PMET’s plight – Would anyone listen, would anyone bother, would anyone care?

Gilbert’s Transitioning.org is the equivalent of SOS for desperate PMETs out of job and crying for help. It speaks a lot when the PMETs go to Transitioning.org instead of the MOM and NTUC. When they talked to Gilbert, it is the last ditch when all hopes have failed. It is crisis time. Here are some extracts of a post on the subject of our PMETs losing out to foreigners and in despair when they have families to feed and children to care for.

Would anyone care, bother, or willing to listen to their plight? Or would they come out with some stupid motherhood statements and move on? It is understandable that people who are earning millions and have no financial worries could understand or appreciate what it is like without an income and a family to feed. They will just say some cock like they understand and they could emphatise with the victims of unemployment and move on to enjoy their Swiss standard of living.

The plight of the PMETs is genuine and very serious and must be the top priority of the govt. What, cannot understand what the angst is all about? Or would the govt find it more important to provide more good jobs to foreigners? It is so exasperating and painful to see the govt trying so hard to help foreign countries, to provide jobs to foreigners like it is the govt’s responsibility but leaving the citizen PMETs in the lurch.

Read this conversation with an unemployed IT professional called Patrick.

‘Transitioning: What do you think the government can do to alleviate the current employment situation?

Patrick: Immediate (should start by July):

1. Stop issuing all Employment Passes (EP) for PMET jobs immediately.
2. Enforce a rule that makes it necessary for employers to look at the unemployed Singaporeans first.
3. Start a database of all unemployed PMET’s in Singapore that the employers can tap on for immediate hire.
4. For those employers who are looking for a specific skill, WDA can provide free/subsidised training for the candidates who come close to the requirement but missing one or two skills. Employer could also provide OJT for such candidates.
5. Provide clear & transparent statistics on unemployed PMETs to the general public. The statistics could include things like Age, Gender, Race, Qualification, Duration of Unemployment (1-3months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months >1 year, >2 years). I believe right now if you are unemployed more than 6 months you are considered “retired”. Currently the statistics says that Singapore unemployment rate is 1.9%. I don’t think this takes into consideration people who are jobless for more than 6 months. I feel that the unemployment rate might be much higher. Let’s be transparent about how many are really unemployed.

Long term (should start by Jan 2016):

What should happen is that employers should have to demonstrate that there is a shortage of the specific skills/PMET in Singapore and so needs to hire from overseas. The EP should only be given after a 3-6 months of exhaustive search locally. Exhaustive mean that they should keep all records of those people they interviewed and have a clearly detailed report on why that person was not suitable.

Their search should not be limited to job agents and job websites, but they should also work with WDA, MOM etc to find suitable locals. Companies can only apply for EP if such a skill is not found locally (SG/PR). MOM needs to review the report made by the employer and cross check with the candidates, WDA and job agents to ensure the authenticity of the report. During the review if a suitable local candidate is found then the employer will not get an EP approval.

We should also have an absolute limit to the number of EP’s per year, just like the US does with its H1B. So for example if Singapore adds 50K PMET jobs annually, then only about 10-15K EP’s will be set aside for that year. Once the EP’s finish, no more EP for that year. Try next year!....

Transitioning: Many people have blamed foreigners for competing on jobs with us, what is your view on this?

Patrick: When I was employed, we used to often invite friends and family over to our home for dinner. These days we have completely stopped as we are trying to cut down on our costs. To me, its the same at the national level. When you have unemployed people in your own home, you should not be inviting others to come in. It’s like you have hungry mouths to feed in your home and you invite outsiders for dinner.

I don’t blame the foreigners, they are coming in because we let them in/invite them. It’s a policy and implementation issue…. Every evening I go to bed angry and frustrated that nothing happened. But I wake up again next morning and I try something a little different.’


This is not an isolated case. Many cases were not reported. Many blamed themselves. Many refused to talk. Many just make do with whatever they could get by, or simply retired. And we have hundreds of thousands of foreign PMETs and many fakes here. Just removing the fakes would create more than enough jobs for our citizens. Do our PMETs have to suffer while the foreigners are having good jobs and feeding their families in our very own country with the good jobs we gave to them? Does our govt owe these foreigners a good job, a good life and no responsibility to our citizens?

