Monroe Doctrine in the South China Sea

The gist of the Monroe Doctrine is this, copied from Wikipedia, ‘The three main concepts of the doctrine—separate spheres of influence for the Americas and Europe, non-colonization, and non-intervention—were designed to signify a clear break between the New World and the autocratic realm of Europe. Monroe’s administration forewarned the imperial European powers against interfering in the affairs of the newly independent Latin American states or potential United States territories.

The Americans have been guarding their backyards, South America, as their special sphere of influence and no European countries or anyone else should be allowed to interfere in both North and South America. After its ascendency as the Number One Super Power, it has extended this to cover the whole world as its area of influence. No country can interfere in South America, but the Americans can poke its dirty fingers everywhere, and now they are going to poke in the South China Sea.

It is about time China follows the Indian Empire by declaring the East and South China Sea as its zones of influence, like the Indian Ocean to the Indians. It is only a matter of time before China pushes the Americans out of these two seas as it regains its military clout. The Americans would not want out and would want to extend the Monroe Doctrine to cover the rest of the world. They can only do it when it was the only Super Power and can use its military to coerce other lesser powers.

The geostrategic balance has changed. China is no pushover and has core interests to protect in the East and South China Seas and would put up a fight if forced to. The Americans have been provoking the other littoral states to confront China, but no one is stupid enough to want to engage in a war for the Americans except the semi colonies of the Empire. Japan is very eager, and so is the Philippines and to some extent Vietnam.
Who would be the cannon fodder should war break out between the US and China? Where would be the battle field of destruction? Most Asean states know it too well and would not want to be the proxies of American military aggression in the region. They can see how destructive a war can be if they got involved. And why should they be made used of by the Americans to fight and die for the Americans and get their countries and economies blasted to Stone Age?

In time, China would impose its own Monroe Doctrine on the Americans and tell the Americans to piss off to the Americas. The Americans don’t own the world and they should know that the world has changed. But the Americans would not go away without a fight. And this trip by John Kerry is to give notice to China that it wants to stay, and throwing its weight at China. China would have to say a firm No and to say it would fight if pushed to the wall. China would protect its core interests in its backyard just like the Americans would.

Who is the aggressor and the war monger? A thief calling China thief! The first time the Americans were kicked out of Asia was in Vietnam. Now it is going to be kicked further away by China. Would the average American boys and girls be willing to die for the islands in the South China Sea? What interest or relevance has these distant islands or rocks to their good life that they need to fight and die for half way round the world?
China has been trying to appease the Americans by saying the world is big enough for both of them. The Americans wanted the whole world for themselves and would not want to share with any country, not China.

It is Redcon One now. Don’t be deceived by Kerry’s smiling face in Beijing. He came with a sword. China got to thank Qian Xuesen and his good friend nuclear scientist YouLai that it too has the magical sword to prevent any adventurism by the Americans. Without the deterrence of the nuclear umbrella, you can bet the Americans will be running not only all over the South China Sea but also inside China and burning down Zhong Nan Hai.

The evil Empire is showing its hands.


Unknown said...

Who will stand up for the smaller countries, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia who have equal rights to parts of the South China Sea?
Will Singapore help them?

As I said before I am not a fan of American "hegemonism" but China is asserting its might and power in the South China Sea. Have you ever looked at a Mainland China map? Their border takes in the WHOLE of the South China Sea running along the coasts of all these countries> What gives them the right to claim this?

These small countries (in comparison to China's military might) have no chance in challenging China.

So how do YOU suggest making sure there is no rape by China?

Anonymous said...

The evil Empire is showing its hands.

Evil though they may be, but they are not stupid lah.

I mean, why want to fight a war when the Empire can make money?

Why want to join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP when Sinkies, by being smart, can make lots of money under PAP rule?

And if Sinkies are really smart, they can even make money in Timbuktu! So what so difficult for them in Sinkieland?

Only daft Sinkies are suffering due to money no enough and perhaps also vote opposition. Luckily for PAP, they comprised only 40% of all Sinkies, even in worse economic times for Sinkies than now, like in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will become heaven when China finally takes over us as the 27th province. All our problems will go away. We should get GIC & Temasek to invest in China's development of South China Seas, and to build causeway to Singapore. Soon the Straits of Malacca and also Andaman Sea will be ours as well.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will become heaven when China finally takes over us as the 27th province.
Anon 10:55 a.m.

Tiok. But not so soon lah. Most likely after, and not before, the Sinkie opposition is ready to be govt.

So will u still be around to live in the Singapore heaven?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Straycat,

When Adam and Eve were the two living persons on earth, everything belonged to them. In the early days, it was finders keepers. The new Law of the Seas has no retrospective effect on lands already claimed.

The Europeans claimed the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many more islands in the Pacific. China is claiming the islands in the South China Sea. If you read my earlier posts, the difference, China is claiming no man's land. The Europeans claimed land with natives or original people in them.

Everyone can claim the islands in the South China Sea, terra nullius. It depends on who claimed them first. China is claiming islands near to their mainland. How near are the Americas, Australia and New Zealand to Europe?

