The rise of China

In a short span of 65 years after the Chinese Communist Party fought their way to retake control of a disintegrated and bankrupt China, a victim of mismanagement and foreign aggression and looting, China is today the second largest economy in the world and on the verge of overtaking the USA. Militarily it is no longer a push over. A nation of hapless and impoverished humanity, China is boasting of billionaires and millionaires, the most lucrative market for luxury goods, cars, jewelry, paintings, arts etc etc. There is now a China Dream instead in the likes of the American Dream for the young Chinese and even westerners.

China has arrived at the world stage as a new economic and military powerhouse, without firing a single shot. China achieved and attained its wealth, amidst great obstacles, through peaceful and economic means. Compare this to the western powers, their wealth was built on conquest and butchery. The came, they saw, they conquered, was the right thing to do then, and glorified by the colonialists and imperialists that ignored the rights of the natives to live and to be owners of their land.

Today the West and some silly Southeast Asians are accusing China of being an aggressive country, expansionist and bullying the smaller countries just because China is staking its claims to the uninhabited islands in the South China Seas and building infrastructures for human activities. The Chinese claims to these islands have much more legitimacy than the British claim to Singapore, to Malaysia and all the colonized countries. The most hypocritical are the Americans, seizing the continent of North America from the natives and committing the world’s biggest genocide to ensure that the natives were decimated to extinction and have no chance to make any meaningful claim for the return of their land.

Japan, still claiming islands of conquest that belonged to China, Korea and Russia, are in the thick of things. With the recent visit to Washington, Japan could have sealed the right to conduct wars of conquest in partnership with the Americans. The Abe Administration is bragging about its new rights to shoot down missiles, to fight alongside the Americans and other American allies in war. And both the Japanese and the Americans are shouting at the top of their voice that they are for peace and wanting to maintain peace while the Japanese are tearing away their constitution forbidding them to engage in wars of aggression. The Americans have moved their war machine and arsenal to the western Pacific region while Japan is continuing on its military expansion and adventurism with the consent of the Americans.

China may not have fired a single bullet to become an economic power that the Japanese fought so hard by invading the countries of Asia and failed. Japan also acquired its post war wealth without having to go to war. The Americans lost half of its wealth by continuing to conduct wars all over the world.

The new reality, China might have to go to war with the Americans and the Japanese to protect its country and wealth from them. The latter two are arming themselves and signing military alliances with their allies in preparation for a war of aggression against China in the name of peace.

Countries that gained wealth from the barrel of the guns cannot forget or think it is possible to gain economic wealth peacefully. They will resort to the use of gun and military power to achieve what they wanted by provoking and starting wars, this time against China. To prevent a war of aggression from the Americans, the Japanese and their allies, China must be militarily prepared to mete this brute force with force.

There is no need for China to want to conduct war when it is able to achieve all the economic growth it needs to bring a better life to its people. Only the ex colonialists and imperialists are still conniving and scheming to do what they know best, to conduct wars of aggression.

The Americans and Japanese are for peace? Check your head. Who needs a war? Does China need a war? Who is pointing a gun at everyone?


Anonymous said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

Please lah, the chance of America and Japan going to war with China are as good as the Sinkie opposition announcing they are ready to be govt by next GE.

U want to bet on that? Hahahahaha.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans and the Japanese still believe that might is right. Remove your blinkers and see what they are doing.

Both never learn from their warring adventures. Japan was defeated and taught a painful lesson by the Americans, two Atomic bombs to flatten two cities of people and put under the control of the Americans, like a colony.

Sad to say the Americans too did not learn that today, no people would want to be ruled by a foreign power, except maybe the Pinoys. The Americans were kicked out from Vietnam, and struggling to stay in Afghanistan and the Middle Eastern countries. They would be chased out eventually but not before more innocent American boys and girls would have to be brought home in black plastic bags.

It is trying to start a war with China thinking that it has bigger guns to force the Chinese to go down on their knees. Go, try to push the Chinese with the Japanese and Pinoys in tow and see what will happen?

You want nuclear warheads dropping in all the major American cities, New York, Washington, LA, Houston, Chicago, Maine, just name them.

The flirtation and game of chicken in the South China Sea is good enough to risk a burning America? The people in Washington are insane. Pity the ordinary and innocent Americans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ goreng pisang morality, RB:

The fallacy here is the "moral high ground" adopted by RB is that "peacefulness" is some how more "morally superior" than conquest.

On thing about NATURE, and in that I mean the macro expressions of Human Nature, is that nature is not concerned with "morality".

In fact, "morality" becomes a joke during warfare because every side in even the most brutal and grisly battles believe that they are each RIGHT by fighting JUST WARS.. The conquerer believes he's "right" to conquer, the defenders believe that they are "right" to defend or reciprocate with atrocities of their own.

Once you laugh at the idea of women, children, and unarmed citizens being BRUTALLY KILLED in the name of something which is "morally right", then you have attained a great sense of wonderfully twisted humour, and can forever remove the idea of "morality" from discussions about humans killing each other en masse.

Primates are social creatures. Social creatures form GROUPS because it is in their NATURE. Different groups will have different ideas, and in a world where on the margin resources are SCARCE, there will be COMPETITION amongst the different groups for resource domination.

So...fight lah! Or cooperate and purchase/ negotiate your needs instead of killing and stealing them. Human nature has a wide range, as does human emotion.

