Redcon 1 over South China Sea

While China is busy reclaiming more land in the South China Sea, a sinister wind is blowing from Hawaii. More than 20 countries, led by the Americans, Japan, Australia and the Philippines, are conducting a war game simulating how to capture the Chinese made islands. They are planning for war with China, to contain China. And what did China do to invite war in its territories? Is construction and building islands in its territories an aggressive act of war? Is China threatening any country?

No! Exactly. But the evil Empire of the USA, claiming to be a peaceful country, is lowering its veil of hostility. It cannot accept a rich and powerful China. It cannot accept China reclaiming the islands in the South China Sea. It is bent to contain China. And it is preparing to go to war, to attack China without provocations.

It has reported that it has been conducting reconnaissance flight over the Chinese islands at low level using the P8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft. China has been warning the Americans to get out of its airspace in vain. The bully is showing its military muscles like it used to do in the days of U2 spy plane. The provocative acts will continue unabated unless the Chinese is able to put a stop to it.

The US will continue to bully China. It is branding China as an expansionist power, a war like country that is going to conquer and control the countries in its neighbourhood. China’s land reclamation on its islands is unacceptable to the Americans. It is agitating the neighbouring countries to claim Chinese islands, calling them disputed islands. With that as an excuse, it is openly backing up these countries in an open war with China with Japan, Australia and the Philippines ready and prepared to strike.

China must prepare for a repeat of the burning of the Summer Palace by the eight powers, inclusive of Japan, invading China in the 19th Century. This time it would start with the attacks on Chinese islands in the South China Sea. And these aggressor countries think that war could be limited in the region and they could play with fire. 

When war breaks out in the South China Sea, it will be the beginning of World War 3. American bases in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines would be first to be hit. The Okinawans would be the sacrificial lamb for hosting the Futenma and Kadena Air Bases in their islands. The other bases in the main Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu would also be primary targets to be taken out. Japanese and US cities would also be targeted.

The dangerous and insane Americans may think that they can light a fire and contain it. Fat hope, when war breaks out, it is intercontinental warfare. China would not accept the lost of any islands and would hit back. These Americans are really dangerous to think they can start a war like in the Middle East, that they can hit at any country and their victims cannot hit back. It is mutual self destruction. Don’t bet on it that the US mainland is safe.

What can China do in the face of American provocation and hostility? Taking a slap on the left and offering the right? This would encourage the cowboys to be more trigger happy. Weakness is not an option. China must take down the Poseidon to avenge the death of a pilot in the Hainan Incident and the bombing of its embassy in Belgrade.

As a defensive posture, it should conduct live firing exercises in the South China Sea, issued Notams to warn aircraft that the area is a live firing zone. Aircraft entering the zone would risk being shot down. Let the Americans violated the live firing notice and shoot it down. And prepare for an all out nuclear war with the Americans and its cronies.

How crazy is Washington and the Pentagon thinking it can still use its military might to threaten and bully other countries? War is no longer for fun when the victim is another super power that can hit back.

South China Sea is now Redcon 1.


Virgo 49 said...

Alliance with North Korea, Russia and some allies close to PRC like Brazil

When I fired the first shot, simultaneously you attack the rest

Anonymous said...

Good to see another US War. After invading Iraq, then Afghanistan, then Libya but afraid to go into Syria .... Now want to attack China in a limited war in the South China Sea.

China should use her stealth submarines to sink some of the USS's and use her Satellite Killer to down some of US satellites.

Anonymous said...

No Action Talk Only!

A total waste of time.

Always talk talk and more talk lah!

Action Please! Action Please!

Why waste time.

Just Do It!


Anonymous said...

China cannot afford to shrink or the Americans will climb on her.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

And so it begins.

Both sides cannot back down now, or lose face---China for its national sovereignty, and the USA, and its military for maintaining its reputation as the "Global Lawman"

For China, I think the only strategy they can play is DEFIANCE. Anything else will make them look weak. But stay cool.

Anonymous said...

If China wants to claim South China Sea, let them claim lah. Give them 100% lah. They should have claim it earlier since the sea bear their name.

When India become stronger they will also want to Indian 90% of Indian ocean. Give them lah.

Anonymous said...

