Reckless Americans are extremely dangerous

What the Americans are doing in the South China Sea and what they are planning are extremely dangerous and naïve. The war game today has changed so much, and so have the combatants and their arsenal that a war between two super powers is beyond description. China is no Iraq, North Korea or any small powers that the Americans can bully, can attack knowing very well that the other party would not be able to hit back. China is no pushover and will hit back and as hard as the Americans could.

The stake is what China described as its core interest. This means China will go to war with the Americans if pushed. What would be the Americans’ game plan to think it could push China around, take a big stick to whack China and can walk away unscathed? The days when it could bomb the Chinese Embassy with China turning the right cheek are over. Today would be blow for blow. If not, just try another Chinese Embassy and see what would happen?

The only stupid reason for the Americans to think it could kick the Chinese with impunity is to do a quick surgical attack to destroy whatever China has built in the islands and walk away leaving the Chinese gasping for air but afraid to fight back. The strategy is for a quick and limited strike on Chinese territory, like in Libya or Iraq, and go home like heroes. This time the Chinese have calculated all the moves and checked all the odds and prepared for it. China would hit back. It cannot do nothing if the Americans are to take the first strike again. China cannot afford not to hit back.

China must hit back real hard at the Americans to prove that it can take on the Americans if it wants the Americans to stop its bullying. The Americans cannot expect the Chinese to let them invade China like the burning of the Summer Palace. So, what would the Chinese do, turn the other cheek again? If China could not bring down the attackers, it would have to go for the nearest American targets to mean business. You hit me I hit you. That is the only defence strategy to deal with the evil Empire. And to prevent the Americans from reacting, China has no choice but to remove all the threats in Japan and South Korea, even in the Philippines. The Americans and the Japanese would not take a counter strike quietly. And there goes your escalation to beyond control on both sides. Both countries would activate all their weapons of war on stand by and ponder over the pushing of the red button.

This is the end all scenario that the daft and cranky in Washington and the Pentagon are fooling around with. It will be game over for both China and the USA and its allies. Stop deluding that an open war with China can be contained, limited and would not blow up into a full scale nuclear war.

The Americans should stop thinking that they can still stir shit in China’s backyard with impunity by carrying a big stick.


Anonymous said...

America and China are abang-adik putting up a show. American trusts China more than Russia. American atom-bombed Japan in WWII cut short the massacres, rapes, miseries and hells suffered by the Chinese. This indirectly is appreciated by the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are now sleeping with the devil and turning against their friends from WW2.

Anonymous said...

The new defence minister of US is playing hardball with China. He is insisting on the stoppage of the land reclamation works.

New official start work 3-bundle of fire !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Up to this point, America owns the game.

This business in the South China Sea (SCS) is hardly even mentioned in the US press. However all the bluster has been coming from China, being the first ones to mention "war". They're not looking "cool and calm" as they're usually want to do. America is prodding them and poking them, and China is flinching.

Yes, the Americans are treading dangerously. Reckless? Why not? It's the American way. The Americans are playing "dangerous" because IMO, they're playing China's backside. I suspect the US had planned for its spy plane plane to be detected by the Chinese, so that the US could CAPTURE China's electronic transmissions and analyse their detection mechanism and capabilities. The US military/ CIA are SUPERB in capturing large data sets of intel and analysing them very quickly.

America is home to the world's best con artists, masters of deceit and deception. There is no scam quite like an American Scam; the US Dollar being the world's reserve currency and defacto "official" currency for trade---immediately comes to mind. America is birthplace of the pyramid scheme---a classic which is as effective today as it ever was.

Americans hold the top confidence schemes in shock, awe, and respect. They make movies about conning and scamming: for e.g. The Sting, The Grifters..and my favourite: Mission Impossible where in every episode there's a high tech, high stakes con going on...."Good morning My Phelps..."

China, watch your six..

Anonymous said...

Upcoming defence forum in Singapore, UK-backed, shangri-la dialogue sure got sparks.
furthermore China and US Strategic & Economic Dialogue (S&ED) will be held in Washington, D.C., in late June.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew will be joined for the Dialogue by their respective Chinese co-chairs, State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Vice Premier Wang Yang, along with members of the Chinese delegation and their U.S. colleagues.

US defence ministry is putting the pressure on China now;
well military might is an extension of diplomacy .

Anonymous said...

Should bring any war, big or small onto the American soil. Because the American mass has not taste the destruction of war yet.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has directed his staff “to look at options that include flying Navy surveillance aircraft over the islands and sending U.S. naval ships to within 12 nautical miles of reefs that have been built up and claimed by the Chinese in an area known as the Spratly Islands.”

Wangyi, China FM when meeting Kerry said :
“We reaffirm the determination of the Chinese side to safeguard our own sovereignty and territorial integrity is as firm as a rock, and it is unshakable..

meanwhile we are watching closely if US is really going into the 12 nautical miles ..if so.. all hell break loose 頓時亂成一團 !!

Anonymous said...

US pushes the envelope while China testing the threshold machiam 2 tectonic grinding against each other sibeh dangerous

Anonymous said...

do you notice US hypocrisy?

US regime say that no nation should resort to military intimidation .


US regime constantly hold military drill, making military alliance, and sending ship, plane in response to CHINA island building

yet, US media dont call US regime action as" threat to world peace."

imagine china flew B 52 bomber near the coast of philippine.

what would US media say about this action?

Anonymous said...

there are possibility that ww3 might happen

declining superpower would do anything to keep their STATUS UNCHANGED

akin to

RULING PARTY would get rid of opposition party if it challenge their power.

Anonymous said...

Like to see a showdown.
It shall be once in a few life
time happening.

War is as important as death
as it is renewal as well as great
lesson for mankind.
It is also a test of patriotism and
at the same time enhances it.

Will it happens tomorrow?

Some Chinese Warships are around
S E Asia and the US got naval bases
in Sin, Philippines, Japan South
Korea and even Ally in Taiwan.

What's US waiting for?

Anonymous said...

What US waiting for? You think they can accept a few nuclear warheads in NY or Washington, or Chicago, or Houston or LA?

b said...

so long as they keep on talking about the possibility of wars, their weapons sales will increase. they are happily making money behind the curtains. most likely they will celebrate their success together.

Anonymous said...

since the option is open now to fly within 12 nautical miles of the reefs claimed by China, territorial waters leh , if a p8 or jet fighter f-16 really flew inside there, can PLAN sit there and do nothing meh? But so what even they really did fly inside after which the dredging still continues, US also LL !!

Anonymous said...

To be fair should US also have the options of flying within 12 nautical miles (territorial waters) into islands / reefs claimed by all other parties ?

Anonymous said...

China should build an island near USA coast

Anonymous said...

The US has no reason to fly over the Chinese islands. They are there to provoke a conflict to start a war. Hope all the other SE Asian countries are smart enough not to be dragged into this shit and get their people killed, money spent on stupid weapons to fight a war that they have no reason to be involved.

The islands are not disputed islands just because another joker makes a claim. Would your house be a disputed property if a joker file a claim for it?