Although she's not an international conquerer, China's internal struggles were brutal---from egotistical aristocrats and blood thirsty emperors and dowagers, to Mao killing 60 million of his fellow Chinese. Human nature at work.

China's strength is that they embarked on and continue to succeed in the world's BIGGEST poverty eradication program.

Pundits say "China's growth is SLOWING", without highlighting the FACT that China has grown in double digit rates for decades. Although growth may have slowed, China's still GROWING in power, influence and individual as well as collective wealth.

This has mixed results: there are those who laud China's rise. And there are those who fear it. There are consumers who love Chinese production which make day-to-day items so affordable that in cthe consumer world, peoples' purchasing power has increased.

The same consumers are themselves workers who have seen their jobs disappear and factories close down as production moves to China, increasing the social mobility of the Chinese worker, but stagnating or diminishing the upward social mobility of the 1st world worker, at least temporarily.

IMO China's "innocence" in the global theatre of warfare is not going to last. China has interests around the world. China has BOUGHT (not conquered) a lot of territory overseas and built factories, facilities and infrastructure. "Resource security" is foremost in China's plans, so it has secured and continues to secure resources to meet present and future needs.

Sooner or later some one with "bad ideas" will come to “try”, and China will have NO CHOICE but to bring out the weapons and defend her interests as well as sovereignty. These days the interloper could be a state, or could be an ad hoc group unaffiliated with any sovereign nation. We live in interesting times ;-)

America is probably China's #1 potential adversary. But there are others. Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and India....these are all potential interlocutors in Asia. China has secured resources in South America and Africa. What if local militia attack Chinese property? It's not a far fetched idea.

Very soon, for the sake of her sovereignty and security, Chinese guns will have to do the talking.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Primitive thoughts will dwell in primitive minds. Primitive minds do not think human can progress beyond animalistic instinct and will always return to the behaviour of animals.

And don't be stupid to keep harping on the point that Mao killed 60 millions. This is a stupid fallacy that dull minds refused to understand.

Mao's economic model was to uplift the lives of the Chinese people in the Great Leap Forward. He had no intention to kill the Chinese people then. The death was due to failure in his programmes and also greatly contributed by Nature in droughts and floods.

Please don't be so stupid and can't distinguish the intent and purposes and blindly parrot Western acrimonious propaganda. I know it is deep seated after having grown up with such silly ideas ingrained in the head. It takes a lot of intellect and wisdom to remove the scab.

Actually it is not so troublesome to do so. Just the intelligence of a school boy would know the difference. The chose to be daft effortlessly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ philosophical mish-mash, RB:

Don't be so silly to believe that "intent" matters. In history, as in science or any "intellectual enquiry" it doesn't.

I've already said that to bring "morality" into any discussion weakens your case. Well, you continue to weaken your position by focusing on "intent" and "morality".

At the end of the day, the human "mind" is a bunch of biological processes chemical and electrical in nature firing off in the individual human brain. And anything which is chemical and electrical is at the core PHYSICAL---i.e. a result of interactions between molecules, atoms and the exchange of electrons and a whole bunch of "virtual particles" popping in and out of existence---there is NO PLACE where "intent" or "morality" plays in these processes. "Intent" and "Morality" are merely analytical tools used by 3rd party observers as an afterthought.

>> Please don't be so stupid and can't distinguish the intent and purposes and blindly parrot Western acrimonious propaganda.

Please continue to be stupid to believe, without the slightest hint of SKEPTICISM about your own cheery-picked and distorted beliefs. At least it gives me something to HAMMER on a day to day basis ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to China taking over S'pore as 27th province. Hope sinkies will still be entitled to lifetime free healthcare without having to pay exhorbitant premiums for medishield life. And also lifetime pension after 60yo.

3rd World War said...

The next war will be a Nuclear War, that is for sure.

The US dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan.

China will drop 200 Nuclear bombs on Japan.

At the same time Russia will drop 200 Nuclear bombs on Europe and UK.

Pakistan will drop 100 Nuclear War-Heads at India.

Iran will drop 100 Nuclear War-Heads on Israel.

Brazil will drop 200 Nuclear bombs at USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Whole World will be burning for centuries with no hope of any living organism ever to live again.

Anonymous said...

MS, ask you a simple question. What you said and acting as if they are the only truth, are they opinions or facts?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1259:

>> What you said and acting as if they are the only truth, are they opinions or facts?

That's for you to discover ;-) Just because someone writes something on the net doesn't automatically make it anything until it is checked out thoroughly by YOU, the reader.

The net is full of opinion, unsubstantiated claims, distorted facts, misinterpreted explanations, unrelated items...etc. all mixed up with truths and real facts. i.e. there is a high NOISE level on the net.

It's up to each one individually to make sense---by thinking carefully and doing "research" to establish a position of belief.

Caveat emptor.

Anonymous said...

With the warmongering Americans hellbent to have a footing in the South China Sea and would egg on adventurous countries to provoke China, China can no longer adopt a soft stance in the face of aggressive moves by the Americans.

The Americans have signaled its intent to challenge the Chinese and the Chinese has to stand up and push back the Americans. There cannot be any compromise as that would be seen as a sign of weakness. China should give notice to the Americans that it would locate its anti aircraft carrier missiles in Hainan and the South China Sea and is prepared to shoot aircraft entering its airspace.

China must take the position of equals and meet force with force. That is the only language that the Americans, the Japanese and the Pinoys understand.