GE 2015 – 2 confirmations

Let me revisit this shocking GE that knocked everyone out of his comfort zones. The results were not expected by all quarters. There were shocking disappointments and shocking disbeliefs in the camps of the losers and winners. The results of GE2015 confirmed two broad issues. The first is a near total rejection of the opposition camp. The mucking around of standing for election for the sake of standing for election is not going to be treated kindly by the electorate. Be serious, the electorate is not going to elect one or two persons to parliament to satisfy their egos. The electorate is looking for a serious contender, a real alternative party that can form the next govt should the time comes when the ruling party is no longer wanted. Getting one or two persons to parliament is meaningless. Getting a few people to parliament is useless. Come up with a strong party with a slate of good candidates that can mean business. No more merrymakers and party poopers.

The electorate is not writing off the opposition parties but wanting something that is real and effective, to present a real alternative to the ruling party. I have written about this and calling all serious minded politicians of all camps that want to see Singapore well and to serve the interests of the Singaporeans to get their acts together, discard all their inhibitions and historical baggages and party idiosyncrasies, personal pride and egos, come together on a new slate, with the best men and women available to form a new party or coalition for the next GE.

The second confirmation, if you want to agree with me, is the endorsement of the PAP, what the PAP has been doing and its policies. The GE was in a way saying that they were all or at least 69.8% were in support of the PAP and its policies. So the PAP can continue to do what it thinks is good for the people and country. The PAP can continue with the influx of more immigrants, towards 6.9m or more. The PAP can continue with the foreign talents are best to replace the lazy and no talent citizens. The PMETs can be trained to become taxi drivers, security guards or go overseas to earn their livings. The policies on the CPF, housing, high ministerial pay, high cost of living etc etc are all good and should continue.  The GE 2015 results said the electorate supported the PAP’s policies.

This is the second confirmation. More and more of the same, more scholarships for foreigners, more top jobs for foreigners, the people are happy with what is happening, the people are happy with the ruling govt.  We are heading in the right direction towards more good years till SG100. Just do what you think is right.


jjgg said...

The next few years will be interesting...ground policies of the government thus far have been geared to an expanding economy..what if the reverse takes place...methinks that real growth sans government n statutory charges have been on the wane for some time...would the intake of PRs and honouring of CECA continue unabated? Who in their right mind would come to this high price dot if no jobs are available or is it just possible that we can become a Chinese restaurants driven economy. Actually the government has no answer..Singaporeans have been taxed to the hilt...Temasick's role in our savings n stability scheme is questionable as billions of our dollars are lost. Sooner or later, no amount of window dressing will be enough...happy thoughts for cny....))))

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies are just farking cowards beibg castrated by the Lee Dynasty long long tinr ago.

What's wrong with a Coalition Government??

So many countries had Coalition Government and they are still in the Map of the World.

In fact they had more diverse views if benefit to the government and throw up better ideas.

Why have parrots and free riders in the House??

Sinkies so daft that now even they do not even think and easily con by the ruthless nationalities that the government is now worried so they having thoughts of more single seats election in order for more capable candidates to join the pool for better governance.

Rstger5 than to have dead wood in the House.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a Coalition Government??
Virgo 10:49 am

Aiyo, SDP Aung Juan Soon Chee and WP Teochew Ah Hia are not even on speaking terms with each other before and during elections, so how to have coalition govt, even if 70% want to vote for them?

Anonymous said...

No need to talk so much.
Just close eyes and vote opposition.

Do you think this will put pressure on the PAP government to design more Singaporean friendly policies?

If you say - discontinue National Service or else we vote Opposition.
What will happen next?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually, I'm not sorry to disagree with all the "naysayers".

Firstly, the incontrovertible truths:

1. Since elections are free and democratic: The People Get The Government They Deserve

2. The people who make up "The Government" are CHOSEN by the majority of other people from the exact same STOCK of the cuntree's citizens, soaked in the SAME culture, SAME languages and are "natives" of the SAME territory.

Unless you are willing to put these 2 facts at the head of your discussion, you are going to go off all sorts of tangents which are probably not grounded in the political reality of the cuntree in question; in this case: Singapore.

