Money laundering, degree laundering

We have heard of money laundering where dirty money are washed and clean to become respectable money for circulation. One of the methods is to use layering, get the dirty money through several layers, buy, sell, buy sell, like buying stocks, properties or even winnings in the casinos. Then the source of the new money becomes legitimate. When asked, the money comes from selling of properties or stocks or from the casinos, not from drugs or corruption. And if no one is able to trace a few steps back, everything will be fine, no more dirty traces to cry foul.

Laundering of fake degrees and qualifications and CVs go through the same processes, layering. Start with some fake degrees, get a job through some connection, by paying if necessary, work in some organizations, resigned, changed jobs, and along the way get a lot of recommendations and testimonials. These recommendations and testimonials can also be bought without one actually working in any organization. Pad up the new CVs and go overseas to gullible countries that are lax in vetting and checking. Get employed in some genuine organizations.

After several layering, the fake past can be discarded. Even the fake degrees can be discarded especially in silly countries that claimed degrees are not important. Look at the track record, can do the job, with good references will do.  These stupid countries did not think resumes and testimonials can also be fakes, can also be bought.

After getting genuine work experience in silly but reputable organizations or countries, jump ship, go to the USA, Australia or Europe to start a new life with the new resumes.  After a few years can come to 1st World countries like Singapore and look for top management positions as foreign talents. No one will have any clue of who this animal was. The past will be erased and forgotten, all the fake degrees and fake resumes no longer needed. Now walk around proudly with a newly minted or laundered CVs, work experience and new degree by enrolling in genuine universities using the work experience as requirements for admission.

See, laundering of CVs and qualifications can also be done quite easily.


Anonymous said...

But what can PAP do, if these degree, testimonial or what not laundering foreign talents are the best available ones and in the numbers required for PAP to choose from?

And due to Sinkies no enough, and for the sake of GDP growth, not taking them because they are suspected to be fakes is also not an option.

And if even casinos, and not one but 2, are OK for GDP growth, what can be worse with fake degrees or the CECA agreement with India, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"But what can PAP do, if these degree, testimonial or what not laundering foreign talents are the best available ones and in the numbers required for PAP to choose from?"
May 03, 2015 10:07 a.m.

Very tiok.
They are the best available Aliens willing to work for PAP.
Best available Aliens.
Not best available talents.

Anonymous said...

Best available not necessary is the best hor.

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eye jack is the best and will become king.

Anonymous said...

Protect The Singapore Brand!

We are indeed fast becoming a
truly cosmopolitan global village.

Are we accepting degrees from
any "universities"?

Are we now becoming "Bo Cheng Hu"?

We have to be extremely careful.

We must protect the Singapore Brand!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ fatuous claim RB:

>> See, laundering of CVs and qualifications can also be done quite easily.

Not really. Most HR people and business operators are already "switched on" to the ploy.

They are only interested in people who can do the job well at the right price. And for those people, they will get the glowing testimonials they deserve.

>> Even the fake degrees can be discarded especially in silly countries that claimed degrees are not important.

Power to those cuntrees! Like the US of A. Or China. The bottom line from the ENTREPRENEURS: "Can you make money for me? According to your spectacular testimonials and recommendations from former employers, it appears that you can. You're HIRED! 6 months probation! Now, walk the talk. PROVE YOURSELF!"

What people like RB have failed to demonstrate is that there are quite a umber of ENTITLED "real" degree holders who are UNPRODUCTIVE, but expect sky-high salaries just because they have expensive degrees, but close to ZERO real world experience and street smarts.. Which is why many of these ENTITLED FUCKS are flipping burgers and collecting the dole in cuntrees which "reward" people for being unemployed.

In a modern, well-developed economy unemployment is a CHOICE. But the ENTITLED will are argue that they are so special therefore the whole world owes them a living. Well, good luck on that! ☻ ☻

LABOUR is now commoditized: i.e. it is "tradable". It is homogeneous---an Indian worker can do the same job as an overpaid Aussie worker. Being a "commodity" labour is also arbitragable---i.e. there are price differentials which can be exploited, giving entrepreneurs (aka "wealth creators" and "creative destroyers") choice in how they might allocate their CAPITAL, which finds the best "home" when it delivers the best "return".

The structure of employment has not only changed, but changed in ways that the good(??) old days are totally gone. New startups like Air B&B and Über are creatively destroying uncompetitive "institutions" in the hospitality and public taxi industries---not by "fiat", but by PROVING to the market that they can run leaner and meaner and deliver EXCELLENT quality and VALUE to their customers.

Processes in the production workflow which can be automated are now increasingly done by ALGORITHMS and ROBOTICS---no human labour required.

Do you need a stockbroker/ remiser to invest in the markets? No. You can log onto an online site and trade for much less commissions than you would pay a human broker. You can do it 24/7 sitting at home in your underwear. No need to go and kiss the broker's ass because he spends more time on the rich dude with the $1million account than you with your $5000 account, then charge you high commissions for every trade. Fuck the remisers lah! Go with the robot!

Certain jobs can be "decentralised". Do you need a "personal assistant" ? You can get a great multi-lingual VIRTUAL ASSISTANT in India, Philippines, USA etc. for USD 5-20 an hour (depending on location of course) who will answer your phone, your emails, organise your calendar, do research, get legal documents, type etc etc. No need to pay CPF, no worries about NS reservists, you don't have to worry---period!

The structure of the economy is changing. Wake up and smell the kopi kau kau. Due to their "inflation", degrees are becoming less important and less a measure of value. The cuntree where you work is also becoming less important. Performing repetitive tasks are also declining in value as automated processes take over.

In fact, if you've not innovated or improved yourself, your productive capacity and value is shrinking so fast that now there is an AMPLE SUPPLY of local labour so that the price (wages) of that labour has fallen. (supply and demand lah, kotek)

Got creative destruction?

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah's Sunday's sermon tok Kong!!!!

True, very true, that's why you must in front of interviewers sian sian until they salivating that you are so good and capable like the ah nehs and ang mos.

This is one trait that Singaporeans must learn fast fast. Do not be modest, your rice bowls are at stake.

Also remember asked for astronomical salaries. Very most, after six months earned enough to last one year just quit or asked to leave to sian another interviewer.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo 49:

>> Do not be modest, your rice bowls are at stake.

Please lah. No such thing as "modest". "Modesty" is a "dirty trick" to bluff people that you are "humble". Lan chiau lah!

Anyway, damn right...how hard are you willing to fight for your rice bowl? Pinoy and ChIndians are willing to fight hard and long. And they are not going to let up and "pan chan" you anytime soon.

Very soon they'll be joined by people from Europe, S America and Africa, plus the rest of Asia like Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

The game's changed, and it changing.

Anonymous said...

Goes back to fundamental!
Survivor of the fitters.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 112:

>> Survivor of the fitters.

Actually no. Everyone is "fit" now and "educated". Those who survive and to go onto to win are able to ADAPT and INNOVATE.

Floyd Mayweather: genius at adapting to the conditions. Zero defeats. That's how you "win"---first, you have to stay alive by adaptation.

b said...

At least they still have to pay for their fake degrees. A lot of children of politicians do not even need to pay for their 'real' degrees, their degrees all on courtesy of taxpayers and given to them because of their parents influence. Both sides no need to work on their degrees but one side need to pay for their degrees. Thus, who is the bigger cheater?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ b:

>> because of their parents influence.

Social rank has its privileges. The world is not a communist utopia where "everyone is supposed to be equal". It is quite understandable that parents---regardless of their social rank---will exert any "leverage" for the benefit of their children.

>> Thus, who is the bigger cheater?

In the real world, these kinds of "judgements" do not matter. What matters is if you "exploit" opportunities when they present themselves, live by your own standards, and not worry about people like "b" giving their approval or disapproval.

If you don't seize opportunity, you might very well be cheating your own self, out of possibilities which could enhance your very finite, and cosmologically short HUMAN life. πŸ’€ πŸ’€