When the people turn against the cops

The frequency and repetition of cop violence against the black Americans continue unabated. With the adverse publicity and seemingly some justice brought against rogue cops for killing black Americans, unarmed, boys, or in police custody, it was thought that such unjust acts would be put to a stop. Apparently no, the cops are continuing with their violence against the black Americans. There are deep seated reasons to treat the blacks that way. But when law enforcement officers took the law into their own hands, like virtuous killings, it is as good as the good cops turning against the people they are supposed to protect.

When the cops turned against the people, when the people see the cops as enemy, it is not going to be pretty. The law, the govt, the police, cannot be seen to be against the people, turning against the people. The situation in the USA has reached a critical point and someone posted this in TRE,

‘Apparently, this woman made a threatening post in her Facebook:

All black people should rise up and shoot at every white cop in the nation starting now…
and she ends with “Death to all white cops nationwide”.’

The FBI jumped into action and the woman arrested. But this did not solve anything. The distrust and hatred for the police would not go away and more shooting and killing of cops are going to happen. There are more reports of cops being shot without any provocations or warnings. The safest place for the cops is now the police station. Patrolling the streets would expose them to life threatening danger, the hunter is now the hunted. They brought it upon themselves.

It is so sad that the law is seen as anti people, the police turning against the people, that the people no longer trust the law and the police. Abuse of authority, of the law, against the people, can come in any form. Once the trust is gone, and when the people are hurt and felt they are the victims of the law, betray by the people they trusted to protect them, to uphold justice and the law, they will rise to challenge the law. In the case of the US, they are shooting at the law.

When the people turn against the police it is about the end of the police and the govt.


Anonymous said...

When the people turn against the police it is about the end of the police and the govt.

But not enough people are even willing to attend a legal protest and rally at a public park!

So when will they reach a stage of turning against the police like in Baltimore? In 50 years time? Or never?

Anonymous said...

Racial Problem is latent in every land.

The US of A is no difference.

It is not if conflict will happen, it is
when will it happens.

Anonymous said...

Race and religion issues is a never ending problem, despite what governments may say otherwise. It is just a problem swept under the carpet to be solved by future generations to come.

It is not about people against cops. It just happens that the victim is black and most cops are white. Add the social issues of uneven wealth distribution among the races and that creates a time bomb that can ignite at any time.

Never believe also that the indiscriminate killings of innocent people caught in a war of aerial assaults that destroys the enemy is a mission accomplished. The families of the victims are still there to exact their pound of flesh. The Islamic State is born out of the result of the defeat of Saddam in the Iraq War.

Anonymous said...

This will never happen in Singapore.
Our PAP government is on the side of Singaporeans.
Our CPF money is safe in the hands of our PAP government.
Our PAP Leader is in touch with what is happening at the grassroots levels in Singapore.
Our grassroots advisors and RC members give good feedback to our PAP MPs.
We are very fortunate and grateful to our PAP government.

Anonymous said...

We are 'very great fool' to our PAP government.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our police is also on the side of Singaporeans.

See, I say the right stuff.

Goh said...

Nothing unusual for the minority to claim discrimination .These are usually the one that have that entitlement mentality just becos they are the minority and think they deserve special treatment like the cuntree owe them and kpkb just becos they fail to achieve what they want .They will go against the tide to catch attention and when that failed, claim discrimination..blame everyone except themselves.
It is usually the minority that will take advantage to abuse the majority when given the power.
Have faith on the law enforcers la.

Goh said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ occasionally clueless, RB:

>> Once the trust is gone, and when the people are hurt and felt they are the victims of the law, betray by the people they trusted to protect

Please lah, you are talking about America where MISTRUST of the cops and govt is so widespread in the culture, that the publishing and entertainment industries make billions from content which is anti-authoritarian in just about every respect.

