LKY legacies: This is my country

When ordinary people like us say this is my country we mean it simply that we are a citizen of this country. When LKY said this is my country, it took on a different significance. He meant it, every word of it. No one dares to dispute this statement. As he said so, he belonged to a special group of people that were founders of nations. Before Singapore became an independent state, it was a British colony. Before that, it was a part of changing empires. There was no Singapore as an independent state. The Singapore of Raffles was a piece of colony. Only in 1965 that it became an independent state and the citizens assumed the right to determine their own destiny as a new country.

LKY and a few young men and the people who were British subjects were the original people that turned this island into a republic. This kind of history brought along special privileges that were personal to holders. When he made the Istana, the office of the President into the office of the PM, who dared to say no? In the last Presidential Election, Tan Cheng Bock was the only candidate who made it an issue, that he would want to move in if elected and to move out the PM’s office.

There is proper decorum and protocol, just like Chok Tong revealing that LKY was ‘protocolly’ correct to arrive earlier than him in meetings to respect his office as the PM of the country. Tony Tan also confirmed this that instead of him visiting LKY, LKY would visit him as Tony was the head of state, ‘protocolly’ correct. No one say anything about being ‘protocolly’ correct for the PM to have an office in the Istana. No one question if the office of MM or SM should be at the Istana. No one question or wonder if it is ‘protocolly’ correct for an MP to sit and work in the Istana.

It was ‘correct’ only because an MP or SM, or MM or PM to occupy the Istana if he is the founding father. It is correct if one could proudly proclaim that ‘This is my country’ and meant every word he said.

This right to occupy the Istana and use it as the office of a MP,SM,MM and PM is a legacy of LKY. Would this legacy be extended to any other PM,SM,MM or MP in the future? Would there be another one to claim this right without being questioned in the future? Would this legacy be buried together with LKY?


Anonymous said...

"Would this legacy be extended to any other PM,SM,MM or MP in the future?"

That depends on whether the Sinkie opposition is ready to be govt, and hence the majority (aka 60%) duly voted them in as govt.

If the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, then of course PAP being the govt, will extend this legacy to any other PM,SM,MM or MP in the future, if they wanted to. And nobody can say no, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The best legacy of LKY, I mean the best that he left for his PM son lah, is that through LKY's policies and actions over the long years, the Sinkie opposition until now is still not ready to be govt. And at the rate this is happening, this legacy will continue even well into the future.

What a wonderful legacy for PM Lee and his future anointed successors!

Anonymous said...

This legacy is very good as it
cuts cost.

If there are spare/wasted space
in Istana to house these VIPs,
why not?

More may be able to move in to
work from there to maximised all
wasted/available space there.

Good! Good! Good Legacy!

Cock and Bull said...

I think instead of kicking the PM out of the Istana, we should seriously think of kicking the President out of the Istana.

We do not need a President who does almost nothing at all and getting a big fat pay with a huge annual budget to spend going round the world sight-seeing and buying up properties or shares here and there all perfectly official, and no one can even question him.

Since we all know that the Absolute Power rests on the shoulder of the PM, and whatever the President does, he has to do it according to the ADVICE of the PM, then why not the PM simply does it Himself.

Why do we need a useless President for?

Who mentioned about the Second Key to the Reserve?

They lost the key long ago already. There is no such thing as the Second Key. Since the late President Ong Teng Cheong's time, the Second Key was already lost and could not be found. President Ong threw it into the sea for good measures. And a SEAL Team was sent to search for it but the SEAL Team was also lost and never return. So the Second Key, is just a cock and bull story lah.

Same as what I am telling you. It is just a cock and bull story lah.

Just to entertain you cannot meh?

Cock and Bull said...

Oh yah, I forgot one thing. The Reserve.

Since The Late President Ong Teng Cheong's time, they sent the Army to search the Mandai Forest Reserve and one Paper Tiger General and his soldier boys found 56 Man-Ears and came back to make a report to the then PM.

The then PM then told the Late President that It required 56 Man Years to search for the Reserve in our Huge Forest Reserve.

So the Late President Ong could not do anything at all.

Then the next Press-sit-dent took over and he sat there for 12 long years, yet He still could not get the answer whether there is Reserve or No Reserve? So he also gave up. And since he got nothing to do, he started writing a book about how he serve the Imperial Japanese Army under the Honour of the Emperor Hiroshito of Imperial Japan. And he was so happy because he could make a lot of money to feed his family at that time, while millions of Singaporeans were starving to death and life was miserable for them and many were brutally slaughtered and murder by the cruel and atrocious Japanese soldiers .... Try to read the book "Sinister Twilight - The Fall of Singapore" by Noel Barber.

