Asean showed Obama the middle finger in Sunnylands 鸿门宴

The 10 Asean leaders were ushered to a discreet corner in the Californian desert for a historic meeting with Obama and with a special American agenda. Without whispering a word aloud, every Asean leader knew exactly what was in Obama’s mind and what was the top agenda, confrontation against China. The Asean leaders played along, exceedingly well, to waltz with the wolf but without being eaten.

No, Asean is not going to go along with the American agenda. Asean was there to talk about trade not about quarrelling with China, their Number One economic trading partner.  They entertained Obama’s fanciful wet dream of hammering an agreement or joint declaration to corner China or better still a list of actions to take against China. Nothing to it. The Asean leaders would want to maintain status quo as far as issues in the South China Sea are concerned. Vietnam and Philippines tried, the western media kept painting a picture about a hostile and dangerous China culminating in a Fox News report of Chinese missiles in Yongxin Island strategically timed to psycho the Asean leaders.

No, the Asean leaders are not going to bite. They ignored all the hypes about China and refused to engage Obama in any talk on China except to repeat what they had been saying all the time, all of the same as in many Asean meetings. They wanted to continue with the adherence to the rule of law and the international order and a commitment to peaceful resolution of disputes, no arms provocation and threats of war or use of military means. The Asean leaders did not give an inch to Obama despite being holed up in the Californian desert.

Sorry Obama, you got slapped by Asean without knowing it, or knowing it but putting up a brave front that it all went the American way as orchestrated and schemed in Washington. No way.

There was no consensus or declaration to take on China in a joint US Asean anti China declaration. Asean would not be coerced or hookwinked into another Coalition of the Unwilling to fight a war against China for the Empire. The white men, oops I mean the black man, misunderstood that Asean leaders were no longer the naïve and meek ex colonial lesders of yore, to be dragged into a war they did not want and to court disaster and destruction to their economies, people and countries for the benefits of the American Empire.

Tough luck Obama. See you next time, if you come visiting as a tourist in Asean and pay homage to your childhood hometown in Indonesia.


Anonymous said...

What has O achieved in his term terms as P?

southernglory1 said...

Obama is but a puppet on a string obeying his masters in the Pentagon, CIA, Senate , Congress and most of all Anglo American Jewish Zionism whose agenda is ultimate world conquest and hegemonism. Obama is put there by the Evil Race the Anglo white Jewish Zionism to hookwink Third World countries that they are fair to non - whtes but more so especially as propaganda to defraud and to psychologically win the support of the naive unsuspecting Third World countries to their never ending insidious plans of creating wars and instabilities everywhere as a prelude to world conquest and domination. The Americans and all Anglo Whites Zionists have strong effective proganda departments to always carrying out perennial series of disformations , lies and half truths and innuendos to influence others to their side of the story prior to carry out war plans, attacks and invasions. Third World countries should never trust the Evil Empire, USA and its conspirators the Anglo White Jewish Zionists .

Southern Glory1

Anonymous said...

And they have the full support of the bananas who would call them fathers and begging to be call whites or honorary whites and to spit at the Asians, especially at the Chinese.

Sooo lucky the Asean leaders were smart enough not to be duped in Sunnylands.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ don't beleive everything you read, redbean:

>> There was no consensus or declaration to take on China in a joint US Asean anti China declaration. <<

Of course not lah, at least not publicly. If that happened, China would lose face, and that's not a good outcome for anyone. I can guarantee you that there were backroom deals---especially by the respective lieutenants and aides.

ASEAN leaders can't be see by the world and the public to be kowtowing to the US . Don't be fooled, ASEAN for the most part still suck Uncle Sam's tua kee.

The good old TPP---not really much media focus on that because it is not "sensational news". The media are frothing at the mouth for some US-China, US-N Korea "action". When there is a clash between nations---media pundits get their dicks hard.

And of course Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand have "scored" by becoming "hubs", with the creation of US-ASEAN Connect

So, not bad lah. See what happens a few weeks or months after this summit---when most people have already forgotten about it.

When you're done scratching your heads for an explanation, consider the notion that during the US-ASEAN Summit at Sunnylands, perhaps there were some important "deals" that were not made public.

Everybody gotta save face lah. That's diplomacy. (the alternative is outright conflict and open hostility)

Virgo49 said...

Why out of the Blue Obama visiting Cuba to establish diplomacy and better relations???

Cause if PRC with its load of cash and real China men diplomacy were to win over Cuba.

Ha Ha Americans would not be able to sleep peacefully at nights if the PRC missiles are to be aim at them.

Just like Kennedy did to them decades ago.

Hope China can establish some bases that close enough to USA and have a sword hanging round their neck dropping at time they moved they warships towards them

Anonymous said...

The Americans were fucking Prayut for his military rule and Najib for his $6b and investigating him? You think these 2 would kiss Obama's arse? Both men were backed by PRC, their benefactor.

The only countries likely to have secret deals with the Yanks are Vietnam, Ppines and Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Southern Glory;
Well deciphered, the Black Man
is put in the Place by the Anglo White Zionists.
Obama's Term expires in about two years. In office, Obama has extended the Works of Bush Junior. US Interferences into other Sovereigns internal affairs and regional politics expanded. Obama makes the US a bigger International Policeman which is seen as more a SHIT Stirer by those who witnessed the Rogue International Policeman's antics.

The Flamboyant and Confident Articulate Talker had done little for the Blacks in the US whilst holding Office. Suspect there could be some repercussions
when he returns to be a normal
citizen. Surprisely, there were many standoffs between the Blacks and the Lawmen during Obama's Watch. Quite a few unarmed young Blacks were gunned down and they happened after one another in different parts of US.

As it is now, US Influences in the World are treated more sceptically by the International Communities. It could dwindle further as time goes.

Malaysia announced Visa Free Visits by PRCs on 18th February 2016 after the Asean US Meeting.
It shows that relatiinships between Malaysia, an Asean Member, is getting better.
In terms of trades, most Asean Members are doing very well with China, even Vietnam and the Philippines.

A Chinese Adage 远亲不如近邻, meaning far away (distance/relationship) relatives may not be
as comparable to neighbours.
When nations forge good relationships with neighbours, naturally peace prevails for them to help each others to prosper and in times of needs.
May Asean Members be friendly with all the Neighbours as well as those elsewhere. BUT, be mindful of SHIT STIRERS.


Anonymous said...

This May,we will have more insight when the Hague court announce its verdict.

I would like to see how China Foreign Ministry would respond.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Patriot, if yiu5 are in Genting Resort, peak or off peak, the PRCs dismounted by the coachloads to fill the Rooms.

One time nearly ten to twenty loads of them filling the whole lobby of First World Hotel.

Now visa free, woh no more free rooms for other nationalities.

Chinese, mostly gaming lot. Recession all over neighbouring countries. So Yuan changed to ringitt is king.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 7.32

China just simply ignored these bunch of mostly whites who are dead set and afraid of the awaken Dragon breathing.

See the Committee of every world organisations, mostly comprises of majority whites and other coloured traitors who are dead set against the Chinese less the yellow banana WOGs who made their ancestors stirred in their graves.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49

The worst is not to respond.

By not responding and not participating will only justify the other parties action. China needs a smart, talented lawyer to debate and i believe they should have.