PAP – The ground is sweet

A ST survey has convincingly announced that the ground is sweet for the PAP and this may prompt the PAP to call an early election. And from the comments by Hsien Loong, they are taking the findings of the survey very positively. There is a renewed confidence in the PAP camp that all is well. And you can’t blame them for being so confident.
Hsien Loong has pushed out his slate of leaders that are quite unbeatable in every way. The response from the public must be very encouraging. No one is saying anything bad about them, so must be good. Everyone is a talent and a leader in his own right and should be able to carry all the GRCs they are going to lead. The gloom and fear of getting the marching order like Aljunied GRC are history.
The position camp, particularly the WP, has been in a big struggle to get their accounts right in the AHPETC. They are so bogged down by the details that they have no time even to eat or sleep. The other opposition parties are also very quiet and not seem to be engaging the people other than the SDP. The SFP, a breath of fresh air and looking promising, has also cut down on their PR activities.

What about the grudging issues that were troubling the people? Where got issues? Since the days Roy and his friends were hauled up and charged in court, the CPF issue is no longer an issue. No one is talking about it anymore. This means that there is no issue and the people are happy with the state of their CPF savings.

And the people are so grateful with the MedishieldLife and the CPFLife providing coverage for their future needs. In addition to these two wonderful schemes, there is the Pioneer Generation Package that made all the pioneers smiling in glee. Everything is now a big discount and they are even spending more on medical needs and dental treatments, things they would not dare to at the old prices and without the discounts.
Public housing is also no longer an issue as the prices are now better than affordable. People with income of $1,000 can also buy a public flat. Where to find such good deals?

PMETs and foreigners too are non issues. Just adapt and get use to it. After a while the situation will become the new normal. Fake degrees, where got? If got fake degrees, they would have all been sent home. Our ministries are super efficient in law and order. And this is well known throughout the world. Foreigners coming here are all genuine degree holders and professionals and the most honest people in their countries. The cheats and fakes would not dare to be here to be caught and sent home.

Now, what else is an issue? Can’t think of any really. It is celebration time. The big bash in SG50 is around the corner. Everyone is gearing to party and parties are everywhere. The spirit is high. There is money everywhere. $324m for the SEA Games is chicken feat. You need money to celebrate and enjoy, just ask and shall be given.

This GE is going to be a walkover and a convincing win for the PAP. The voters will show their approval by giving them a bigger majority. Aljunied GRC, Hougang and Punggol East will be returned to the PAP fold. The PAP is delivering everything the people want and the people will reciprocate for such a good govt. The opposition parties are in hiding, fleeing, knowing their chances are as good as zilch.

Ouch! Stop throwing rotten eggs at me. I am telling the truth. I got the ST survey to prove that I am telling the truth. The survey would not lie. If you don’t believe, see when the election will be called. It will be very soon. The PAP is ready and is walking the ground. They are absolutely confident of a big win this time.

Where is the opposition? Where got public angst? No more complaints, no protests, all is fine. Everything will be back to normal after the next GE with PAP in control.

More good years and more good times.


Anonymous said...

I could not have agreed more and good that u have come to the same conclusion like the 60%. God bless

Anonymous said...

Tiok. I fully agree the ground for PAP is sweet.

Or rather as sweet as in 2011 lah, if not better.

Because there is one, and only one thing, that will make the ground for PAP sour. And really sour.

That's when a Sinkie opposition leader announce that his party will contest 100% seats AS ONE PARTY in next GE. But so far not yet, tio bo?

And sorry lah, if many opposition parties combined, including new kid on the block, Goh Meng Seng aka Madcow's PPP, contest 100% seats, not counted hor. Because it will simply be a repeat of 2011, where they contested almost 100% but lost 93%. Even presidential material Hainan Ah Ko also lost, so what more "Madcow" Goh or even Aung Juan Soon Chee, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

WP, SDP, NSP, RP, SPP, SDA, DPP, SFP, PPP, PKMS, SF etc etc in tiny Sinkieland.

Wah lau eh, like that how to win?

No wonder the ground for PAP is sweet. And rightly so.

Anonymous said...


