China hegemony, North Korea threat, rogue president

What have these phrases have in common? China hegemony? When was there a China hegemony? Anyone lived through it? What was it like or how was it like? We are living through 70 years of American hegemony. 

What about North Korean nuclear threat? They did not have the weapons yet. They cannot deliver the warheads yet. They have not threatened any country other than South Korea, Japan and the USA. These are the enemies of the North Koreans, threatening and provoking the North Koreans. The North Koreans are no threat to anyone else. Stop being silly to think the North Koreans will wake up one day in the future and fire their missiles all over the world, to Singapore, to Malaysia, to the Philippines, to Indonesia, to Myanmar, to India….. Stupidity knows no bounds. What is the fuzz all about? Why the ruckoos?

Then there is this great fear of a rogue president? Anyone seen one yet? What is a rogue president? What is the definition of a rogue president? Would anyone notice or recognize one when the rogue president is standing in front of him?

What is the common feature of these three devils? They are just someone’s hype, someone’s imaginations to create fear. These are the ghosts that are threatening everyone and must be exorcised. Let’s hide from them, let’s fight them. In reality they may not even exist. A China hegemony? What is that? Is it bad or can it be good, better than the American hegemony?

Why should it be bad? Because the Americans said so, because the western media have been saying so? The dumb just believed blindly. They don’t call them daft for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is now so frighten of imaginary ghosts but not Benjamin's ghost.

Anonymous said...

Fuss, not fuzz.

virgo49 said...

Are the Americunts installing the Missiles for the South Koreans for free??

Or are they paying millions if not billions for them??

Wah this type of business where to find??

Just put a boeyman and frightened the shits out of them.

Also, the missiles got to be fired b4 expiry date.

The equally daft Skoreans fighting against own blood and kins and instigated by the white devils.

Earn like mad and spend hard earned monies to the Americunts who are the shit stirrers of all violence.

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing called "good hegemony"? Why do people hate the incumbent hegemoney? Why do they (like Redbean here) support the alternative hegemony? My toes are laughing. Are they stupid or what? They are just crawling from one shithole into another.