Those assholes that think our citizens are not talented enough, not skilled enough, lazy, demanding, I say stuff it in your mouth. PMETs like Patrick are very good talents, very experienced and very motivated and pragmatic. Not someone with entitlement mentality like the assholes liked to blame them. They are victims of a silly and irresponsible policy.

What is the govt thinking? Would the govt want to seriously do something to take care of our PMETs or busy providing jobs for foreigners and building cities for foreigners?
If you are a Singaporean PMET, you turn will come next, and very soon. Don’t ever believe that you are safe, that it would not happen to you. You will be screwed, your family and children will be screwed.


Anonymous said...

I am also like Patrick except I Kena many many years ago and much older than him. Unfortunately it's still a small minority. Those holding jobs don't think it will happen to them so more good years ahead until they Kena the chop.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore a Nazi slave labour camp?
When fresh slaves arrive on the train, the older slaves are exterminated to make way for the new slaves?


Anonymous said...

If you are a Singaporean PMET, you turn will come next, and very soon.

Yah lah, but such PMETs, and assuming they did not vote PAP, are still a minority lah, about 40% or less even in bad, if not worse, times than now, eg in 2011.

And don't forget, for every Sinkie PMET whose turn come next and hence did not vote PAP, there will be another new instant citizen minted by PAP.

So like that how can PAP not maintain their 60% votes next GE, just like in last GE? Also as WP Teochew Ah Hia will tell u, a lot of Sinkies are also very scared the opposition, being not ready to be govt, will be worse than PAP if they are voted in. So all in all, how on earth can PAP be voted out, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"PMET’s plight – Would anyone listen, would anyone bother, would anyone care?"

I listen, I bother, I care, I agree with RB but I am just not able to provide the retrenched Sinkie PMET a job like his last job leh.

I also did not vote PAP last GE. But Sinkies like me no enough to vote PAP out leh.

I also went to Hong Lim Park to join the protests but Sinkies like me also getting less and less at Hong Lim Park leh.

So like that how?

Anonymous said...

同情! 同情! 同情!

It is really pointless and a waste of time to just talk and talk about FTs taking away jobs from local PMETs.

You can only kpkb, kpkb and more kpkb.

Who is listening?

Hope it is not 对牛弹琴!

Hope that with your kpkbs and with the 牛s home, something is done.

What else can you do?

U tell me lah!


This is life, here!

Anonymous said...

Gilbert himself is also a loser lah, not just politically (he even lost to the hated Mabok Tan last GE), professionally (just look at his job employment record) and personal (divorced, and he went public about it, that's how I know).

So not surprisingly, birds of a feather flock together mah.

But luckily for PAP, Sinkies like Gilbert, or the boy "hero" Amos, are a minority lah, or else PAP will be in real trouble.

Anonymous said...

How many PMETs (Personally Most Easy Targets) are there who have to go to the Last Resort of Gilbert's Transitioning.org?

Are they hungry enough to start a Revolution?
Are they large enough a number to start a Revolution?
Are they crazy enough to start a Revolution?
Are they smart and bold enough to start a Revolution?


Are they cowards and clueless to begin with?
Are they a very small minority to begin with?
Are they stupid enough to allow themselves to be jobless to begin with?
Are they so timid enough that they just stood there to let others took away their jobs in begin with?


Can they not know that GOD ONLY HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES to begin with?
Can they not do something to help themselves to begin with?
Can they not upgrade themselves to begin with?
Can they not stop voting for PAP to begin with?
Can they not influence others to stop voting for PAP to begin with?
Can they not join the Opposition Political Parties to begin with?

OR, Failing all the above,

Can they go and drop dead or jump into the sea to feed the sharks as the last resort?

Anonymous said...

Are PMET really PAP's Most Easy Targets ?
- true or not?
- what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Sinkie opposition not ready to be govt, so 60% Sinkies know what to do during GE. And for sure.

Suffering, jobless, and money no enough Sinkies, even as minority, dare not illegally protest on the streets. So the streets are very peaceful.

