Has Singapore become a mouthpiece of the US?

The bashing of China and North Korea is fair game in the West and in America especially during the Presidential Election. The West and the Americans have vested interests to want to do so and attacking foreigners and foreign countries in the name of freedom of expression is another American exceptionalism backed by military might. They need to create fear and tension to sell their weapons of war. Without an enemy to fight for, there is no need for countries to buy more weapons from the Americans. By creating an enemy, it was the Soviet Union, now China and the Axis of Evil in Iran and North Korea, the Americans and the West are dividing the world and dragging them along, telling the daft who are their enemies, and the unthinking daft keep nodding their heads to go along unconsciously making China and North Korea their enemies.

In the case of China, a peaceful and stable world would allow China to get richer and stronger in the long run. There is no need for China to want a war to destroy its pace of economic development. Only countries that depend on an unstable and troubled world to sell weapons want to create tensions and war, to benefit from chaos and destruction, supporting insurgents in the name of resistance forces, agitating and inciting wars, raising tensions all over the world.

In the case of North Korea, it is a hermit state and has nothing to do with any country other than its political differences with the divided South Korea. Why is the rest of the world, especially stupid people in Sin City so disturbed and angry with the North Koreans? Why is the sending up of a satellite seen as provocative and with the intent to start a war when the Americans are in possession of WMDs, 7,000 nuclear warheads that can destroy this world several times over, with 11 aircraft carriers and more than 70 submarines with nuclear capabilities, military bases in all corners of the world, are seen as weapons of peace and not of war? How silly can the Asians be when a gangster is in charge without them knowing?

What is silly and ridiculous is that the local media is splashing anti China and anti North Korea propaganda written by westerners on its pages daily like these two countries are enemies of Sin City?  Has Singapore become a mouthpiece of the Americans in an anti China anti North Korea coalition? The daily publications of such negative and biased views by the Americans would over time create a very negative image on the readers of China and North Korea without them knowing why.  Just look at the hate the bananas have of China and North Korea and you will know why and the outcome of such reporting.  Growing up and a life time of reading such western craps would turn the bananas to think they are Americans or westerners and seeing the world with the western world view and western agenda. How to comprehend why the media would indulge in such rhetoric and propaganda reporting against foreign countries as if it is the right thing to do? Does the govt or MDA have a role in monitoring and managing the neutrality and objectivity of news reporting in the media?

How is Hsien Loong going to explain to the Chinese and North Korean leaders when they meet about these daily barrage of anti China and anti North Korean western articles in the local media? Freedom of the press or we are doing what the Americans and the West dictate to us? Why are we antagonizing the Chinese and North Koreans daily as a normal affair?

Can you believe it, ‘Beijing tensions fuel S$748b arms race in Asia Pacific region’, not because of the American provocations in the South China Sea? So, there will be no arms race if there is no China in the South China Sea? Why are the Asean countries buying arms, to fight China?  And what about this, “China’s actions ‘raise chances of conflict significantly’”. Who is raising tension in the South China Sea? Is China claiming islands belonging to some Asean countries or the US? Or are some Asean countries claiming islands belonging to China?

And what do you think the US warships and war planes are here in the South China Sea and not in the Carribbeans where they belong?


Anonymous said...

There is one sane voice in geopolitics and that voice comes from a prof from ANU in Australia.
ST used to have a Monday columnist who hailed from the same land and every week he spewed his anti-China views.
Then we had a local banana who did the same on Thursdays. This guy has moved on to a more enshrined institution of the same ilk.
The other sane voice comes from a non-Chinese doing research in a Chinese institution.
The EU correspondent is the anchor for the newspaper anti-China forum.
[An anchorman has been defined as the person to dump into the deep end of the swimming pool when the media's ratings fall - tied to a real anchor.]

Anonymous said...

The PM is going to tell President Xi that all the reports are objective and for the good of China.

Virgo 49 said...

With Friends like Singapore, who needs Enemies???

Anonymous said...

