Animals left imprints on the hearts

10 Feb, the Mypaper devoted one full page to the animals that made the news last year with the heading, ‘Stories that left paw prints on hearts’. They were heart wrenching articles for people who felt deeply on the plight of cats and dogs that fell victims to the cruelties of human beans. These were yesteryear news.

Would the paper be writing about Benjamin Lim next year, the boy that made the news and breaking many people’s hearts? Would people remember Benjamin’s haunting last words, ‘They said I am guilty, so I am guilty lor’ to his mother? Would anyone remember Benjamin’s last meal, a cold bun he took for breakfast and no lunch?

Benjamin left with an empty stomach, no lunch, no water, devastated, did not know what was going to happen to him, a lonely boy left to fend for himself, without his papa and mama or an adult beside him to lend him some psychological support unlike the students of Tanjong Katong Primary. The last moments of Benjamin’s life were a terribly sad one. If only someone was there to hold his hand, put an arm around his shoulder and tell him, it’s ok, not to worry.

No words can give meaning to the torment going through this poor boy’s head. He faced the cruel world of adults all by himself. He cried in silence, waiting for help that was not there and ending it was the only choice he could think of.

RIP Benjamin. Your last words would be remembered deeply in the heats of many. Many would live in regret with the thought of the last cold bun you had in the last day of your life.

It is unlikely that anyone or any media will remember you like they remember the cats and dogs. You are also not in the news today, except in the social media. Would there be a One Cold Bun Day to remember you?

Benjamin Lim is a taboo name and not to be spoken for now.


Anonymous said...

There are so many animal lovers and good hearted people in parliament but their hearts got no place for Benjamin.

virgo49 said...

Sorry sorry, 99 percent descend to Hell and 1 percent ascend to Heaven.

Old old already.

Cannot tell difference ascend and descend.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you look from a distance, the earth and all the planets are like little spaceships floating in space. Where is heaven?

Anonymous said...

heaven n hell are black holes

with infinite capacities and


Imagine what's inside then

agongkia said...

Aiyo uncle
Descend or ascend not important as there is never such a place call heaven.Who has been to heaven here before .
You should rather believe animal lovers and hypocites who spent time with animals but neglect,causing misery to their parents,countrymen
or love ones to be reincarnated as animals.
Your "heaven" now should be an integrated resort above the cloud.Win more and hug more mei meis.

Anonymous said...

There must be protocols for school and Singapore Police Force for handling minor offender.
If I am not wrong, even parents are not allow to take their child out of his/her school whilst the students are having their lessons, unless there is good reason to do so and formalities are duly processed.
It seems that in the Case of Benjamin Lim, the Protocol might had been breached by both the School and the

For the Purpose of enlightening the Public and more so for the School and SPF to show their integrities, it is best for those in the Know such as those working in the Ministry Of Education, Home Affairs and those in the Legal Fraternity to make public the Protocol for discipline matters regarding handling of student and minor. This should clarify much of the Suspicion regarding Benjamin Lim's Case and also serves as guide for members of
the Public.

The Silence from the Home Affairs and Ministry Of Education regarding Benjamin Lim's Death is baffling.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Lim didn't come from a rich well-connected family, so his death is seen as inconsequential. In fact many rich powerful Sinkies view his suicide as a self-cleansing of the gene pool --- survival of the fittest & ablest. They are saying that even if BL didn't die, he wouldn't contribute much to Singapore in the future anyway, may even be negative contribution e.g. criminal or jobless or creating broken family etc. To them BL's suicide is a blessing. Of course they only say this among themselves, not publicly. In fact the rich powerful Sinkies can't even be bothered to say anything publicly about BL --- he is that unimportant to them. Not even worth to pretend to care about him or his family.

Anonymous said...

I am saddened by the untimely death of Benjamin. Indeed, the Police could have handled the situation better. Benjamin is a young boy and as we all know, young people make mistakes. We should treat them differently from adults. Perhaps, Police could enlist the help of the school to bring him to the station for interview. Force should be applied only if he refuses to comply or become violent.

