Singapore ranks top in education ranking

Singapore students score top marks in science and mathematics in a survey among 76 countries conducted by the OECD. The survey was on 15 year olds in Mathematics and for 14 year olds in Science in the Programme for International Students Assessment. Hong Kong was second, South Korea third, Japan and Taiwan joint fourth. The next 6th to 10th rankings were from Europe. The rest of the 3rd ‘World Asian countries were ranked far far away.

What does this survey say? Singapore students were the best at age 14 and 15. And this is not the first time the survey was conducted. The results of past years have been consistent. The strange thing is that Singapore students were found quite useless in later years and totally hopeless and unemployable. And Singapore is so desperate that there is no talents in Singapore, wondering what happened to the bright 14 and 15 year olds, that Singapore needs to import huge numbers of foreigners from the unranked 3rd World countries to help it to grow, and to provide jobs for the useless Singaporeans. Without the foreigners, Singapore will sink, perish from this world.

Can you believe that? Is that true, that top students at age 14 and 15 disappeared into thin air or became duds as they grew up? If not Singapore would be flooded with our own top talents in many fields. What could be the possible explanations for this queer phenomenon?

One explanation is that the survey is inaccurate and unreliable as the correlation did not make sense. Two, Singaporeans are born with a defective gene that self destruct and all Singaporeans will become stupid or daft as they grow older, ie after year 15.

A third possible explanation is that the young of the 3rd World continue to make rapid progress to leapfrog over Singaporeans in intelligence and ended up as the desirable foreign talents to replace the daft Singaporeans. Can this be it? Must be it.

A fourth and likely explanation is that somehow the 3rd World graduates have scintillating qualifications and job experience that are better than Singaporeans in all aspects, including street smartness, skills sets, bluffology etc etc that make them so impressive and so desirable as employees, including ability to do wonders. Actually everyone knows by now how easy it is to get all the top grades and top degrees, and CVs and job experience without having to work for it. They could just buy them from the shelf. Or the institutions would sell them directly for a fee. I think this is the likely cause.

Now, how can Singaporeans then do better than these 3rd World talents? My recommendation is that if you can’t beat them in cheating just join them in their game. With the talents of our students, I am pretty confident that if we want to cheat, allow them to cheat, they would be able to cheat betterer, with distinctions. But you need to have the authority on their side and not on the side of the foreign cheats. This is very important for daft Singaporeans to be successful, to be employable.

What do you think? Our young are top talents but never live past 15 years old? Who is cheating our young talents?


Anonymous said...

So what if Singaporeans score tops in everything? They still cannot get a job when they become PMETs.

They still don't have the necessary skill sets required by the employers in Singapore, even in statutory boards and government agencies, who would prefer fake degree holders coming from other countries notorious for cheating and serious corruption from bottom to top.

So What is there to be proud of?

Better to become smart and cunning, shrewd, street smart than to score in academic performance. Otherwise, in a few years down the road, all jobs will be lost to foreign thrash.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Better to become smart and cunning, shrewd, street smart than to score in academic performance.'

You are so right. But cannot say it like that. Say adaptability.

Anonymous said...

Do The Right Thing, Please!

What is the use of coming in top
top in education when many of our
graduates are not able SUITABLE

Someone BIG in the PMO should
look at the skills needed in
future and get the universities,
polys, ite and other institutions
to produce these graduates rather
than just wasting time in dealing
and co-ordinating the "fish-ball
sticks" issues.

Do the right thing, please!

TGIF. Cheers.............

Anonymous said...

They have been doing all the right things and the foreigners are all so happy. Sorry PMETs, you are not in the equation.

Veritas said...

I tot Singaporeans are lazy and stupid. To it frankly no matter how good we are, its no use. PAP want us dead.

Anonymous said...

Every year our students top in everything. But no skills set leh. How? Cannot find employment.

And sure no good for CEO jobs. Must go and get foreigners to be CEOs.

Anonymous said...

Youngs in Sin are bookworms
and rote learners.
Whence come to initiative, adaptability
and commonsense, most are lost.
They are liked living in the Zoo and act accordingly to the zoo keepers instructions.

Veritas said...

One reason why NTU NUS students no skills is because all their fucking professors are like fuck.

Know when NTU start teaching C language in school of Engineering? 1994... God DAMN as late as 1994.

Those leaches professors teach Pascal for all the years, rotting down there in NTU, never bother to learn new things.

And these fucking idiots set God damn fucking difficult exam to fail everyone.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah uncle, you are denying a fact: these days it is you need more than just being "the best" academically to make it in life.

Singapore education is good. That's great. But it is only the first step.

Can you "create value" for others? Passing exams with top marks doesn't create any value. Exams are simply DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS, however in Singapore exams are thought of as the "be all and end all".

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans rank bottom in voting wisely
It does not matter how clever you or your children are.
If you vote for the wrong party, you and your children will end up being sacked and retrenched by Aliens.

Teach your children to vote wisely first.
Teach them to hate PIGS when they are in kindergarten.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You think those in the finance industry are creating real values? They are creating scams and fraudulent products to cheat the gullible known as high net worth clients. Can afford to be cheated and a lot of money to lose.

Wait for the finance industry to collapse.

Anonymous said...

"Teach them to hate PIGS when they are in kindergarten"

How to, when the biggest kindergarten is operated by the PIGS themselves and all other kindergartens are monitored by the PIGS. They have to conform to the PIGS ideology are face closure. Our kids are brain-washed by the PIGS from a very young age.

Anonymous said...

It's better to "Teach them to hate PIGS whenever they are home with you."
We want to create a new nation of PIGS-hating Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore students score top marks in science and mathematics in a survey among 76 countries conducted by the OECD."

Tiok. But that doesn't mean all Singapore students.

Hence those who do not score top marks or the lousy ones and who later became PMETs will most likely are the ones who will lose their jobs to foreign talents who are cheaper, younger and also as good as them lah.

So to answer RB's question: Who is cheating our young talents?

The straight answer is: No one is actually cheating on our young talents.

It is just that those Sinkie PMETs who lost their jobs are more expensive and also no better than those foreign talents who replace them lah.

It's that simple. Understand, RB?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02 deserves to be replaced by foreigners, and so would be his children.

Anonymous said...

Every year claims number in this
and in that. Yet no Sinkie holds or
held any position in international
bodies. Even the so-called superman
of Sin was not offered any significant appointment.
To date there is no Sinkie who has won
any international award in mind matters.

High time to buy some reputation with Sin Dollars. Many things can be had for
a price.

Anonymous said...

Companies that do not hire Singaporeans means that they do not benefit Singaporeans.
As such, these companies should be discouraged from setting up operations in Singapore.
They should relocate to India, China and Philippines where they can hire as many cheaper & better Indians, PRCs and Pinoys as they want.

Xmen said...

If they measure classroom participation, Singapore will rank near the bottom. Singapore students are good at listening (I.e. complying) but not questioning (i.e. challenging authorities). LOL.

market2garden said...

Wah lao Eh ..... Serious