Why does the Straits Times always reprint Anti-China articles from the Western news agencies? The government must move in and investigate. Who is the editor in chief of the Straits Times? Does his frequent and bias views on China and his subtle inuendoes reflect his hidden agenda for constantly repeating lies, halftruths and outright fabrications of distorted misinformation and disinformation by Westerners show his own ethnic concern for the wider Sino-Indian affairs in which India is greatly influenced by by the Evil Empire to go against China. Don't forget,India benefitted tremendously from Anglo-Saxon British Colonial Rule for over four hundred years. Before the British Imperial colonial rule,India consisted of not less than sixty or more different independent states each having its own king or rajah and each state having its own written and spoken language , culture and customs. Imperial England was able to rule and coalese all these independent states into one political unit and using the English language as the main or common language of communication. Apart from this Imperial British ruled India illegally stole thousands of square miles of Chinese territories and at the time when England was expelled from India in 1946 it did not return the stolen territories to China. Independent India inherited these stolen Chinese lands from Britain and it also refused to negotiate for the return of these stolen lands to the rightful owner the Chinese. In other words India choose to shamelessly inherit the mantle of British Colonialism and imperialism. This resulted in the Sino-Indian war of 1962 in which India was defeated though it had inherited all the superior weapons and military hardware from England and USA against the greatly inferior armed Chinese foot soldiers. I believe this reflects the inclination to the highly bias slanted and distorted views of the editor of our main local paper as well as its willingness to purposely report and reprint highly anti-Chinese Western articles against China.

Pro Fair reporting SG

Anonymous said...

Singapore is neutral and there is nothing wrong in badmouthing someone you called friend. The Americans are neutral in the SC Sea claims but there is nothing wrong in taking sides and agitating and inciting tension.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Q: >> Has Singapore become a mouthpiece of the US? <<

Of course. Long ago. BUT...

...Singapore is on great terms with China.

This is the "Singapore Dance". Singapore is a city state. Florence was a 13th century city state and its main family The Medicis were bankers to Europe. They also managed and owned vast amounts of property. Their other business interests included factories, manufacture of cloths like silk and wool. Of course great wealth leads to great political power, which means great influence.

Go forward 600 years, and you have modern Singapore, city state. With interesting parallels with renaissance Florence.

Am I implying that Singapore is the modern-day Florence of Asia.

Damn right I am.

Keep on rocking and stay awesome, Singapore, my #1 Hotel!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Florence?

Veritas said...

Singapore is the MOST anti China pro USA country in SE East Asia, and even then our minorities full of shit mind is not satied, and keep wanting Singaporean Chinese to declare war with PRC.

The more Singaporean Chinese FUCK PRC, the more our scum minorities orgasm.

Due to their shit mind, it is no wonder that the core states of our minorities are shit hole, as they are really full of garbage culture.

Anonymous said...

Reading the ST is like reading the New York Times.

Veritas said...

Singapore being a well-fed dog by white man need to do white man's bidding. Who have provide us with all these monies -- answer white man.

Our fucking Shenton Way Shylock working for white man Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsches Bank, UBS, Stand CHart, Barclays...etc got their Condos, got to fuck a lot of women because of their fat pay cheque from white man.

Next come the white man big oil like ExxonMobile, Chevron, Shell, BP, or the white man Big pharma..etc

PAP got to collect so much tax from white man companies and white man tycoon using SG as tax haven and monies parking.

Getting so much from white man, it would be appropriate for SG leaders to act like race traitors time to time.

Until the point PRC bought us out.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

I know you have very strong views on things. When touching on race and religion please exercise more restraints and sensitivities.

Hermit said...

Singapore has been apple polishing US *and* China for quite a while now.

Anonymous said...

'Our fucking Shenton Way Shylock working for white man Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsches Bank, UBS, Stand CHart, Barclays...etc got their Condos, got to fuck a lot of women because of their fat pay cheque from white man.'

You are wrong there. All these banks have been taken over by the Indians.

Anonymous said...

new York times in Today Saturday edition practically in line with the geo-political challenges US is facing. It is meant for the Americans public who are majority :-

wiki The United States Census Bureau defines White people as those "having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. It includes people who reported "White" or wrote in entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Near Easterner, Arab, or Polish."[14] Whites constitute the majority of the U.S. population, with a total of about 245,532,000 or 77.7% of the population as of 2013.

European American 223,553,265 72.4 %
African Americans 38,929,319 12.6 %
Asian American 14,674,252 4.8 % wiki

so now we know why NYT is so one kind!

Anonymous said...

with the challenges US is facing from its competitors from Asia and Europe powerhouses of course the news agency take sides so basically NYT is not 'suitable' for SG because it needs to bash bash as US is facing serious challenges to its top positions in many areas in the world.

should we expect them to praise their competitors and scold themselves ?

Anonymous said...

They are also read by silly bananas who think their parents and ancestors are also white.

