels.
With daft voters and more aliens turned citizen, opposition politicians will be wasting their efforts.
Wiser to make more money and own assets elsewhere for investment and
have safe havens in case Sin kaput
which could happen anytime.

Only the Daft hangs on to a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Look at CHC...smelly like hell but also touching in deeds and words. The preacher, the people and the church government continue to be the light of the city or day light robbery. People dndorse religion and PAP images after religion.

Smelly like hell, CHC still looks like an angelic doll from your daughter's toy collection.

Anonymous said...

Walau eh.

Angker Virgo expects a shooting spree in Sg during Lunar New Year ah?

You wont even hear the sound of a single fire cracker la.

Those loaded and powerful are the ones with real firearms to protect themselves. That's why tgey can yayapapaya like paikiatows/mafia bosses.
Unarmed and unprotected, they are like chicken.

Anonymous said...

This CNY...Raise your hands...close your eyes...and worship ah kong...like your tears roll down your cheeks in bliss

Anonymous said...

what can oppositions offer you? Speak against the church? They will just lead you to another church and be another Hollywood Shepard or chief priest from oxfart

Anonymous said...

Does your gov see anything wrong with the church? No right? Kaki lang ...no wrong done

Anonymous said...

Where do daft people come from? They congregate, sit comfortably in aircon cooker and listen to the star buub buub buub...with amazement

agongkia said...

My dear Lao chek ah.
Time to forget the past lah.
Go get some firecrackers,link it together and start celebrating tonight at 12 am for having your second home and a new year .
I wish you happiness and prosperity.Try magnums,sport toto or damacai jackpot.Wish you good luck.

Anonymous said...

It is a death set up. So they say..eat drink and be merry...

Anonymous said...

You will surely die....but don't believe that sh it....you shall be wise and prosperous

Anonymous said...

That's what they say about the property market lol..how many now dying? lol

Anonymous said...

Aiyah...time to wayang this cny lah....what's so new? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Factory of the daft is where there is plenty of merry making

Anonymous said...





A Happy And Healthy

Year To All.


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Agongkia,

Happy And Prosperous Lunar New Year to you and All Bros and Co-Suffers under the PAP here.

Also to Mr Chua aka Redbean.

Hope your daily articles can wake up the sleeping under the spell kee chiu supporters.

Now Magnum got new PowerBall gane, got free tickets buy 10 ringitt per set.

Can go Chin Swee Temple midway the heavenly clouds to let go firecrackers at only 50 Rm.

Chase away bad luck.

Anyway, this year my fung shui said strike big.Must patronise the Citt Above Clouds more.


Anonymous said...

My gay gay leh..you are singaporeans...curse and swear leh...Chinese new year or not...still the same old daft people lol

Anonymous said...

Free medical care will

B govt of the.day...

Anonymous said...

Sports car too powerful n dangerous to

Turn about in multi sty HDB ka pak...

No matter wat....only solution is

Off engine n peple push about in ka pak..