Lee Li Lian made the right choice

She was elected in a by election by the people of Punggol East to serve them. She served them well, with all her heart and soul. She was devoted to the people and wanted to do everything she could for them.

In the GE the people chose to vote for a PAP candidate instead of her. The people decided that they wanted Charles Chong and not Lee Li Lian. She got the message. She was not wanted. Without the people voting for her, what credibility has she to go to parliament? This is democracy, the people’s choice. What credibility does a defeated candidate rejected by the people has to represent them, to put on a show that he/she is the people’s candidate by choice? The people had spoken and it is best for the loser to step aside and let the elected representative to speak for them in Parliament, to represent them in the constituency.

Lee Li Lian is not going to pretend that she is elected by the people and go strutting around as the people’s elected representative. A reject is a reject. A NCMP is a reject by the people. The loser of an election is the reject of the people.

There is still some dignity and self respect in Lee Li Lian to say no to the offer. This does not imply that the other NCMPs do not have dignity or self respect for accepting the NCMP offer. It is part of an inordinary system to tell the rejects that they can still be in Parliament to show that there are opposition voices in Parliament. It is an acceptance of reluctance, to live with a contrived system of democracy when the rejects of the people can still speak in Parliament, like representing them but not representing anyone, cannot go cut ribbons, give scholarships to students using public funds, not invited to grace govt organized functions, no proper place to meet the people, no everything except to be in Parliament to give a semblance of opposition presence. They are just trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

This neither here nor there NCMP system must be abolished when the right time comes. It is an anomaly. It should not be there in the first place. It is not democracy, it is not elected by the people, of the people and for the people.

Lee Li Lian said something so loud that many people missed totally.


Anonymous said...

3Ls....Lee Li Lian is 3Ls.....Lee Li Lian now!

3Ls is a happy mother and a wonderful wife now!

I am very happy for her!


agongkia said...

These pui sohs should stay in kitchen, learn to cook well to serve the husband, produce more babies and bring them up properly than to
seek publicity if standard and fighting spirit not there .
A good leader is one who will strive to serve, whether elected , supported , got compensation or not.Little setback cannot take, how to trust them on more important task.
A pui soh ah, you should continue to serve, even without the 16k.
I know why this time you lost few percentage but cannot tell you here.
Not really you are no good honestly but you are not street wise enough.

Title is not important.If you dislike cooking and produce, step out of the kitchen and show your fighting spirit.

agongkia said...
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Virgo 49 said...

Ah gong kia,

Well said. You mean the Pui Sohs of the PAP eh???

Pui Sohs Ajunied also kicked out.

AFTER GAJI BUTAK for five terms sure sang soh became pui sohs.

When the Bulldog pui soh Ellen and the others gonna kick out??

When Obama, Modi, Ma Yi 9 and Sin Chin Ping come down??

Anonymous said...

Angkokia I think new year coming your backside itchy already and wanted to be fuck is it? Talking nonsense all the time wasting the earth oxygen. Please don't boast about Mei Mei here cause your short Canon with two flat tires can only fire blank if u are lucky knn

Anonymous said...

All Politicians should have backbone/spine like Lee Li Lian.
Those that rode and hung at the Coattails should feel ashame, especially those that lost who had contested and lost at Single Seat Wards.
However, 70% of Stinkie Voters were and are DAFT and incapable of appreciating those with backbones.
They sold themselves for a dime and crumb.

agongkia said...

Tsai Ying Wen never lost in contest before meh.
With determination she now President.
Sinkie Ah Sohs should learn from the Taiwanese if want to be politician.
Else stay at home to look after babies or give good massage to hubby.Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Sg with Taiwan.
You might as well say Taiwan
got Ah Pian, Sg no have so Sg
safer than Taiwan.

agongkia said...

anon 11.16
It's agongkia,meaning daft in Hokkien dialect,spell properly.How you know I got short cannon and flat tyres?lol.

agongkia said...

At least Taiwan less conmen and robbers in term of population.
Daft Sinkies kena con daily still help to count money for conmen.

Anonymous said...

Until Merkel comes along and make good Germany, no other female head of state prosper or improve the livings of their people.
Can Cai Ying wen prove her mettle?

Anonymous said...

3L did not serve full 5yrs as mp.

Peple never gave her chance.