The Rape of Amos Yee

The episode of Amos Yee is like a public trial by a hypocritical and unthinking mass of adults, the Rape of a Boy, in full daylight. Ok, before anyone jumps to conclusion again, I used the word ‘rape’ in a figurative sense, not the physical raping of the boy. In a sense it is used in the same way that Amos used the word ‘molest’ but more in the context of harassment, bullying, bashing and threats to his psychological and emotional state. You don’t have to touch another person all over to molest or to rape him/her. Likewise you don’t have to do horrible things like animals did.

Amos Yee was persecuted by a large group of adults for his rant in the internet and some cartoons. Such horrible acts cannot be tolerated in a clean, sanitised and healthy society where crime is non existence, where chewing gums is a crime, where every man and woman put on a robe and have a halo over their heads. Of course I am exaggerating. Such scenes can only be found in paradise. Oops, I pun right?

If Amos were to say those things in less hygienic places like in Europe or the US, I think it will be perfectly alright for him to do so, just like any other teenager in those imperfect places. In Sin City where Sin is frown upon, where Sin is unacceptable, a little indiscretion is really horrible to accept by the monks and priests.

Did anyone say the foul mouth straight shooting guy is more angelic and real than those who sing hymns and play the harps and drink holy water under the sun? In the seemingly innocent and simple world of angels and immortals, things are also very simple to judge. They are either white or black. And the thinking adults will sing the chorus, Amos Yee is bad, Amos Yee is bad. Hang him, burn him. And they will throw stones at him. Bad boy! Bad boy! They have put aside their thinking caps for safe keeping in the bank vault.

And after they have put Amos Yee away safely in the dungeon, care for by the hunchback of Notre Dame, they will go back to sing their hymns and drink wines and play harps. Everything is just right again. No more bad boys, only good unthinking adults. Oops. No more horrible things anymore, no bad Amos, only beautiful things.

Who rape Amos Yee? Not me, not me….We did it for his own good.

At 16 and with only his mother on his side, this boy has proven to be a very tough kid. In the face of a hostile mob, he stood his ground and fought the unthinking crowd of mindless adults. Many children would have withered and withdrawn into their little holes in fear. Not this boy, He is really tough emotionally. He is NOT insane while others would have gone flying over the cuckoo nest. And he has the common sense not to see a shrink. You better know what this means to a boy like Amos. M Ravi did not know and dug his own grave.

The mindless adults could only see bad in Amos and nothing good in him. Did anyone see a very exceptional and bright kid that has a lot of potential to blossom as he grows up? Or should the laughing hyenas keep raping this kid as the right thing to do?


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

The govt had NO CHOICE but to act and come down hard, because of the public anger, which was understandable since they were mourning their Dear Leeder and queuing for hours to have a last look at their idol.

These people had the dick the suck regularly taen away form them. Of course they'll get mad if you insult their Dear Leeder and that Jeezuz fella, added on as a "bonus". ;-)

If people didn't make a police complaint, the govt would have probably left it alone, with nothing more than a "pithy comment" or two from Viv Bala or any of the 40-something "rising" ministers.

If Singaporeans complain to the cops about the speech from a fellow citizen, then there will be NO FREE SPEECH in Singapore until the culture changes.

Many Singaporean adults should still be in diapers screaming "Wah Wah Wah!! all day like a baby with colic, because, like spoilt little brats, they just CANNOT TAHAN if someone "hurts" their sensitive feelings. As long as there are people like that around, and with LAWS for them to exploit, there will be NO FREE SPEECH in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

"The govt had NO CHOICE but to act and come down hard, because of the public anger, .... "

There is always a choice.
Only the incompetent cannot think outside the box .... but still want million dollar salaries.
Public anger?
What public anger?

Anonymous said...

Money is not everything, but everything is about money.

Amos can behave the way he does, becoz he has absolutely no stress over his livelihood. He is still collecting never-ending stream of pocket money from his parents. What he wants to eat, what clothes to buy, what handphones or gadgets he wants, the parents provide for him. He can go to jail and the money will still be there, accumulating for him. What mortgage? What credit card bills? What PUB bills? What Singtel bills? What medical bills? What penalties? What late fees? What interest payments? What loan repayments? What lawyer debt demands? Who cares.