Recently Police was also being criticized for using standard operational procedure to handcuff and interrogate an aged father who is suffering from dementia. Police accused him of theft even though he kept saying he did not steal. The real thieve was finally caught but no apology was given to the poor old man. According to the report, one police officer asked that why did he admit to a crime that he did not commit. WTF!

With greying population increasing, it is important to know that more and more older people are likely to suffer from memory impair. Police should not just handcuff and handle these older folks as though they are normal criminals. It is a real no brainer to force dementia people to recount what had happen. Even doctors would not do that.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Lim
Amos Yee
Roy Ngerng

Are these Singaporeans our enemies?
Do they pose a clear and present danger?

Anonymous said...

American Millennials Now Prefer Socialism To Capitalism


Are the young Americans the enemies of Millionaires?
What about young Singaporeans?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Everyone dies sometime, from something.

The rest of the world moves on.

BTW, "suicide" has yet to be proven. Funny how you motherfuckers can cry your crocodile tears and blame the cops and the school when you don't even know THE PROPER FACTS.

Oh well, perhaps I was expecting too much ;-)

>> Would there be a One Cold Bun Day to remember you? <<

And what purpose would such meaningless symbolism serve? Oh...so you can cry more crocodile tears and waste time? Good for you! Maybe can make some money too: start selling buns, T-shirts...can go down to Hong Lim make some nonsensical noise and lelong the buns and t-shirts.

How come no one is going after the person who reported the "molest incident"? It hasn't even been established whether there indeed was such an incident...This is KEY...otherwise any fool with a bad attitude, lousy judgement and bad eyesight can call the cops and report a "molest case", and the cops will come screaming to detain an innocent person.

Anonymous said...

Talking through experience, been accused of molest many times?

Anonymous said...

Make it easy for everybody just by publishing the Protocols that School and SPF use in carrying out their duties with regard the Procedure to deal with minor/young offenders.

It is for the Benefit of everybody to know and understand the Right and Proper way of going about doing one's duty. It also ensures that offender and suspect do not get badly treated or even harassed. If those incharge are overzealous or abuses their authority, maybe even negligent and fail to carry out their duty as required be made to be answerable.

It is ONLY when the People are enlightened and those responsible carry out their tasks properly that the Society will get better.
As it is, not much information is coming from those in authority and many are speculating about Benjamin Lim's Case with most doubting the School and the Police had done justice to Benjamin Lim.

It is only fair for the Authorities namely the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Home Affairs, specifically SPF to be transparent about the Case. To remain quiet and stay mumb about the Case will cause the People to lose much faith in the System.

Anonymous said...

No worry , God is always great !

Anonymous said...

Benjamin is dead
There are two ways to closure.
1) if he is guilty, disclose the investigation only to the family and let the matter rest( justice more than satisfied)
2) if he is not guilty, the family should exonerate his name and pursue an inquiry.

If they have rested the case, we have to assume Benjamin is guilty.

Anonymous said...

I think they will bury the case by treating the outcome 'inconclusive' due to the absence of the accused thereby easy way out for both parties ...saving face for the family

Anonymous said...

Cannot rely on the imagined divine intervention.
Injustice should be looked into and righted expeditiously.

Established Justice System and Procedure are in force in every civilized society. They should be enforced without fail, those who neglected or abused the System have to be made answerable and penalized accordingly.

There should be no waiting for divine interventions such as Karma to happen. No one has returned after death to prove that there are reward or punishment in afterlife.

Just make sure that the Justice System works and is seen to work and not just exists for display and talk about for leisure.

Anonymous said...

Your justice system is RIGHTEOUSLY unacceptable.it is incapable of serving society or the community.

Anonymous said...

Your justice system is RIGHTEOUSLY unacceptable.it is incapable of serving society or the community.
February 12, 2016 7:50 pm

Was our justice system ever designed to serve society or community?
For whom does our justice system serve?
For whom does our police serve?

JayF said...

Ben who?

His surname is Dover?