The Western model of might is right in the South China Sea

The Americans have been blastering the Chinese for claiming the islands in the South China Seas and encouraging the pesky little countries to do so promising to back them from behind. These islands were terra nullius when the Chinese claimed them. They were no man’s islands.

Under the old rules it was finders keepers just like all the natives of the world claiming to be the original people of the land. This rule was changed when the Europeans set out to conquer the rest of the world. They made new rules to conquer and seize countries that were already occupied with their own natives.

The Europeans that went to North America and Canada simply killed the natives and took over their land. Who cares if there were natives in the land. When they came to Southeast Asia, they claimed to have found Singapore, Penang, Batavia etc ignoring the presence of inhabitants in the island. Then they put a gun to the heads of the tribal chiefs demanding that they signed away their land so that they could be protected by the empires. They did the same to the Maoris in New Zealand. In Australia it was easier, just chased the aborigines into the outback and occupied whatever land they want. Australia was terra nullius. The aborigines were not human and did not count.

Now they are crying father and mother that China is claiming no man’s land as wrongful and instigating other countries to claim these islands as the right thing to do. Is this another aspect of American exceptionalism as well? The Empire will decide what is right and what is wrong. The only rule the Empire lives by is the rule it sets for itself and to be obeyed by other countries?

Now the Empire is thinking of claiming of a few pieces of the islands as well and is planning to bring in the troops like they did before in North America. China cannot avoid a war with the Americans that believe in might is right. The Americans would push for a war in the South China Sea, like it or not. It is a friendly and peaceful nation that is all out to start wars everywhere. Believe the Americans are peace loving people at your own risk.


Anonymous said...

"Believe the Americans are peace loving people at your own risk."

It depends lah. When the Americans see money, I think they will believe peace is better than war. Of course that does not mean they are peace loving lah.

And through China, America can make lots of money, or rather China can buy up American debts so that America have money to spend that is not theirs.

So why would America want to make war? For what?

And for the same reasons, why would smart Sinkies want to fight PAP? For what, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Americans owe the Chinese so much money now they cannot pay. So the easiest way is to start a war, defeat the Chinese and can claim war reparations like in the past when China was the Sick Man of Asia. See, the debt can be wiped out and can make China pay for the war some more.

Aren't the Americans very clever?

Anonymous said...

The US is afraid of China becoming stronger and more advanced in future. So, while now US is much stronger, she is going to ensure China will not be able to flex her muscles later on.

Whiteman has always wanted to dominate and control the whole world for his own selfish purpose.

Anonymous said...

"Under the old rules it was finders keepers." That was when they made and were unilateraly able to enforce those rules with guns when everyone else were using spears and arrows.

Now, everyone has big guns, so the rules must change. Better still, borrow someone else's guns to kill someone else's people.

And they live happily ever after.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If you are going down as a leader, because another power is rising, you can graciously bow out, or you can go down swinging.

America lah. What did you expect? It will go down swinging. It's grasp every straw and try every trick and kick and bite and punch....until there's only one left standing. It's their culture. It's Hollywood lah.

Anonymous said...

Once the GIs are in the island it is a declaration of war. China cannot stand by and do nothing. China must act with equal force.

The Americans must not be allowed to commit hostile acts of aggression and think they can get away with it in the guise of freedom of navigation.

Anonymous said...

American gangsterism must be condemned. It is their policy to start wars in other parts of the world, away from the American mainland, to create troubles for people across the world. When everyone is busy fighting, the Americans are not only safe, they could profit by selling more arms to the combatant countries.

b said...

When it comes to politics, its all about power. Whoever has the highest power will win the game. China realised that some 70 years ago and will not make the same mistake.