China is now building causeway to link up HK & Shanghai with S'pore. Reclaiming the tiny islands is the 1st step. Next is the land reclamation around the islands to start the causeway building. PAP should stop wasting time & money with the M'sian high-speed rail, and transfer the money to help China build the causeway across the south china sea instead.

Anonymous said...

india dont have claim over indian ocean.

because it is indian ocean, not india sea. not south india sea.

indian ocean refer to indian continent.

but it does not prevent india to exercise their " hegemony" in indian ocean.

when china submarine docked in sri lanka port at the invitation of their govt,

india govt responds furiously against such gesture

do you see that US media, US regime condemn india for bullying smaller nation?

Anonymous said...

china had legal justification to shoot down the US plane because it is SPY PLANE and military asset, not civilian plane.

US spy plane is conducting illegal "espionage."

US refusal to obey the repeated warning for 8 times.

this is US logic

US white police shot black people to death because

repeated warning has been ignored by black suspect.( 3 times at max)

( drop knife, drop gun, raise his hand up ) ( move away from car)

US media never fail to defend US police brutality as justified because they follow US protocol and suspect refusal to follow the warning.

b said...

If one is peaceful, one will not make money by selling weapons. Creating conflicts and crisis that will lead to war is one best way to make sure weapons sales will increase.

b said...

The americans know very well that if they cannot even defeat vietnam, they do not have to think about defeating china. making money from war mongering is the best win win situation in this dispute. only need to wayang here and there.

Unknown said...

Yeah... Let China bully the small neighbours... That sounds really good

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Straycat,

In this case it is the small nations that are bullying China. Vietnam and the Philippines are harassing the Chinese. The Pinoys parked a wreck in the Chinese island and refused to go home. China could kick their asses but restraining from doing so and let these pests continue with their circus.

They continue to claim islands that the Chinese have claimed long before these countries become countries just like the Europeans claimed America, Canada, Australia and NZ before they were countries in the modern sense.

And Japan is in the game too. US is the gangster that is calling China gangster. It is using its might to bully China. When China is ready to take on the Americans, it would do so. It is bidding its time to build to a state when militarily there is some parity.

Don't be surprise China would then misfire a cruise missile into an American embassy to return the courtesy one day : )

Or China would be snooping around the American coasts in their surveillance plane.

Anonymous said...

Scaremongering again RB. Nothing so dramatic will happen. S E Asia is safe. Please don't anyhow frighten people OK? You are so naive to think that the American will start a fight in S E Asia. They have their hands full in the middle east.

Anonymous said...


please respect international law - every state are considered as equal

there are no such thing
as " small nation" "big nation"

vietnam, philippine and china are EQUAL

the fact is that vietnam and philippine are bullying china

2 bully ONE person.

this is classic case of bullying.

worst of all, 2 bullies are backed by another big bully(usa regime)

china is the real victim here.

blaming the victim,china as the aggressor

akin to

you blame rape victim for rape.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ living in dreamland 259:

>> please respect international law - every state are considered as equal <<

Please lah, that's like saying all humans are considered 'equal'. Even the laziest, unfocused observation will tell you that both these ideas of 'equality' are complete bullshit.

"International law" is also made up bullshit. No cuntry actually respects it---especially the US, and also China---because "international law" invariably INTERFERES WITH the concept of territorial sovereignty. i.e. International law PROSCRIBES certain behaviours of a cuntry to do what it determines its sovereign right is to do under given circumstances.

Do you think that big cuntrees like China and the US are going to respect "international law". No fucking way. They are both BIG. They can do what they like. They don't have to "make you happy". If it comes down to a "showdown", so be it.

The US are no backing down in spy surveillance. The Chinese are not backing down in their DEFIANCE.

How will this play out? No one can say. As the system becomes more "chaotic" and "unstable" all sorts of outcomes are possible.

This is a GAME. i.e. played with tactics, strategies, planning and resulting in outcomes, also with "unintended consequences" here and there. The system is NON LINEAR, but the human brain thinks in LINEAR narratives, which makes attempts at prediction just plain fucking WRONG.

Anonymous said...


even small nation dont pay much respect to international law if it violate their core interest

philippine and vietnam

there are no such thing as " international law"

it is western hegemony.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 222

That's right.

>> it is western hegemony.

Mostly of the United Nation type.