Najib is untouchable at home, but not abroad

KUALA LUMPUR: The Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) of Switzerland on Saturday (Jan 30) said it will hand a formal request for assistance on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) in the coming days, according to a spokesman for the OAG. 

"The request for mutual assistance will be handed over to the Malaysian authorities in Kuala Lumpur in the coming days; i.e. a representative of the Swiss government will transfer the OAG's mutual assistance request in the coming days to the respective Malaysian authority in charge," said Andre Marty. "This procedure is well established based on international mutual assistance law."… CNA

It is interesting to note why Switzerland, an innocuous and supposedly politically neutral country, is so interested in the 1MDB case. Why the sudden interest in Malaysia and Najib? Who do you think is behind this development and indirectly is telling Najib that he is not going to get away. Someone is pulling the strings and wanting to settle scores with Najib. Is this the prelude to a regime change?

Najib could be safe at home, but out of the country, like his money, there are many vultures waiting to feast on him.  Someone or some forces are bent on doing Najib in. This is the price to pay for sleeping with the devil.

Take care. Rosmah would be powerless outside Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

I think ultimately, Najib will still win and remain as PM. This is the great advantage of being the incumbent. Short of a revolution (and which happened to Marcos and Suharto) or the police and armed forces (which happened to Yingluck) going against him, Najib will not go if he doesn't want to.

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe's Mugabe is still in power, and at more than 90 years old, despite being an international pariah for a long time, and their currency almost like toilet paper. So what is Najib as compared to Mugabe?

denk said...

ever since xi's party in kl 2013,
it almost looks like someone had put a curse on malaysia,

mh370 disppeared,
mh17 shot down,
airasia exploded in midair,
helicopter with najib's chief of staff on board exploded in midair,
mh148 had a near miss with engine malfunction,
mh132 given wrong flight plan....
malaysian airline technically bankrupt.

pm najib is currently fighting for his political life,
a target of wsj, bbc mounted media campaign.
wonder where did these two nwo mouthpiece get all their scoops from ?
so now switzerland has joined in the international down
najib campaign.

wonder who has such clout to mobilise all these players ? ;-)

ever since murcunt's p8 spy plane is stationed in changi, it has been flying 24x7 overhead ffs/
the murcunts aint here for their rnr thats for sure.

meanwhile the murcunt usn is ratching up its provocation in the scs.

somebody is gonna stir up shit soon.

Anonymous said...

Touchable or not, ultimately depends on the Integrity of the Person.
Power does not immune one from indictment of sin, guilt or responsibility.



denk said...

*I think ultimately, Najib will still win and remain as PM. This is the great advantage of being the incumbent. Short of a revolution (and which happened to Marcos and Suharto) or the police and armed forces (which happened to Yingluck) going against him, Najib will not go if he doesn't want to. *

dont be so sure.
those who want najib out are the sameone who orchestrated the downfall of marcos, suharto, yingluck.

Anonymous said...

Really must respect this man.

Going thru this political stage of his life is not easy.

He is indeed a man of steel.

Will he survive this?

We shall see.

Justice Boleh! Justice Boleh!


Anonymous said...

denk should add that the USN LCS suffered a major breakdown. Much like our...MRT trains.

Anonymous said...

'the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Commercial Affairs Department, the Singapore authorities announced that they will comply with requests for investigation assistance by the Attorney-General of Switzerland and the Corruption Inquiry by the Justice Department of United States.' Statestime

What else would the US and Swiss want Singapore to comply?

denk said...

Anonymous February 02, 2016 11:19 am

sobs now wanna put its missile "defence" batteries in sk,
+this is like pointing a dagger at the dragon's heart,
+turn another beijing's friend into foe,
one stone kills two birds,
typical murcunt m.o.

*HAAD’s detection radius goes beyond North Korea into China and Russia,” said Lu Chao, a researcher at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences. “China and South Korea may be good friends, but how smooth can a relationship be when one party [South Korea] is holding a machine gun under the table? The US may be behind the THAAD issue, but South Korea gets to decide whether or not to deploy it* [1]

does sk has a choice ?
no doubt it hasnt been lost on prez mdm park that her father park chung he, even tho a faithful murkkan puppet, was bumped off by kcia the moment he stepped out of line.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Deployment of THAAD has been on the US card for a long time. South Korea would be forced to pay billions for it. And the US would have full control of it and more reason to stay in South Korea and keep South Korea a semi colony. Imagine the South Koreans have to pay to become a semi colony!

And the Americans could use it to threaten North Korea and China.

It is a win win win arrangement where the US is the only winner.

denk said...


asston carter says china is *militarising the whole scs*
sob, hehehehe


Veritas said...

Najib has allowed PRC to have a naval base in Sabah. While SG newspaper hash this up, this is a major coup d'etat of Malaysia against USA.

Najib is here to stay, because Najib is not JUST one person. Behind Najib is the MOST powerful families of forces of Malaysia, the Johor, Pahang Sultanate as well as Onn Jaffaar and Razak family.

In reality Malaysia while openly anti Chinese citizen, is far more pro China than Indonesia. While Singapore is the MOST pro USA and anti China ASEAN members.

There are many moron Malay commenters here who do not know time have change. They can hate Chinese as much as they like, because they are fucking idiots. They simply are not aware of Malay political dynamics.

Even Mahathir is far more pro China than SG.

Anonymous said...

Najib will remain in power until he wants to leave. That is because of the country motto. Its not Malaysia Bodo. He has bought over everyone who could post a threat with position and money. Those who did not fall for it were sacked. So nothing will be done because Malaysia Bodoh

Anonymous said...

I believe with Mukhriz sidelined within UMNO, Mathathir will now lie low and Najib will continue to stay in power.

After all, Mathathir and Najib are just birds of a feather. They feathered or are feathering their own nests while in power and it is just a question of who is better in getting away with it without being caught.

Anonymous said...

Singapore got Najib by the balls liao!!