Chinese missiles in the Paracels

This is the latest good news reported by Fox News. Whether it is western media fabrication like the WMD in Iraq or real, the deployment of military assets in view of the provocative actions by the American gunboats aircraft sailing into the area is necessary and urgent. China must put in real missiles, fly in their fighter aircraft and sail in more naval ships and submarines into the region to protect its national sovereignty or be violated by the Americans at wil, and be seen as weak and unable to defend its territorial integrity.

‘South China Sea dispute: Chinese missiles in Paracels, says Fox

Feb. 17 (Sydney Morning Herald) -- 

Fairfax exclusive, May 2015: China puts weapons on its new artificial islands

The Chinese military has deployed an advanced surface-to-air missile system to one of its contested islands in the South China Sea, Fox News reported, citing new civilian satellite imagery.’

And little Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is telling the Chinese to stop reclamation and construction work in the Chinese islands. Who does she think she is, the Foreign Minister of the Empire?’


China should use the provocations by the Americans as a legitimate reason to militarise the South China Sea in the same way the Americans are using freedom of navigation to justify their military presence in the region.  China cannot let the Americans threaten its sovereignty and appear weak and do nothing when confronted by the American missile destroyers. No country would back out and do nothing in the face of foreign military intimidation. The Americans are using freedom of navigation to for military intervention. The Chinese should thank the Americans for the provocations as the reason to militarise and defend the islands.  They should move in more military hardware to match the American ships and aircraft in the region.

What China is doing is purely defensive in nature. The missiles are to protect the islands from being attacked, unlike the B52s, F22s and missile destroyers deployed by the Americans.  Compare these to the militarization of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, Guam and many other Pacific Islands by the Americans, the Chinese action is legitimate and non aggressive in nature. The Americans are deploying offensive weapons in Diego Garcia to control the Indian Ocean and India is hapless and could not do anything, and in other Pacific Islands as well as military bases in South Korea, Japan, Australia, the Philippines and other South East Asian countries. They are moving all their big guns into the region for war. And China must to everything it can to defend against the Americans should the Americans start to attack China or Chinese islands in the South China Sea.

The American military allocations into the region is many times more hostile and offensive than the North Koreans sending satellites into space. The latter is a peaceful and commercial mission. What the Americans are doing is preparation for war, to attack China and North Korea but harping about peace and not to raise tension.

China must intensify its military build up in the South China Sea and prepare to defend them or face an American attack like the Japanese attacking the British colonies in WW2. The Americans are the provocateurs, the aggressors, the invaders. The Chinese are the defenders, defending their own territories.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You have to bear in mind that Australia is a satellite state of the USA. Aust is America's "proxy" in this region. I live here. I ignore the fucking government. I suggest you do the same.

>> The missiles are to protect the islands from being attacked, unlike the B52s, F22s and missile destroyers deployed by the Americans. <<

Haha, Cool story bro'...keep on preaching it, over and over...

China's deployment of the heavy stuff only makes other Asian states more apprehensive and jittery. And so they'll lobby Uncle Sam, which then sends "tua kee" John Kerry to pressure China in the public arena.

Actually, what is really happening, is happening via the back-channels of diplomacy. What the public get is the sensationalised mainstream media version of goings on which makes such a big deal out of nothing.

The American govt. led by its president is the world's mafia. They will eventually make a deal with China. It will be "face saving", to protect the cultural sensitivities of China.

Anonymous said...

Retard. The missiles can reach only 200km from the islands. Cannot reach any Asean state. Unless you sail or fly there to create mischief and ask to be fuck.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1004

Hey, bukakke faced motherfucker,

I'm taking about a general build up of military assets lah. You understand Ingriss or not?!?

Asian states get apprehensive for many reasons but one currently is that Asian economies are shakey...capital outflows from Asia have been huge. The last thing these elected govts. want is for more money to leave Asia because of the threat of conflict or war.

Actually the way it is turning out, no cuntry can afford a (another) war at this point. Which keeps the chit-chat going...

So, it's back to deal-making. Luckily China and America speak the same language: MONEY.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what is China trying to achieve by deploying AD missiles since they already occupied the islands.

This would only give US more reasons and excuses to round up more support from the smaller countries. These smaller states already now support using law to decide such disputes which China wants "one to one" resolve.

Moreover deploying of AD missiles (HQ-9) on island far away from mainland is useless against the world's best airforce and navy using stealth technology. US deployment of 1 destroyer or B52 (Vietnam war era product) is just a game play in diplomatic message sending and pose no real threat.

China's lack of experts in Foreign affairs really needs beefing up similar to it military beef up. This is evident in recent blunders shown in its handling of HK and Taiwan affairs which will have significant consequences later on.

Anonymous said...

at least it would keeps the advanced US navy p-8 recon. plane ,now also deployed in Spore/ Okinawa, away from the so called yongxing island ?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:06pm

This is assuming that the HQ-9 missile cannot be jammed.

Anonymous said...

If US military is so great, why they cant even detect a simple bomb- IED in the Afghan and Iraq?

How many US made military APC,truck and tank was destroyed by such simple land mine for 10 years?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:45pm

We put it in another way, the US military sucks great time.

However it is still better than the no.2!

Does this make you feel better?

Anonymous said...

From the Korean, Vietnam and all the Other Wars that the Americans involved, the US Military Prowess were much less stellar than claimed by many.
Probably their madebin Hollywood Movies were more impressive witg special effects and movie made heroes.
Maybe, US did have huge successes in getting the fools to fight and kill each other even without itself(US) being at the Battles.
Most impressive is the US ability to get
Fellow Country men to kill each other and get praises and respects for doing so.
It shows that the Americans are great instigator and conniver.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12pm

Support your claims factually leh?