Everyone has their One Lousy Vote which they cast according to their preferences, and in 2015 the people spoke LOUD AND CLEAR: 70% endorsed the PAP

Do you recall the enormous amount of BULLSHIT before the elections? C'mon, be honest for once...Before the elections the oppositions supporters were so COCK SURE their candidates were GOING TO WIN. Go ahead, pull up the articles leading up to the 2015 GE...the truth is out there :-)

You can bitch and complain all you like, the FACTS, however won't be changing any time soon so that you can be "happy". Most Singaporeans endorse:

1. Open borders
2. A free and open economy including...
3. A free and open labour market

So if you can't compete with "foreigners" who don't always play by the rules (don't worry, eventually most of them will get caught), for fuck's sake, don't blame the government, because they were chosen fair and square by free and open elections---closely monitored not only locally, but by international NGO's and the international media.

Still not satisfied?

Too bad. No one can help you except yourself. If you don't change your attitude, it will continue to suck to be you!!

Remember, YOLO! You are responsible for it, not the government!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.55

Is it necessary that Mr Chee and Mr Low must speak to each other??

As long as they speak for the electorate that elected them, that's good enough.

If sinkies are just too scared and too comfortable for CHANGE and wants to be slaves to the PAP, then so be it.

See how the Hong Kongers, not not Hongkies anymore. Not a nation at all and yet the people can rally for justice for the the people that are even not their relatives or friends.

Sinkies took to the streets for Benjamin and the others who are sent to death at KK??

Tang kukku. MYOB, dont not happen to me and my families.

Wait till they happen to you and yourn families, ha ha you cry alone.

And some unthinking bastards can poke fun in the forum.

Kama comes fast and furious.

Dont think that you are saved, nothing will happen to you.

This is just a fallacy!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why Redbead is always kpkb about the result of the GE2015. 70% have given their votes to the best PAP government and he is never satisfied. The older generation of Singaporeans have been well cared for, the younger generation have good education, all Singaporeans are well cared for medically and the GDP is growing. What more do you want Redbean????
You are so blinded by you negative views. Wake up please.

virgo49 said...

Right, the older generation so well taken care of. So many of them can roam the streets for exercise picking cardboards and pushing trolleys around food courts/hawker centres for nostsglia memories when young no opportunities to push these.

The young had opportunities to study from kingergarten to Unis for twenty to twenty five odd years to become hawkers and taxi drivers.

Cheers the Benevolment PAP

Anonymous said...

When you look at the pyramid and say, I can live with that than you are either at the top or close to the top of the pyramid(at least not the tragic bottom).

70% are like that. The oppositions just offer you another route up the pyramid if you grant them the power,and wealth, to lead or speak on your behalf.

If that's the case,might as well submit and subject yourselves to the better argued incumbent and try to kill each other, or fight to stay alive, scaling the top of the food chain.

Anonymous said...

When you make it, please shed some crocodile tears and help those beneath you or at your bottom. You will feel better, good.

Anonymous said...

Better die in the hands of pap...you will think it is your fault hahahahaha..Tio bo? hahahaha

s y Tan said...

Strange that you came to the conclusion that those who voted for PAP last year are giving PAP a blank cheque agreeing that everything that PAP wants to do is ok, including bringing in more foreigners to displace Sporeans in their jobs (there will of course be some foreigners who are indeed better employees and performers than locals - I know this because I handled a fair bit of recruitment in my ex company) and to increase the population to 6.9 million. There were a myraid of reasons for PAP doing better in 2015.

Most Sporeans are not daft as some one suggests here. No one should just summarily insinuate that the 69.9% voters are stupid, Sinkies, or whatever deragotary names that die-hard PAP haters belable these. In fact when a voter would just vote for any opposition member even when the candidate has little to offer in substance, the person is more daft than those who would evaluate and think carefully before he casts his vote, whether it is for PAP or for a opposition candidate.

When one cannot give due respect to people who disagree with his point of view and then berate them, this person really loses the argument and credibility. Period.