Hence PAP always win election and the streets are also peaceful. What more can PAP want, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Are PMET really PAP's Most Easy Targets ?
Anon 10:45 a.m.

Only the daft and the losers lah. And some more they are only a minority, so even if they voted opposition, so what? That's why they are PAP's Most Easy Targets lah, tio bo?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Alamak, more boo hoo hoo cry-baby shit.

>> Would anyone care, bother, or willing to listen to their plight? <

Why should anyone bother? People lose their jobs every day due to many factors. What makes these people so fucking "special" that they seem to have "rights" way above everyone else.

Funny, no one seems to have asked those questions before.

>> The plight of the PMETs is genuine and very serious and must be the top priority of the govt.

Oh fucking bullshit lah. Get off the bad weed yu're smoking bro'! If that is the case, every man and his dog should go crying to the govt and the govt should drop everything they're doing to focus on getting Joe and his dog Fido another job as a "top priority". C'mon, lah get fucking REAL!

Another thing about this PMET "issue" is that there is very little response from EMPLOYERS---you know, the ones who have to shell out REAL MONEY to pay workers. All we've heard is blah blah blah-de blah blah blah from the so-called "victims" who have figured out that they are ENTITLED to a living, and it is the government's job (top priority, no less) to ensure that everyone is fed, watered and goes to sleep with someone singing lullabies to them, all provided by government.

Chaos, randomness and volatility are necessary to make the culture and society "Antifragile". If you want to know why the "spur in the back" policy of Lee Kuan Yew is good for the cuntree and the people, then check out Nassim Nicholas Taleb's great book Antifragile

Excerpt: "Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty. Yet, in spite of the ubiquity of the phenomenon, there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile. Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better"

From the Straits Times last December

Read, ENTITLED motherfuckers, read what Professor Taleb has to say, then wake up your motherfucking stuporous brain and join the rest of us in the year 2015:
The challenge is the next generation, he says. "You have to make sure the next generation doesn't get too comfortable. Don't over-educate them. Push them harder. Don't be too nice to the next generation. Progress comes before education. The causality is inverse. If you increase education in a country, you lower the progress. It inhibits risk taking."

So there. Spurs in the back? SPLENDID idea! (has science and statistics to back it up)

Anonymous said...

Last Christmas, I bought a battery operated toy for my son.
The toy is sold and the "battery is not included".

In GE 2011, my friend voted PAP.
Since then, my friend found out that PAP politicians do not come equipped with brains.
PAP politicians - Brains not included.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima May Be At Risk Of Imminent "Hydrogen Explosion"

Containers holding contaminated water at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant are at risk of hydrogen explosions


Should we ask if PAP has finally decided to abandon its nuclear policy for Singapore?

Anonymous said...

PMETs tak guna lagi.

Sekarang Era PAP.

That is to say the good money

is in pimping and prostitution.

Move with the time and adapt,

change your profession.

agongkia said...

Blame towkays meh cheng hoo . ..no use lah.
Employers do not owe anyone a living and if one is being let go, it mean one is not worth keeping.

Employers cannot afford to keep Chia leow bees .
PMETs should repent and not think our towkays prefer FTs becos they are cheaper.

l notice some PMETs still bossing our elderly low income workers instead of playing their role to keng how to increase companies profit.
Garmen want teach towkays how to run a business still acceptable cos they cheng hoo..
PMETs who fail to secure their riceball oso want teach towkays what to do.Walao.
Face the facts.Nothing to be shameful to drive taxi or become screwty.
拿得起放得下.Be prepared to change profession.
So long as u r willing to work ,not choosy or lazy or asking for unreasonable pay,there are abundance of jobs for you .

Anonymous said...

Identify and Boycott All Pro Alien Businesses
- you don't hire Singaporeans
- we boycott your business

Anonymous said...

Boycott Pro Alien Businesses
Boycott Alien employees
Insist on being served by Singaporeans only.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Pro Alien businesses and
Pro Alien Regime.


VOTE PAP ??????????

b said...

its part of the cycle unless one joins the ruling party.