Anonymous said...

in the same context their articles may not be too suitable for Singaporeans context If their articles are too one sided meaning por bee kok, por eng kok , por india, por Australia, por NZ all speak the anglo-saxony language but bash tiong kok, bash teck kok, bash Indonesia and bash sor lian then NOT very good journalism !!

Anonymous said...

Should we expect our national paper to be more discriminating in choosing news for the daft sinkies to read?

Anonymous said...

I thought I am the only one notice the negative reporting of China
in our local paper.

Anonymous said...

How is the PM going to explain when he goes to Beijing next time? The Chinese leaders are going to grill him upside down for allowing the papers to keep badmouthing China until shiok shiok to please the Americunts.

Banana Chinese fucking Chinese.

Anonymous said...

North Korea will be hosting its first ever Air Show that is open to the public. They will be putting on display their Military and Civilian Aircrafts, Aerial performances, hot air balloons and skydiving event. Those with skydiving license will be able to participate in being the rare few to skydive in North Korea.

My "DRPK 360" Project is proud to be part of the delegation attending. I'm been given 16 slots to bring people along as there is a very limited capacity


Thursday 22nd September 2016 to Saturday 1st October 2016

Above posted by a blogger in Clubsnap.com. He is inviting people to join him in this trip. For the unthinking and still believing that North Korea is a poor famine stricken country, this is the chance to clear the shit in your heads. Go visit and clean up the shit stuffed there by the western press.

Please send us an email to arampan@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Singapore paper have repeatedly blame Korea or China for anti Japanese sentiment.

Singapore paper have praise Japan on many occasion.

Something is very wrong with Singapore . ( infiltration of foreign agent)

Dan Yong said...

The americans have close to 1000 ballistic missiles in ROK. Those missiles can be programmed to hit anywhere from the DMZ to the Yalu (border with China). On top of that every year massive war games are carried out which rehearse for massive invasion of the DPRK, beginning with "decapitation" or cutting of the leadership and C2 capabilities of the North. Followed by massive strikes. In a war like this, the North will be utterly destroyed. No chance.

So what does the mad dog Kim do? He does the only thing that will deter a massive US led attack. He builds nuclear weapons.

Did you know the North offered to cancel its nuclear program in exchange for cancellation of annual war games? But the US refused. The North also on many occasions insisted on signing a peace treaty. But guess who refused? It wasn't the North.

Yes the North is a dictatorial regime. But threatening to bomb it out of existence isn't going to bring about peace, security or openness in that country. Doing so will not end the suffering of the Korean people and the pain of their divided homeland. This is something the war like and violence inclined US does not understand or want to understand. The US only understands one language - force. Sad. Real sad.

Anonymous said...

An academic who hailed from a Scottish U went to a Japan U on a sabbathical and he wrote nasty article about China and even said that Japan had to re-fight China.
Now this guy is an academic in a local U.
Banana and a traitor?

Anonymous said...

whenever he speaks sg tv media would gives him top coverage like today how he 'expose' China for deploying this and that. and it is like top of the news every hour

AND if you listen to BBC radio Spore news bulletin Today no mention whatsoever on south china seas tensions or the US admiral comments But Donald Trump victory in Nevada!

wiki --=

Harry Binkley Harris, Jr.[1] (born August 4, 1956)[2] is an admiral in the United States Navy who currently serves as Commander, United States Pacific Command. He is the first Asian-American to achieve the rank of admiral, the highest ranking Japanese American, and the first officer from the U.S. Navy's P-3 maritime patrol aviation community to achieve 4-star rank.

Anonymous said...

HOW can a Japanese /American has the moral high ground to talk to us about how one country should behave when his ancestral country's top officials still denies the historical atrocities by bowing to class A criminals in Yakusuni shrine on a regular basis. what about naming of warship after the world war II flagship of the terror navy of Jepun 1942

news 8/2013 ==== About two weeks ago, the naming ceremony of the new helicopter destroyer of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force drew criticisms from the international media.

These criticisms focused on two main points: the name itself—Izumo—referred to the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s 3rd fleet involved in the Japanese expansion in China in the 1930s, and the fact that what the Japanese call a “helicopter destroyer” is an “aircraft carrier in all but the name.”

What is your take of that Mr Admiral ?

Chinese killed during the war has families who survived , Is japan being insensitive ?

Anonymous said...

"HOW can a Japanese /American has the moral high ground to talk to us "

Talk to us? Wow! Since when has China been part of "us"?

There sure is a lot of traitors who would rather die for China than for Singapore in this pro-China, anti-US site!