Oh, sorry, I got carried away ... ah yes, the Reserve. What reserve? Army Reservists is it?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Red Bean,

Enough lah. Why keep writing about LKY. Let him rest in peace lah. Let everything of his past be buried (should be burnt) with him and considered them as ashes like his body can or not.

Very sian to keep reading (actually I never read it at all. I only glance at the title) things about LKY, LKY, LKY, LKY, LKY .........

You don't get sick of it meh?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Lee Kuan Yew is DEAD lah.

Move on.

What he did, why he did it, how "fantastic" he was....blah blah...people and the media are turning this fella into an IDOL. This is childish and embarrassing, you might as well turn him into Yoda :-)

And where the people writing WICKED SATIRE about this guy. He can't sue for libel or defamation---he's dead. He has no more "rights" in law. For example: someone could print the LKY visage on toilet paper and people can wipe their ass after a shit or an anal fuck, or shoot or wipe their cum with it when enjoying internet porn or sniff schoolgirls' dirty panties.

Oldies who sell tissue outside MRT stations can add the guaranteed "hot seller" of Harry Asswipes to their limited inventory. The nation's toilets will be flush (pun) with the face of Lee Kuan Yew.

Good "legacy" or not?

Anonymous said...

KNN, you show no respect.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ high expectations, 1037:

>> KNN, you show no respect. <<

KNN, what did you expect, from me? I rarely show respect lah, delusional kotek lu!

Anonymous said...

Are traitor and betrayor worthy of respect ?

He is damn lucky that MS did not
damn his ancestors and despise his successors.

MS likes benign dictators and would kiss their feet and sing praises of them.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a "Founding" Prime Minister and a "Pioneer" Prime Minister?
"Founding" sound more high class is it?

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah!!! LKY is DEAD!!!!

When LKY says This is MY cuntry --- he means I OWN you & every 1 of your damned children.

It means I get to forcefully confiscate land & pay you just a few dollars, and declare as "State Land". After that I turn around and sell you for billions of dollars as market-subsidy HDB, condos and shopping centres.

It means I can take your money and declare to be locked up until you die, otherwise you will spend all away on Batam prostitutes and gambling. In the meantime, I put your money to good use by using it to invest in Citibank, UBS, NOL, SingTel, Starhub, Chesapeake. Any profits I take. Any losses you take.

It means I can tell world newspapers that you are dogs that need to be trained how & where to urinate. And also how you are loser animals that need spurs & nails to be poked into your assholes & hides to motivate you.

patriot said...

I happen to think that he
wished to take Sin along
with him.
Though it did not happen
at the Time of his demise,
I tend to have the Impression
thatee Kuan Yew planned far
and took his time in every
scheme he hatched. BUT,
that's was when he was
around. Now, that he is gone,
it is only fair that he takes Sin
along liked emperors in olden
days that had possessions
buried with them.

Personally, I am optimistic
that Lee Kuan Yew's deduction
of a (re)merger with Malaysia
is likely to happen in my life time.

I believe in him(LKY), in fact in everything he said and did,

Lee Kuan Yew was a man of his words and he used his power to the Maximun and punched way way above his weight.


b said...

He saw an opportunity as a british subject and seized it and thus created a nation called singapore. with his might, he made singaporeans the best citizens any dictators and world leaders could only envy. singaporeans are hardworking, intelligent and totally submissive to his regime. thats why he is so admirable by many leaders in the world. thats his legacy.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ logical fallacy 1119:

>> MS likes benign dictators and would kiss their feet and sing praises of them.

Actually, the fact is I really don't care WHO/ WHAT people are or claim to be, or how big or small they think they are and what they're ENTITLED to. I just don't fucking care.

I'm more interested in what they DO, i.e. the actions they take, how they conduct themselves and organise "resources" in the physical world. Do they create value, or take value; who do they create for, or take from...and what "story" or narrative evolves out of their actions---the direct and indirect effects. This to me is INTERESTING, because over time, ACTIONS form the person's character.

So benign dictators are only of benefit (to me) if the results of their their ACTIONS benefit me. In the case of Lee Kuan Yew, yes, many of his ACTIONS (via the People's Action Party) benefited me. Some of his actions DID NOT benefit me. I think ALL of us can draw a similar conclusion. It's a mixed bag. You decide for yourself lah...

Many cuntrees have had and have "benign dictators". However those cuntrees and dicatators are all fucked up.

Lee Kuan Yew still holds the Top Spot for being the benign dictator who "succeeded" in the truest sense of the word, with tangible, EMPIRICAL evidence, proving to the rest of the world that: You don't need "democracy" to make your nation succeed. All you need is good government, who whenever necessary, will micro-manage and socially engineer their Sheeple. 🐏🐑🐏🐑

What do you know? ...He was RIGHT! 😹