The Pinoys, Viets and Malaysians are trying to claim land already claimed by China. When China was a state, these three countries were not even states. There was no statehood or countries to talk about in the 12th or 13th centuries. There was no India, no Indonesia, no Malaya or Malaysia, no Philippines. The natives were more like tribes, did not know what was statehood or how big was their land. They did not even know of the existence of the islands now they are trying to claim.

That is the historical perspective. The European perspective is ownership by gunboats. They came, they saw, they conquered. Natives are not human beans. Not counted?

Anonymous said...

So will u still be around to live in the Singapore heaven?
Anon 11:16 a.m.

I'm accelerating the process by selling military secrets to China, what weapons we have, tanks, planes, ships. submarines, how many personnel, where our camps & airbases are located on S'pore map, range of our radars over the south china sea, how often & how many fighter jet patrols we fly each day/each week, etc etc.

From the feedback, many of the PLA generals not very impressed by SAF leh.. They practically discount the reservists by 50%.

patriot said...

Governments are made up of people or more specifically, humans. The People the Governments rule are also human beings, why are they under the Rules of other human beings? Power or Authority is the Answer; the Rulers cower all the Ruled and lord over them. This is the Human Way to organise societies and the World at large.

It is time for China to have a showdown liked the many wars, invasions of the Past. Whoever wins, I suggest that the enemy(ies) be wiped out as much as possible for a longer peace thereafter.

War is as important as death, both are for beings to learn and for renewal.

Personally, I believe that mankind is no different to other Species which are all territorial. It is in the Nature of beings and the ONLY REASON why there can NEVER BE LONG TERM PEACE ANYWHERE.

So, let Nature takes its course.


The said...

China has already begun to carve out its own spheres of influence by harking back to the ancient Silk Route. This time round, China added a Maritime Silk Road to the old land-based Silk Road Belt. The One Road One Belt Initiative basically aims to stitch up the countries in Asia, Central Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Let China play on the Asian Continent.

Let US play in its own backyard in the Americas.

And let the Europeans play in old Europe.

Well water don't offend river water.


Anonymous said...

Not so easy. The Americans want to boss around with everyone. We are Number One. We are the Empire. Pax Americana.

b said...

Before the any great empire were destroyed, they would bossed around for a period of time. Its a display of insecurity. Insecurity means the game is going to be over soon.

Unknown said...

@RedBean: Using your logic we might as well rewrite all of the world's history and revert half of western Europe back to the Roman Empire, or the Vikings, or even earlier, the merovingers, etc.

By your reasoning, Korea, japan, indochina belongs to China as well...

This view is typical Mainland Chinese Communist view... Once you open that can of worms, where does it stop?

Anonymous said...

who gives them the right to claim this?

australia, canada, US, new Zealand, and UK - controlled by white immigrant ,not local native.

did you ever question their authority, their sovereignty , their legality over land ?

when china make their claim in 1947,
there are no such concept as " territorial water' "eez" or entity like philippine, vietnam.

nobody is preventing vietnam, philippine enjoy freedom of navigation in south china sea

the dispute is over island, reef, shoal , oil and gas ownership., right to extract these mineral

vietnam and philippine had drilling for oil in those disputed water

china dont have any oil rigs in those water.

Unknown said...

@anonymous 5:56 Good question: "who gives "them" the right to claim this" (who is "them"?)
You can't "re-write" history. Things happened, colonialism happened, empires claimed territories, fought wars...
Many, I repeat, many injustices were made by the white man...many injustices were made by other empires as well (Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, etc..)
You can't go through history and pick and choose who was right and who was wrong using today's moral values.
In fact, most of the historical "wrongs" were often in name of religion as well (and still are in many areas).

Fanatism is the real problem, on both sides.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China hasn't seen anything yet. This is just "rabah rabah" aka"foreplay".

After the 45th US President Hillary R Clinton gets sworn into office, the real fun will begin.

As the first woman president, Hillary will have "a lot to prove". I don't usually gamble, but if I were a betting man, I'll bet "Hill Dog" will pick at China---from "human rights" issues, to work practices, to currency manipulation, to being an aggressor in Asia. The western press will have a field day as they'd be challenging each other as to "who can bash China the best WINS!", or some other pissing contest, blasted into homes, offices and minds by the 24hr news cycle..

Redbean of course, will flip his shit after reading the pontificating western "free" press, and as is to be expected---will vent his spleen with daily excoriating commentary.

Unfortunately, the best person to help stabilise relations would have been Lee Kuan Yew---60-70 years old, crafty and still fiery---like you'd expect an older gangster mob boss to be---who has "advised" both Washington and Beijing in various matters. And give credit where credit is due---the guy was a great geopolitical analyst.

