Conquest in the name of ‘Freedom of Navigation’

The USA was the last country to sign the N Resolution on Human Rights and has been going around boasting about protecting human rights. The reason for its reluctance to endorse the UN Resolution on Human Rights was the guilt to being the biggest and most atrocious violators of human rights in human history, the robbing of native North American land, the genocide of the Red Indians and the enslavement of millions of black Africans for more than a century.

The USA still refusing to commit to a stand that it would not use nuclear weapons on any country and has the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. And it is condemning and pressuring countries trying to possess nuclear weapons.

The USA still refuses to rectify the UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea, UNCLOS. And it is going everywhere, especially in the South China Sea demanding other countries to abide by the UNCLOS which it refuses to follow. This is the American hypocrisy.

Now, in the name of ‘Freedom of Navigation’ and pivot to Asia, it has embarked on the conquest of Asia starting with the South China Sea. It wants to control the South China Sea as part of the American hegemony, part of the American Empire. The daft Asian countries still sleeping and did not know the intention of the Americans. They want to conquer and control the South China Sea in the pretext of fronting up against China.

The Americans are bringing their military hardware and soldiers into the region, sailing their warships and flying their war planes in the South China Sea. If the Asean countries still refuse to remove their blinkers, they would be part of the Empire when interference of their domestic politics is fair game and regime change is a right of the Americans and the Empire.

The Americans are back to re colonise South East Asia. Wake up before it is too late.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

please lah... @redbean:

>> The Americans are back to re colonise South East Asia. <<

Why not? They're welcomed with open arms, and even "incentivised" to do so by ball-licking SE Asian governments, generally elected into office by the SE Asians who DESERVE the govts. they get.

Even the usually racist rogues from UMmmm-NO! wayang-wayang about the USA, but all Obama does is open mouth and say "Apa Khabar?" and the racist UMNO-ese all put their greedy lazy hands out for some US dollars.

As for Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, they just can't wait to suck Uncle Sam's dick and lick his craggy arse...hoping that the US Federal Reserve floods the world (and hence Asia) with more and more and more PRINTED MONEY aka as to prop up Asian "prosperity". Now that the US Fed is in "taper mode", all of Asia, including China JIA LAT. (Will China devalue the Yuan because the Yuan is pegged to the USA? The USD is appreciating, taking the pegged Yuan with it, which makes China more "expensive" and thus eats into China's "competitiveness...wait and see).

>> Wake up before it is too late. <<

Relac lah. Nothing anyone can do. Asian govts. want the USA. They make it easy for the USA. The USA is Asian govt's "policeman"---to keep big-bad-ugly-atheist China in check.

Go back to sleep lah. When you wake up, resume the usual activities common to all Asians: shopping, eating, banging...Life is good! Why rock the boat? Big Daddy will look after any threats---real and imagined. Lunar New Year is here. Dun spoil the show lah with all this "negative talk".

P.S. Note:
[quote] "Specifically, I’m referring to these terms: redskins, skins, chief(s), braves, red Indian, injun. More broadly, I’m speaking about terms used in ways that do disservice to different Native Nations: tipi, wigwam, squaw (which means whore or c**t to many tribes), tomahawk, etc. You get the drift. If you research a topic with these words, by all means, use them, but please contextualize the terms.

Many of you may not know how offensive these particular words and others are to Indigenous people."
[unquote] SOURCE

Anonymous said...

The self appointed policeman is here to arrest Najib and his gang in the 1MDB case. Serve them right. The policeman would want Najib to be replaced by a more amicable and reliable crony.

Anonymous said...

"We Need To Rise Up": Bilked Chinese Investors Call For Nationwide Uprising After Massive Ponzi Uncovered


typical daft Chinese.
only when they lose money, then they want to change government.

Any resemblance to Chinese people living in other countries is purely coincidental.

b said...

The globalists are getting impatient. The fact that they will be replaced as global powers is clearer than ever. They will keep on provoking Russia and China to trigger a WW3.

Anonymous said...

Redbean is again spouting his anti-USA rubbish. Singapore/USA relationship is a good thing for the stability of Singapore and the region. A balance of power in the region is always good for all the countries in South East Asia. Singapore has invited the USA to have some hardware on the island. I think that is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Recently, the president of the USA shouted to the world that the US is the most powerful nation on earth with a military budget exceeding the next eight nations combined. Such blatant display of unashamed arrogance betrays the true aggressive stance of the only superpower on this planet. South East Asia and the South China Sea have for a long time been relatively peaceful compared to other parts of the world. Now that the mighty Americans are sending one warship after another under the guise of freedom of navigation operations when there has hardly been any problem with free passage, one must be delirious to term such actions as contributing to stability.

Anonymous said...

Hello Redbean,
I don't understand why u adore china so much. When big countries get powerful enough, they WILL always flex their muscles and bully the smaller states. It's just like how china bullied korea or vietnam during the imperial era. In my opinion, we'll just have to choose (a) the lesser of two evils OR (b) the bully we know better.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 2:11,
If ancient Chinese history is so important to you, why don't you look at American history only a few hundred years back and their recent wars and atrocities in Vietnam and in the Middle East.

In case you do not know, the Americans committed the world's biggest genocide against the native North Americans, wiping them out till near extinction. They nationalised and internationalised slavery for 200 years and committed millions of Africans to slavery. They practised racial discriminations against Asians, especially Chinese and Japanese.

They robbed the land from native North Americans and are still sitting on many islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

What did China do in the last 300 years? Who is engaged in all the wars around the world, threatening countries, sanctions, regime changes, assassinations of rulers, espionage etc etc?

Who is the real devil? If you don't remove your blinkers inside your head, you will not know anything.