Rohingyas - Sin City given second chance

In the late 70s and 80s, Singapore was faced with a serious threat from the Vietnamese boat people. Thousands of them were fleeing Vietnam and landing on our shores and the shores of neighbouring countries. We were caught between being merciful to the refugees or caring for our people. We have unemployment problems in the 70s. But more important, we knew then that we were only a tiny red dot and could not allow the refugees to flood the island. There were big countries that had the land to accommodate them. So we did the painful and morally difficult thing, by shoving them off our shores. We did our best to provide them with food, water and fuel and sent them off to their destiny.

We are a different kind of city. Today we are a big country, we can build and build, we can take in 10m or more people. Jobs are aplenty. We have full employment and we need manual workers. Now we are presented with a second chance, to save the new boat people, the new refugees, the Rohingyas. They are fleeing Myanmar, Bangladesh and India, in rickety boats like the Vietnamese in search of their promise land.

Many have died in their dangerous journey at sea, like the Vietnamese boat people. Many can be saved if the big countries are willing to take them in. Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia are all closing their doors to these boat people. They are so hear heartless. They don’t care.

Now we are given a second chance to show that we care, we can be generous. We have jobs for these people, we have land to house them, on the ground, above ground and underground. And one thing for sure, these people do not come with fake degrees and CVs. They come as they are, to fill the labour shortage in the construction industry, to be cleaners and sweepers, and maybe security guards. The only problem, they will provide more competition for our PMETs in these vocations, and don’t have to pay levies. They could not afford to.

So how, shall we bring them in since no countries want them and we need more labour and our country is so big, no longer a little red dot for $2m people. We will hit our 6.9m target faster and then go on to 10m and our economy will definitely boom again. So will demand for housing which is good for property prices. More demand for hawker centres and food courts and more shopping centres.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

In Yewtopia, no money no talk.
No CECA, no talk.

Anonymous said...

Have you done the homework or even wonder why NOT one single country wants to take them in? NOT even our Muslim neighbours like MY and INDO? A peace loving Buddhist country like Myanmar were rejecting them? Ever look deeper?

They are half Sunni and half shite , purportedly from Bangladesh but highly disputed. And with possibly jihadist b/g. Now do you want to take the risk given the examples of disintegration and conflicts from Myanmar and others. This is the inconvenient truth that your coward politicians won't be telling you. Use your brain lah.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's think about it as on TV.

b said...

Since sg is not islamic country, sg has valid reason to reject them. All the islamic countries should help them by allocating them to all the different islamic countries in the world.

Anonymous said...

One solution is available to solve another solution. Since so many countries are quarelling about the islands in the South China Sea, why not convert them into refugee camps, under independent administration, say the UN.

Of course must make sure those islands cannot end up being 'discovered' or 'founded' by some country with big guns.

Anonymous said...

S'pore should become 27th province of China, then can handle this problem easily. Chinese are the best in handling muslims. Look at Xinjiang & the Uighurs. Beijing doesn't fuck around, they just fuck up those that don't follow laws & create trouble. S'pore should immediately write to Beijing to become the 27th province.

Anonymous said...

you oppose foreign talent yet want Singapore to take in these people who have no talent in any way except to live and be fed on your taxes their entire lives. You have romantic ideas that they will be willing to take on the low level jobs lol. Have you had ANY interactions at all with ANY refugees? Look at the west and the trouble they had integrating their refugees especially the Muslims.
Please do not oppose ALL government's policies for the sake of opposing! These people will be a million times worse than your pinoys and PRCs. PRCs and Pinoys work and pay taxes these bunch of people will NEVER bother to learn the language of their adopted country, follow the laws of any country and when told to do so will say "WELL we did not want to leave our country but we have no choice and you took us in so you damn well take care of us" You do not know the entitlement mentality of the refugees. Please go work with these people before you write such bleeding heart posts! The Singapore government is ABSOLUTELY right in rejecting these bunch of people.

patriot said...

Must request Redbean to take down this thread.
Some Commenters had said rightly the Reason why.

The Subject has too much implications which me finds uneasy to elaborate.

Wish Matilah Singapura may come in to give us some of his views


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My posts are meant to be provocative and force you to think for the right or wrong reasons and options.

I may say yes or good, no or bad. It is up to you to decide which is good for you. I never ask you to agree with what I said.

Goh said...

Moral of story.
You are lucky to be born here as a Sinkie.As such learn a lesson from here and treasure what you have.
We should be thankful to have a good government
and vote wisely.
Million dollar salary but can ensure you do not end up as refugees.
And stop thinking of leaving our parent or grandparents here and chaboe to elsewhere.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

"And stop thinking of leaving our parent or grandparents here and chaboe to elsewhere."
May 20, 2015 8:08 p.m.

The modern idea is for the children to run road overseas.
And bring along their parents and grandparents.
Learn from the Aliens.
That's what they are doing when they come to Singapore.

I'd like to see the PAP persuade the Aliens to do national Service once all the original Singaporeans are gone.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story is produce more babies, so that there is no need to depend or take advantage of refugees.
If Agongkia was 20 yrs old 30 yrs ago, he would have a dozen or two children now. Or did he stop at 2 as told?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agreement with RB:

>> Australia are all closing their doors to these boat people. They are so hear heartless. They don’t care. <<

Can't speak for the other cuntrees, but as a bleeding taxpayer of Australia, I am against closing the borders. These are HUMAN BEINGS. OK, so they come from a non-European Islamic culture. So what? They are still people---many have nothing but the stuff they can carry , and hopes and dreams which they have to keep alive by staying alive.

I think the way the Aust Fed Govt treats refugees is SHAMEFUL, borderline CRIMINAL. This is not how a 1st world cuntree which boasts freedoms and protection of individual liberty, modern humanitarian values and free enterprise, should behave.

On the other hand Australian needs about 30,000 skilled workers over the short to medium term. WTF? Let these fuckers in and train them up. Give them a start, then cut them loose to win or lose by their own designs.

PM Abbot has ruled out resettling Rohingyas in Australia. The the big elephant no one dares to mention is: religion, specifically ISLAM.

It is true that there's a pocket of radical Islam in Australia. Many young Muslim Aussie men have decided to join ISIS. However because they come from "hipster" centres like Melbourne and Sydney, they are all "city slickers". What the fuck do they know about military combat? Zero. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Which is probably the reason they only survive a few weeks before pick fights with, then being killed by excellently trained and LETHAL US Forces and Aussie SAS 😂😂. Gee what a bummer. Should have stayed in Melbourne, relaxin', chillin' and smoking shisha and eating falafel. Collect AUD 700 + dole (social welfare) a fortnight, go listen to some Imam talk pure rubbish. At least you stay alive bro'! Picking fights with professional warriors...what are they thinking?!?

Unfortunately the spectre of radical Islam frightens people to the point they cannot rationally distinguish a terrorist from a Muslim---i.e. they are considered one and the same. Ah, bigotry.

Sorry, Rohingya people. IMO, you should return and fight---i.e. defend yourself and your rights. Fight dirty. Use extreme and swift violence. Kill their leaders, until you are left alone to prosper or fail in your own choice of self-determination.