Plus the LKY "sharp tongue" is world famous: he'll talk shit about a cuntry if he thinks they or their leaders are fucking up. He came to Australia and scolded the whole cuntry on TV warning Australians that they'll soon be: "The poor white trash of Asia". Ouch! That hurt. I know, I was here :-)

But, no one was offended. No one complained to police. Australia reformed, got rich again, no worries, mate. And guess what? Still got freedom of speech here. Lots of it. ;-)

And so this shit between the 2 big powers will likely drag on as the sabre rattling and chest beating continues.

The Indians, quietly on the sidelines, are surreptitiously figuring out "Eh dah, How to make money from this US-China thing? Ah-chah, I tell you, could be very lucrative!". Indians. Also good entrepreneurs and exploiters of opportunity.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Straycat,

If you have been following China, you will notice that China has not claim anything that was not China's before. Also many of China's land that were held by Russia, and those in dispute with Japan and India, were kept at status quo.

The Chinese are not pushing back history. They are reasonable in this sense. They could retake Hong Kong and Macau long ago, but they abided by the unequal treaties signed. It is thus unfair to use comments like China might as well claim Japan and Korea and push the Europeans back to Europe. No one is asking for that. No one is asking American to pay for the genocide of the Red Indians or compensations for the slaves from Africa.

Those are fait accompli, history. The issue here is the Americans trying to fuck around and stir shit in an area that is none of its business, and already a fait accompli, claimed by China as part of China.

The Americans are trying to do what they have been doing everywhere since WW2, to stir shit and create tension and conflict so that the rest of the world are at loggerheads, fighting and fighting while they look from afar, enjoy the fight, sell arms, and manipulate and control the combatants.

And these fighting countries have no time for economic devt while America enjoy peace to develop and get rich.

I think the rest of the world by now should know what the Americans are up to. The Chinese have been playing by the rules while Americans are breaking all the rules but pointing the fingers at the Chinese and tagged the Chinese as an expansionist power.

The rogue of the world is the Americans, fixing countries to fight against each other. They are the scourge of the ME and they are the one keeping the ME burning till today.

Next target, SE Asia. Hope the silly Asean countries would not be duped into war in the region.

Anonymous said...

"Next target, SE Asia. Hope the silly Asean countries would not be duped into war in the region."

don't worry lah! Our PM Lee will provide the "correct" guidance to ASEAN when the need arises.

Anonymous said...

You can't "re-write" history. Things happened, colonialism happened, empires claimed territories, fought wars..

you cant deny that china nine dash claim is valid and had strong historical basis.

china make their claim officially in 1947.

you cant re write the history.
thing happen.
injustice happen.
without logic . without any reason.

thus, there is nothing wrong with
china nine dash claim over south china sea.( despite along the coast of those countries)

if you deny china claim,
then you are actually re writing history.

you are using "common sense/logic" to dispute sovereignty of china claim.
(along the coast of all those countries)


because you feel " INJUSTICE , UNFAIR , UNREASONABLE" that china had wide claim.

you tend to ignore that name of sea is SOUTH CHINA
despite it is much nearer to vietnam and philippine.

it is not ocean, it is SEA.

how do you know the difference between between a sea and an ocean?

Anonymous said...

You can't go through history and pick and choose who was right and who was wrong using today's moral values.

vietnam dont have right to stole land from france, ( expelling foreign invader )

philippine dont have right to stole land from american

because france , american are the real owner of those land in asian.

because you cant rewrite history.

vietnam and philippine should accept the fact that those land belongs to france and american

historical claim had no legal basis.

vietnam dont have right to expel france.

philippine dont have right to expel american.

american and france are not COLONIZER.

they are owner of those land

vietnam and philippine are INVADER because they kicked out the US and france from their own land in asian.

based on your logic.

because historical right, claim is useless.

Once you open that can of worms, where does it stop?

b said...

Since it is south china sea, it belongs to china right from the start. There is only one sea that attached the name to a country because it belongs to that country. There are no india ocean but indian ocean and we all know indian means not only the people from india.

Anonymous said...

There is no Monroe Doctrine in South China Sea or Anywhere in the World. The White Man only has one DOGTRAIN (Doctrine) and that is to DOMINATE AND CONTROL THE WHOLE WORLD, as if it belongs to him and only him. He is the Superior Race that owns this planet, the moon, Venus, Mars, etc etc.

What the rest of the World must do is not to fear and serve this WHITE MAN any more.

The trouble is most Asians,whether black, yellow or brown, simply love the WHITE DICK, and TOM and HARRY (and also HARRY LEE).

Anonymous said...

US certainly has no objection to UK control of Falklands island, the anglicised name of Guerra de las Malvinas 10,000 miles away from UK. Why? kakilang maybe all english speaking anglo-saxon countries plus canada, australia NZ, all still symbolically under UK crown.

Anonymous said...

The United States was concerned by the prospect of Argentina turning to the Soviet Union for support,[29] and initially tried to mediate an end to the conflict. However, when Argentina refused the US peace overtures, US Secretary of State Alexander Haig announced that the United States would prohibit arms sales to Argentina and provide material support for British operations. Both Houses of the US Congress passed resolutions supporting the US action siding with the United Kingdom. wiki