Stories about corrupt politicians, corrupt corporations, corrupt law enforcement, corrupt judges, corrupt entrepreneurs, corrupt clergy, corrupt parents, corrupt teachers---being American means being highly anti-authoritarian and skeptical of POWER. If you have power, there'll always be a large dose of SUSPICION throughout the entire culture, and yet "corruption" gets through because it is part of HUMAN NATURE.

Cultures are very different from cuntry to cuntry. When Thaksin gave the police force permission to EXECUTE drug suspects ON THE SPOT after being caught, he won popular support from the Thai people. Sure, there were a few impotent squeals of "human rights" and "right to due process", but the majority didn't care about all that "moral" stuff. The bigger "moral stuff" was to MURDER drug suspects. Since the MURDERERS was the Royal Thai Police, that made it perfectly OK, even welcome.

American culture prides itself at being free with information. Any citizen can be a "whistleblower". In the case of white cops shooting unarmed black guys, EVERYONE---white and black citizens, and Asian and Hispanics...and the rest, have come together to say "No more of this racist shit" to the police of America.

>> When the people turn against the police it is about the end of the police and the govt.

Oh phooey lah. You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. They'll throw out and/ or jail these racist cops and change their dumb state/ county govts. (Police forces are run by individual states, counties, cities---they are LOCAL. The Federal equivalent of the police are the FBI for domestic matters and the CIA for international matters)

Never forget too, that The USA is the "global policeman". And they target "brown people" 😂😂

Anonymous said...

MS must be the short of Matilah Shit. Keep shitting dumbass. You are saying the Americans are so corrupt! Shit normally comes from the bottom. In your case is it coming out from your mouth!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud to be a Singaporean.
We are so lucky to have a loyal and efficient police force watching over all Singaporeans.
Unlike what is happening in USA.
See the video below where the police is being used against loyal citizens.


Anonymous said...

A Police or Marshl Regime is better than a Chaotic State.

It is better to stay alive than be dead hero/heroine.

b said...

Many cops are also attacked by people (black or white). All must learn to live at peace with each other and not resort to violence as violence will not resolve anything. It will simply certainly make things worse. Easier said than done, our food is so tainted with hormones that people can no longer control their emotions.

Anonymous said...

Lucky I live in Singapore.
If you are unlucky in Singapore, you get heckled.
If very unlucky, you get slapped.
Or even more unlucky, you cannot get your CPF money back until 99 years old.

Unlike in USA, where you get shot if you are unlucky.
I'm so lucky to be living under the PAP government.

b said...

Race and religion are manipulation tools. THey are there to cause confusion and to divert attention from bread and butter issues.

Anonymous said...

Great to be living in Singapore. Your boys in blue are certainly doing a fantastic job keeping the peace. There is no corruption, no ill treating citizens and most of all very very fair in dealing with disputes. Great country.

Anonymous said...

When an Alien German became a Roman Citizen & Soldier
- the Romans lost 3 Legions

- The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
- when an alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed and decisively destroyed three Roman legions

The anti-Roman alliance was led by Arminius, who had acquired Roman citizenship and received a Roman military education, allowing him to personally deceive the Roman commander and foresee the Roman army's tactical responses.

Deaf, dumb and blind PIGS.

Unresolved Grievances said...

Nonsense. I have proof police take out baton outside my house. Very easy to verify. Just ask the police take lie detector test.

Nothing is being done.

It is no wonder people will want to kill police.

Unresolved Grievances said...


Same my mum also shouting. Kena handcuff. Why no handcuff her in the video? The police is agitating me without justice.

Anonymous said...

PAP police very good.
Their job is to protect Singaporeans from Aliens.
Not protect Aliens from Singaporeans.

Unresolved Grievances said...

Even if I am poor. I cannot afford to buy digital camera.

Isnt is the job of a 1st world country police to bring about fairness?

Anonymous said...

If all these minor cases were treated as no police case, ie not crime, then no need to add to crime statistics. Crime rate will go down. Vely good.