The ground is not only sweet for
PAP but very very very sweet!

Just look around you, people are
smiling and very happy.

Yes, there are still kpkb. But
only kpkb and more kpkb.

Look at the PAP after 2011 GE.

PAP is extremely active on the
ground organising activities and
celebrations at all corners of
this tiny island with massive
participations with free gifts
and goody bags.

Everyday is a PAP Day!

How not to win BIG BIG BIG at the
coming GE.

If GE is called between now and
the next 6 mths, the most likely
result would be.........

PAP 71.8% vs 28.2% OPPS

What say U?


Anonymous said...

PAP 71.8% vs 28.2% OPPS
Anon 9:29 a.m.

Very possible, with many instant Sinkies like that fake MBA Nisha from IDA since 2011.

Or even many more undiscovered Yang Yin PRs turn instant Sinkies.

There are good reasons why PAP make so many new Sinkies, and also why so many foreign talents readily available for PAP to make into instant SInkies.

Anonymous said...

Redbean has never been so right.

2015 is the sweetest year for the ruling party to call the general election.
Voters are missing lky and with them still mourning for him, strike when the iron is hot.
It will be over 70% victory for PAP.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. Is 70% if the voters are third world electorate . They are so easily bought over. After a 50years of elections, papa has figured the dumb voters. Just fill the stop gap , tweak here and there, you got the winning recipe

If it's the first world electorate calibre, it will be 55% because they know there are immigration , cpf, jobs and social issues that they are not solving. It will be a long road to serfdom giving the lee dynasty full reigns without thinking hard and smart, like one very smart amos said " are you comfortably numb" ? If yes, congrats to your serfdom hood.

patriot said...

Keeping PAP alive and strong is akin to maintaining the Honour and Respect for Lee Kuan Yew.

Yes 2015 shall be a good year for the
Peoples Action Party.

Once the Memories of Lee Kuan Yew fades, opportunity will be missed.


Anonymous said...

people's memories are very short

if pap wants to win big big they must call the ge soon

all the five "elements" are for a pap big win

wait no more

call now

Anonymous said...

Just a bunch of Millionaires and their cronies telling us they are working hard to "help" Singaporeans.
What a joke.
Can't believe that I used to trust and believe in such people.

Virgo 49 said...

LHL proudly announced new batch of ministers in next change.

If not confident, think he dares to say do confidently that the ground is sweet and they win hands up.

Kee chiu!!@

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ bullshit survey from Straits Times via redbean:

>> The survey would not lie. <<

Actually, surveys such as this---the "stop and ask questions" kind are notoriously inaccurate.

Most people asked will say "Yes, the govt is good", even if they believe otherwise. Once in awhile you'll get an outspoken political-type loser who will swear on his mother how bad the govt is and what they should do instead---according to him, of course, a self-appointed ex-spurt to out elite the elite ex-spurts. But this kind of "character" is a minority.

IMO, the PAP will probably win. (nothing is absolutely certain). However I doubt they will "sweep". I predict that they might lose another ward or 2, and they should. If the PAP think that "competition" is good for the people, then they have to accept that political competition is good for them :-) 😎

One thing is for certain though, because it is a truism:
The Sheeple 🐏🐑 Get The Govt And The Cuntry They Deserve

And Singapore deserves a RICH cuntry with a Benign Dictatorship govt.

100% guaranteed success. Proven track record: 50 years. 👏👏

What Is It There For Us said...

My family and I have been voting against the PAP for the past 20 years, yet PAP is still there, garnering at least 90 percent of the seats in Parliament.

The majority of 60 percent of voters still voted for PAP.

The Opposition Parties, despite WP gaining a GRC and a total of 7 or 8 seats in Parliament, it still cannot make any headway. Instead of fighting for the people, it is now having to fend for its own survival.

All the Opposition Parties instead of becoming united and stronger as a single voice to challenge the PAP head on, they have become more dis-united and weaker, through their own stupidity and selfishness.

Everyone wanted to be Red Dot Indian Chiefs. Not a single one of them want to be Red Dot Indians.

Now, we have another new party, SFP or Singaporeans First Party. People who made use of the SDP as a springboard and participated in the last GE and lost. Then they become disillusioned and unhappy, and left the SDP to form their own party, hoping they can take over the PAP as the next Government. Big Daring Dream but a Big Fat Hope. An example of lack of co-operation and selfishness. How can these people hope voters to even trust them?

So, seeing the Opposition Parties are in a big mess and disarray, my family and I will, this time round, vote for the PAP for a change.

Change to better or worst, we do not know. But we definitely know if we continue to vote for the Opposition Parties, nothing is going the change.

It is better for the people if the PAP can win all the seats, wiping out all contenders, and be contented and rule the country without any problems. PAP can then concentrate fully in doing whatever their heads lead.

Either we perish together or we succeed together. In politics, nothing is constant. One day I am your enemy, next day I may be your most trusted friend. It is all a matter of survival and a matter of the hearts and mind.

This is the game of politics:


Anonymous said...

After Hougang, Aljunied GRC and Punggol East return to the fold, the rules will change. For one, these few constituencies will disappear.

Next, all candidates, whether PAP or opposition will have to go through a committee (selected by the PAP, of course) to determine whether they are trustworthy to run the town council (the recent sabotagging of the AHPETC was to consolidate this argument of needing a select committee).

Last, but not least, Sinkies better grease their buttocks (I should say the arse) for the ramming that comes after each election. But this time, without any opposition in Parliament, enjoy the ramming that will be fast and furious 9, 10, 11 etc.

Anonymous said...

What Is It There For Us 2.10pm pls note......

You are correct.

Like yr family, many other families will also be voting for PAP this time for a change.

Because of that, PAP is likely to recapture all lost seats and the parliament will then be 100% PAP!

Hope your dream comes true.

We shall see.


b said...

Majority will still vote for pap cos there are none as qualified as ah long to be PM. He is groomed for this job, has a respectable good not fake degree, very rich, very well spoken, very friendly especially to aunties etc. Who else in sin can match him? The main problem of his party (not him) is some of his ministers are not up to standard and that caused his party to lose votes. They should be replaced.

Anonymous said...

PAP even managed to hire Amos as a part time IB to help criticize Roy and TOC liao, how not to win? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments here, the ground is really sweet. I think the chikus are really ripe for the picking and the papayas are ready to fall to the ground.

If you do not understand what I am saying, ask the Emeritus Minister. He will tell you he can feel it in his bones.

patriot said...

Does Sinkies remember the Speculations that the Stock Market will slump and many more untowards happening if Lee Kuan Yew dies?

Well, he is dead, anything happens? The Stock Index is at its highest after he died and Sinkies are busy preparing to celebrate SG 50 and NDP. More COEs are being issued with more larger BMWs, Merses, Porsches, Land Rovers, Ferraries and Lambos on the Roads.
Condominiums are sprouting everywhere like Lalang(local weed) in season. Long queues at Ding Tai Feng and other upmarket restaurants.
Even cleaners and taxi drivers are enjoying tours in Europe, Australia and USA. Indeed, things have never been more rosy.
It is the Best Time for the General Election and must not be missed.

Lee Kuan Yew's Demise is a blessing in disguise for the PAP. However, the Auspicious Moment must not be missed. It could turn the Opposite Way if not seized upon and the Blessing could change to become a bane.

Just to recap that the Speculations were right(correct), BUT, the Timing was not accurate.
The Worries shall come a little later than speculated and it will come without fail. Some Sinkies found the Sampan leaking, naturally it shall sink
in due time.

风水轮流转(good and bad take turns and go in circle). There is no perpetual luck, happiness or anything.


Anonymous said...

Golden Village Tampines
- There are 12 different movies running there today (21st May)
- Four of those are Indian movies
1) Tanu Weds Manu Returns
2) Bombay Velvet
3) Piku Motion Se Hi Emotion
4) 36 Vayadhinile


So you tell me lah!
PAP will win with 90% of the votes in GE 2015 or not?

Will Singapore be the 30th state of India very soon or not?
Thank Yew very much.

Anonymous said...

With everything looking so good for the PAP, those hoping for a change of govt would have to look deep into their pockets for a solution.