OTOH, M Ravi doesn't have infinite pocket money from his parents. He has to work to live. Law Society tells him if he don't see shrink he cannot work as lawyer. Ravi is basically caught between the devil & the deep blue sea. If he don't see shrink he cannot earn as lawyer. If he see shrink and kena declared mentally unfit, he also cannot work as lawyer. Ravi thought his shrink will support him like before. But most probably the shrink also has to think about his own licence, and too bad just have to play by the laws of the land.

Anonymous said...

Hey we are called Sin City because sins are everywhere. The only thing one cannot sin is to say anything against the MIW.

The said...

redbean, are you going to do an Amos by appealing to semantics?

So, by minor defintion 3), Amos was also raped by his father. And the government, I might add.

rape (reɪp)
1. (Law) the offence of forcing a person, esp a woman, to submit to sexual intercourse against that person's will. See also statutory rape
2. the act of despoiling a country in warfare; rapine
3. any violation or abuse: the rape of justice.
4. abduction: the rape of the Sabine women.
vb (mainly tr)
5. (Law) to commit rape upon (a person)
6. (also intr) to plunder or despoil (a place) in war
7. to carry off by force; abduct
[C14: from Latin rapere to seize]
carry off by force; abduct

Anonymous said...

If 30 people were to report to the police about Matilah Singapura.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ chee bye brain 245:

Why? You tak boleh tahan ah? Your baby feelings got hurt izzit?

patriot said...

Understand there were many complaints against Amos Yee.
none was in Court to testify or
available for cross examination.
Kind of queer and indeed there
were, are much that baffles many.

Just as baffling is that the Boy
seems incapable of desisting from
using profanities.


Anonymous said...

Just baffling why the defence counsels did not subpoena the complainants to appear in court and tell why they are offended.

b said...

Election is coming so the gov has a tendency to sue people if the people say (not do) the wrong thing. It may also be a wayang directed by gov to warn the people to say the right thing in this crucial period of time. Amos afterall has acting background. I hope to see Amos granted asylum in Oz, Uk or US before he is sentenced. That will be more interesting drama.

Anonymous said...

Red Bean is again trying to stir the muddy water. Your analysis of the situation is very one sided. Leave it alone and please do not try to stir things up. Your attempt at stirring up emotion amongst Singaporeans is pitiful. Singaporeans are traditionally very docile and peaceful. Takes quite a lot to stir up emotion.

Anonymous said...


Which police can spot what is wrong?

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans are traditionally very docile and peaceful. Takes quite a lot to stir up emotion."
May 19, 2015 10:44 p.m.

Only incompetence, hypocrisy and unfairness will stir up Singaporeans. And that is not likely to happen in the next 50 years. So redbean can talk all he wants. He is just a voice in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans are traditionally very docile and peaceful. Takes quite a lot to stir up emotion."
May 19, 2015 10:44 p.m.

I think the word Yew may be looking for is "daft".

Anonymous said...

How's Redbean compare 2 Amos Yee ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Redbean, thank you so much for continuing to write about this disgraceful issue.

The internet brigade is out in full force to get you to stop writing. That is when you know for sure that it is vital to continue writing.

I do not agree with the court's judgement, and this does not constitute contempt of court.

The 2 charges:

1) Causing distress to Christians - NOT proven.

2) Pornography - definitely not guilty, the image will make anyone turn away from having sex. Anyone normal, that is.

Anonymous said...

Point 1, those who made police reports should have been put on the stand to tell why they are offended. If spurious, the court should warn them not to make rubbish complaints.

Point 2, debatable. The young would be put off by the cartoon. But the deprived and depraved would have an erection or getting wet.

Anonymous said...

The govt had NO CHOICE but to act and come down hard, because of the public anger, which was understandable since they were mourning their Dear Leeder and queuing for hours to have a last look at their idol.

I like your thinking: The govt had NO CHOICE, isn't it?

IF the Government "HAD NO CHOICE", Will the Police, the Courts, the Prosecutors (AGC) or the Public "HAVE ANY CHOICE"?

POOR ADMOS, please don't be like that next time. Otherwise, YEW also have NO CHOICE.

Who is the "Government"?

Who was the "Dear Leeder"

Everyone in this world knows who the Singapore Government is, and headed by who.

Everyone is this world knows who the "Dear Leeder" IS/WAS. He happened to be the FATHER OF THE HEAD OF TODAYS'S SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT.