Turning a Japanese lie into a glorious truth

How many of you heard of the Japanese Scientific Study on the whales? To conduct this Scientific Study, the Japanese must killed a few hundred whales every year and this will go on and on for perpetuity. How many did not know what this is all about?

Today a more serious lie is being used to justify the remilitarization of Japan.  Let me quote this Kyodo News report printed in the Today paper on 4 Feb 16.

‘Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe yesterday advocated amending par tof the war renouncing Article 9 of the country’s Constitution, saying there is a contradiction between the existence of the Self Defence Forces (SDF) article that stipulates japan never maintains land, sea and air forces…..Abe called for amendments of the second paragraph of the article that reads, “Land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained”…Abe told the House of Representatives Budget Committee…that “some parts (of it) do not fit into (the realities of) the current period”.

There is the view that (Japan should) address the situation in which 70 per cent of constitutional scholars suspect the SDF is in violation of the Constitution,” he said. “Given the view that we should change this with our own hands, the LDP has announced a draft revised Constitution.”’

They developed and built the SDF to be the biggest fighting force over so many years and today they said they suspect they were violating the pacifist Constitution. So instead of going back to the Constitution, they are going to amend the Constitution to fit the reality.

See how deceitful are the Japanese? Honourable samurai, warrior’s code? They created lies that were so huge that nothing can hide the lies any more. So conveniently they officially sanctioned the lies to quash the suspicion.

And the Americans are fully behind this big lie to the extent that they are compromising the safety of Americans by not talking about the Fukushima lie. The deadly radioactive material are still leaking and spreading across the Pacific Ocean to the east of North America. The Americans are now exposed to the radioactive contamination in their food chain but the American govt is keeping mum, not to offend their military partner to extend their world hegemony.

Anyone believe that the nuclear leak in Fukushima has been contained and now harmless?


virgo49 said...

Aiya, Let Jepun makea the first move and the PRC will make mincemeats out of them.

Many are just too tired of living.

All the revenge of their actrocities come to a full circle when the Chinese takes the revenge.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Jap state:

>> they are going to amend the Constitution to fit the reality. <<

This is no surprise. The world is not the same world as it was when post-war Japan had a new "pacifist" constitution.

The "reality" is that Japan BELIEVES that it faces "threats" which require military "protection", from non other than the big bad Chinese and the evil missile-testing North Koreans.

Tensions between Asian states will only make other Asian states to be more "accommodating", even "demanding" of a PERMANENT US PRESENCE IN ASIA. Although the US taxpayers hates this shit, the US Federal govt. is happy to oblige because it paves the way for BIG US corporations to open up and grow (tax free!) in Asia, and racks up sales volumes for US "defense contractors" to sell their expensive fun toys like the useless F 35 to wide-eyed Asian governments, who will have a few top people only too happy to receive KICK BACKS from huge US arms sales.

Asian arms race? What a terrific idea, especially when all economies are tanking on the brink of complete catastrophic COLLAPSE! 💣💣

Tick tock...the debt clock is ticking....

Anonymous said...

Got kick back meh?

Anonymous said...

"Anyone believe that the nuclear leak in Fukushima has been contained and now harmless?"

Even if no one believes, what can they do, when even America is not doing anything that matters?

Even if PAP is screw up, who else can 70% vote, when the opposition is not even ready to be govt?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1009:

Without corruption, the world cannot function.

People still love their "self-interest"---they each see themselves as the principle character (hero, no less!) in their own narrative of their lives. That's the average person. Now take the POLITICIAN who is several orders of magnitude more EGOTISTICAL and PSYCHOPATHIC than the average person.

Anonymous said...

Japs also eat dolphin meat. They call it sea pork. Disgusting!!