Anonymous said...

@ Dan Yong

What rubbish are you talking about? Now it is China, US, SK and Japan do not want NK to have nukes. Not just US alone.

Even China (i am surprised) is afraid of mishap this idiot will create.

BTW, where you got the info where US has deployed 1000 ballistic missiles in South Korea soil. US strength is airpower. The issue here is whether the ballistic missile is nuclear tipped. Did you get this info from the China Ministry of Foreign affairs website?? Hahaha......You might want to check again at wiki?

Anonymous said...

If it is aired on tv into in Singaporeans living rooms then it is meant by Media Corp for him a jap to talk down on US Singaporeans ' talk to Spore audience' what ?? got watch today tv or not ??

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? Then you mean that Yakusuni comment you gave is also for us? Why not quote Sook Ching instead which is more relevant to us? So u pro China or pro Singapore? WTF?!

Anonymous said...

How can Sook Ching be not related to Yakusuni shrine who gave instruction for sook ching? pls there was like a spore version of yakusuni in spore erected BUT was removed due to dun know what reason ??

Anonymous said...

Yakusuni is the political mantra chant of China and S Korea governments. You never hear Singapore government making that chant. Sook Ching on the other hand is totally Singapore where all Singaporeans can relate. So you are more interested in parroting the mantra of other countries than of Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Nothing of that sort it is just that history was history. Many Singaporeans parents' parents got killed during that period. Live stories were narrated at homes of those painful memories. Sook Ching which meant 'eradicate all' in Japanese so how can one be not bothered to know who gave those instructions who killed our loved ones

Anonymous said...

That is the whole point. Sook Ching which took away our loved ones is not much spoken. Instead, we have pro-China Singaporeans who keep up the political mantra chant of China. Yakusuni, Yakusuni. Yakusuni.... makes you wonder whether these Sinkies will die for China or Singapore......

Anonymous said...

ok don't talk about yakusuni shrine then. it has no relations to sook ching or whatsoever !!

Anonymous said...

Are you the chap cheng? You know not coz your marder did not tell you.

Anonymous said...

The ozzie troll cannot leave his computer! He even goes round different threads within different sites to troll. He is chained to his computer for 20 years! Muahahahaaaa.

Why don't you take a holiday instead? Oh no. You can't. Because even when you take a holiday, you still need to troll online. You can't take no holiday, dude! Muahahaaaaa


Anonymous said...

Wow. You got that link and it was from 1998. I remember the Sintercom days in the 90s. There was a certain Edmund Chia or Chua also from Australia. If I am not mistaken, he was from Tasmania Uni. His posts were a masterpiece. I wonder what he's doing now.

Anonymous said...

The First Generation Leaders comprised of Folks working for the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII.
It's in their genes. They were and are betrayors of their own kinds.
Pro Japs, pro Angmos, pro moneyism and power crazy.

Bananas and Snakes

Anonymous said...

Yes, I enjoyed reading Edmund's posts too. There were two PhD students then. One was Ed. The other was yongwah. Yongwah was from Queensland. He was the guy who kept trolling and lolling. At first I didn't believe he was a PhD student. But years later someone gave me links to his doctor title. Looks like a PhD degree and wisdom has no correlation. :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing to be sad about except thst the Stupid Koreans killed themselves in the Past and have not realised their stupidity.
If war war can bring them together to be One United Country.
Let the War start as early as possible IF THE KOREANS CANNOT LIVE AS ONE FAMILY.

Anonymous said...

If the current leaders who are a product of LKY are pro-Jap traitors, then the alternative group would be the Chin Siong and Chin Peng product who are pro-commie traitors who were willing to destroy Singapore and Malaysia to achieve their goal.

denk said...

if u wanna know how deep is sg's *deep throat* to murcunt's dick ,
how about this, barry wain the editor of rabid anti chinese war street journal is now lording over the st editorial board, so now u know why all this cock sucking slurping voice from st eh ?

luckyguy said...

LoL, as usual there are always ethnic traitor bananas getting angry whenever anyone saying the real truth that Western countries and their lackeys in every part of the world are the real cancer of this world.

I myself can be considered as a banana and yet I still have the dignity not so stoop so low as to lick those westerners and their lackeys' boots.

These ethnic traitor bananas are brain dead from so many years of exposure to Western mainstream media that even with so many revelations in alternative news and media on how rotten those Western countries and their lackeys are, they are still unable and unwilling to face the truth.