Taking a degree mill course and getting a degree mill degree is exceptional

There is no reason not to take a degree course for pleasure, as a hobby as long as you tell your employer that it is not to be taken into consideration if you put it in your resume. The ‘smart’ employers will understand. Tell them it is a hobby, a past time and you don’t mind wasting your time and money taking it.

Actually there are many reasons to take a degree mill course. In the first place it is cheap. It is also convenient, no need to leave the house for it. It is also easy, no need to do anything, no test, not attendance, no course work. And there are plenty of degree mills to choose from. It is also super fast to get a degree from a degree mill. A few days will do and one could get half a dozen degrees in month. One is also spoilt for choices as you can get any degree you want, from any country of your own choosing.

The only trick to make the degree from the degree mills worthy is to tell your employer you did it thinking, honestly, genuinely, that the degree mill is a real university, a legitimate one. Your employer would not judge you for your stupidity for taking a degree mill course without checking. Your intelligence is assured, and equal to the intelligence of your employer. If the employer is stupid enough not to know that you are stupid or lying, you can bet he is a good employer that would buy your degree mill’s degrees and would not see anything wrong with it.

They would even come out in your defence, so that they would not look stupid, in case people found out you got a degree from a degree mill and was employed. The employer would likely justify that they did not consider your degree mill degree when employing you. You are safe as they need to look NOT STUPID for their stupidity and for not doing due diligence.

And the best countries to apply for a good job with your degree mill degree are the exceptional cities. The more exceptional the better are your chances of being employed. And better still, go to a city where the citizens are infamous for being daft, the kind of people that cannot think and would accept anything you said. It is in their DNA. But they will pretend that they are super talents. So just play with it. Flatter them for their intelligence as long as they give you the job. Remember, do not tell them they are fake talents even if your degree is fake.


Anonymous said...

Maybe IDA's senior msnagement should get degree mill doctors to attend to their medical problems.

Maybe degree mill Aliens instead of Singaporeans should be sent to Nepal for the rescue effort.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these degree mill foreign talents have come to realise that they happened to be the best available ones for Sinkieland?

And also know that PAP, for the sake of GDP growth, will have no choice but to take them and will even make them into instant citizens to make up for their real, local Sinkies no enough, have below replacement fertility rate, and going to be extinct in the long term?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Not That Bad After All!

If it is ok and LEGAL to have
degrees and PhDs from these
"universities", my concern is
that it may soon be a new trend
and a new fashion to have them,

They are really very very CHEAP
as compared to the traditional

If that happened, everywhere you
go, it will be very common to
find people addressing each
other, friends, neighbours,
colleagues, waiters, counter
staff, etc as Dr so and so.
Many have PhDs!


This may be good for us!

At least these "universities"
provide an easy outlet to satisfy
the needs of people to feel very
good about their academic

Not that bad after all!

What say U?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ out-of-touch-with-reality RB:

Please lah, knowledge is knowledge---doesn't matter if you get it from a bargain bin online or at the Ivy League. As long as the knowledge is relevant, based in fact, subject to change or modification and can be used to "improve" your existential experience, whatever you gained holds some "value"---if not to "the market" at least to yourself.

Savvy, switched on 21st century employers who are forward thinking and forward looking KNOW THIS. They realise that whilst a classical education has a place, what you do out of your own passion and curiosity in your own time goes far in defining who you REALLY are, and what "type" of person you are on track to "becoming".

Gone are the days where you can get a well-paid position simply for being the smartest person in class. Enterprises are not "classrooms". People are not there to "pass exams"---they are there to do productive work---where results and outputs are not only MEASURABLE but actually RELEVANT to the objectives of the enterprise.

For that, modern, "reality-centered" employers look for well-rounded candidates, because their business requires real innovative, creative, autonomous and self-reliant HUMAN capital, not just a "meat puppet" who doesn't contribute anything beyond what is stated in his work contract, LOUSY interpersonal and communication skills, and requires constant micromanagement or else nothing gets done properly.

Every worker is fast becoming (some already are) single autonomous "productive business units", which is partly why many of the vertical structures of management have disappeared as well as those management jobs.

Technology and systems are replacing many jobs previously done by humans. However the humans which are now required are hired because they are humans and can do very well those "human tasks" which require human qualities like judgement, communication etc.

If you act and think like a machine, then you'll be replaced by a machine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Send PRATA to earthquake stricken Nepal.
PAP's Rapid Assistance Team of Aliens.

Don't send Singaporeans.
Don't put Singaporeans in harm's way.

b said...

The most valuable talent in this world is faking it and living up to it. just look at all the politicians in this world, how many are not faking it? how many telling the truth that their real passion is to enrich themselves not the people? this world is full of lies and is ruled by liars.