Asean – Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Asean countries have been invited by Obama to Sunnylands estate in California for a retreat. The agenda has been crafted by the Americans for Asean to join the Empire to go knocking their heads against China, the top trading partners of many Asean countries.  According to Dr Tang Siew Mun from the Yusof Ishak Institute, ‘The US will pitch for explicit support for US actions in the South China Sea but Obama may leave Sunnylands disappointed.’ This is not the picture the western media like NYT, AFP etc are saying. Instead they reporting that the Asean countries are all living in fear of China and would join arms to fight China.

Asean are not the pieces on a chess board and the Americans are moving them together to form a united front against China like the socalled League of Nations 8 western powers invading China. Would the Asean countries be made to fight a war against China for the interests of the Empire? The heightened tension would be great opportunities for the Americans and their war industries to start selling weapons that the Asean countries would now need to defend against an enemy the China chose for them.

China is now the biggest trading partners to many Asean countries and investing heavily in them. Would Asean trade the economic benefits for war that would only lead to the destruction of their economies and the killing of their people?

In Sunnylands the Asean leaders would have to choose between a military super power and an economic super power, to chose between war and peace, to choose between economic growth or instability and destruction.

To the Americans, the best thing for Asean is tension and war with China. After 60 years of peace and stability, would Asean be foolish enough to want to court war and destruction for the benefits of the Americans and the Empire? Every summit, meeting, conference with the military power is about war. Every meeting with the economic power is about trade and investment.

It is not so right to say between the devil and the deep blue sea. It is more between war and peace, between destruction and construction, between wasting money in buying weapons or infrastructure development and trade.

Would Asean leaders be tempted by the devil to bring destruction to their countries and people?


Anonymous said...

The Asean leaders are herded into Hotel California. You can check out but you cannot leave, unless you sign on the dotted line to go against China.

Anonymous said...

They are there to listen to their master's voice, ordering them what to do. What else are the poodles there for, tell me?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Habis lah China. They are going to have to debate/ negotiate with a seasoned lawyer and American law professor---some of the "sharpest" people in the world. What's more, Obama is also very charming and cordial, respectful of other cultures; a true 21st century man.

The rest of ASEAN, they are there to suck nigger dick. ;-)

agongkia said...

No worry lah,uncle.Asian leaders know what is best .
Sunnyland still khooning thinking they are number one because their intelligent agent reported the wrong picture that is why they think they are being supported.
Agent may have reported to their HQ that a little village in the south found with so many that look like Ah Tiong but call themselves Dony Gan,Jeorge Teo and even worker rep. call herself Silbia Lim..
and many of these Ah Tiong keep bashing their own kind especially in net.
As such they think Ah Tiongs need them and tend despise ah tiongs.
Moral of story.
Stop yourself or your children naming themselves Robert Chua or Rebecca, or whatever like many anonymous here,
Let the west know Ah Tiongs are proud to be Ah Tiong.This is far better than you writing about China not doing anything about little boats passing by.

Anonymous said...

A little background to what they have been doing and still doing.


b said...

Listen to Obama? He is almost game over.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when it comes to the crunch, on which side will Singapore stand? Really hard choice, right?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ b 421:

>> Listen to Obama? He is almost game over. <<

I seriously doubt it. He is going to play Leader of The Free World until Jan 17 2017, the day he leaves office. For e.g.: this US-ASEAN Summit held on American soil is a first. And his opening address was non-confrontational, cordial, respectful and of course...CHARMING. This fella's social skills are simply amazing.

As predictable as tomorrow's sunrise, he played the "I grew up in Indonesia" card...the unspoken subtext being "Eh, I'm your kampung kaki nang lah!"....wah, ASEAN fuckers head big big...Obama, the president of the USA and leader of the free world grew up as An Asian. All of a sudden, these Asian fuckers felt "temporary relief" from their CHRONIC Pinkerton Syndrome. 😂😂

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Asean is a myth ,
a collection of small town gangsters looking after their own turf ,
"you don't shit in my backyard , i will not shit in yours
" is the mentality.
meanwhile, wives get abused, daughters get raped , but everybody pretend it is not happening,,,,,because Asean is bound by this policy of not commenting about what happens beyond the fence despite the screams of terror rupturing the silence of the night

denk said...

hey barrack *i grew up in indonesia* obama,
did ur dad tell u what he does for a living during those
good old days in indonesia ?


Anonymous said...

Chinese have one old saying: the most quiet dogs bite the person till death.

Obama is even much worse than the quiet dog. On the surface he looks inexperienced and harmless, i think behind the scene, he could be the master in backstabbing.
In any case, politicians worldwide especially those elected one cannot be trusted.