Law to protect Lee Kuan Yew

‘The government announced that it would come out with a law to protect the name and image of Singapore’s former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, whom many around the world have regarded as a controversial leader. The official reason given by the ruling party was to ensure no commercial misuse and exploitation of his name and image. Lawrence Wong, the minister in charge of proposing the law, reminded Singaporeans, “I should make it very clear that the intent is not to restrict people from coming up with their own creative ways to PAY THEIR TRIBUTE TO MR LEE.”’

A blogger, Celia Lim, wrote the above in her article, ‘Law to protect or glorify a dead man?’ appearing the TRE. For a controversial leader, it is expected to hear all kinds of views and intent about the name Lee Kuan Yew, to be used with propriety or to be abused with liberty. I think a better way would be to copyright the name and his image internationally. The Tourist Board would have a new brand name and many souvenirs for sale to the tourists. LKY key chains, pens, beer mugs, umbrellas, this one very meaningful, to be protected by a LKY umbrella, little figurines. I think some creative people may have already jumped into the bandwagon. Yes, LKY T-shirts with his face on the front and back ala Che Guevara or Castro. Singapore Mint can also join the act with special editions of coins to commemorate him. The possibilities are unlimited.

But be careful and be sensitive with some items like footballs, punching bags, pillows or bolsters, bears, wheelbarrows, towels, and many other things that may not be suitable. The govt can come out with a list of the forbidden goods to keep things in control. They may want to introduce ratings of souvenirs and toys so that certain categories are only available to the public and children. The business people may get too creative. While on this, must ban portraits or toys of Margaret Thatcher as well.

Maybe the govt should set up a committee to do an in depth analysis on what are the things that can or cannot be done and must be banned. Yaacob would be the best man for this job. He is an expert in what is good or bad for the people to see and read. Off hand it is very difficult for a few individuals to think through thoroughly on all the funny things that could happen. Some of the funny people and their funny thoughts like urinating, throwing eggs, burning, tarring, graffiti, etc etc, so erecting statues and public portraits must be avoided unless well protected by fences and security cameras. There are people wanting to build shrines for worshipping. Can or not? It would need many super talents and creative people to fish out all the probabilities. A committee may not be good enough.

With the GE coming, the Party could follow the Taiwanese to use LKY as a Party mascot and designed things around it. Ah Bian had his cute soft dolls, caps and kopi cups. These would be hot selling items, including posters that people can buy as pin ups for the bedroom walls or the living rooms.

The royalties from these products could make the children and grand children very rich, like a pop star for many many years. LKY the Legend!.

PS. Unfortunately I cannot chop chop these ideas. Or else will be rich in no time. Want to take home a Lee Kuan Yew? Or you can buy a Lee Kuan Yew off the shelf for inspiration. No knuckle dusters please.


Anonymous said...

Up to PAP lah, as long as the opposition like Aung Juan Soon Chee is not ready to be govt, tio bo?

In fact anything can lah, including selling away daft Sinkies, if PAP so wanted.

Virgo 49 said...

Soft toys like hello kitty.

sold out in no time.

Buy back for training muay thai

Anonymous said...

Anything also can lah, if u are a boy hero like Amos Yee.

Because he not even afraid of going to jail one, so what can PAP do?

If only more Sinkies are like Amos Yee, PAP will be in deep trouble. But luckily not.

Anonymous said...

I think there will be long queues again to buy these lovely and cute toys. They may queue overnight like queuing for iphones.

Anonymous said...

Pity the Papaya supporter who was always in the limelight with mini LKY figure..hope he made a cashing during his hero demise...looks like in future his merchandise might be banned

Anonymous said...


I was recently at a bus stop
during a heavy thunderstorm.

The traffic was heavy and
crawling. Suddenly a car
sprayed with Mr Lee image
appeared in front of me.

This thought came to me.

Why "subject" our founding PM to
the open, under rain and shine,
and the coldness and loneliness
at night, although only his image
was used.

No! No! My feeling was really no

IMO, this was not the way to
remember him!

Sad. Very Sad.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to see a law to protect Singaporeans from Aliens and pro Alien policies instead.
Vote in an Opposition government to change the laws lor!

Anonymous said...

What a German may say?
A law to protect mein Founding Fuehrer?

Fuehrer is "Father" in German.

Anonymous said...

Now, the God Of No Mercy is going to haunt us from the grave.

Anonymous said...

A shrine will be perfect for the people to make offerings to keep him warm, fed, well respected, worshipped and under a roof, not in the rain.

Anonymous said...

India's Indians already putting up images of LKY in India.
PAP government got enforce standards and copyright or not?
I think it's better to make LKY into the official Singapore religion.
Then LKY's image will be protected by Singapore's religious laws.

Anonymous said...

Lately a lot of shows about vampires, walking dead and hauntings.

Things are getting eerily coming true.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a need to protect the image of a founding father of a nation?

No founding father needed this kind of protection.

Virgo 49 said...

Poor LKY images, matter of time stained with urine and human excreta.

Who will clean up for him??

Anonymous said...

I hope people quickly start naming their dogs and cats Lee Kuan Yew. Oops cats only, dog are faithful and never betray, so it would be an insult to them

Anonymous said...

A lky pisspot would be useful for some.....

Anonymous said...

Politicians in power can do anything they want.

They can anyhow charge people, belittle people, sue people until bankrupt and broke, jail people without trial for many decades, assassinate people without any trace or evidence, etc.

They can change Laws, introduce new Laws, amend the Constitution, etc.

They can abolish the Estate Duty so that the very filthy rich can hide from the Public how much wealth and assets they amassed over their life times.

They can erect Laws to protect themselves from whatever.


So Old Laws and Constitution can be changed also, right or wrong?

Those who committed crimes against humanity cannot escape one lah.

Anonymous said...

LKY say he carry his own hatchet.
No need laws to protect him lah!

patriot said...

"I hope people quickly name their dogs and cats Lee Kuan Yew", unquote. This was exactly what I heard at the Coffee Shop at Blk 139 one day.
A few middle age folks were apparently talking about the News regarding the Use of Lee Kuan Yew. One witty lady told her khakis that she will name her dog kuan you if she has one(dog). Her frens applauded her.

Anyway, historical fact shows that Lee Kuan Yew and Ex-president SR Nathan worked for the Japanese Imperial Army that mass murdered, raped and plundered the Chinese Race and All those that opposed them. So, wonder how much can the Historical Record protect the Two; namely the First Prime Minister Of Sin Lee Kuan Yew and Ex-President Of Sin SR Nathan???


Anonymous said...

Didn't know that we are communist

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon him.

Anonymous said...

I still believe in Karma.

Anonymous said...

The father of a country was often well loved by his people and had few or no enemies.

The said...

The King is dead.
Long live the King!

Anonymous said...

His name shall not be spoken. pbuh.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Shit Times use the phrase "founding government".

Straits Times = Founding Newspaper
SBS Transit = Founding Bus Company
Malays = Founding fishermen
Chinese = Founding coolies
Ang Moh = Founding Colonists
Botanic gardens = Founding Garden

redbean = Founding Blogger
Matilah = Founding Quitter

'Mat said...

'Mat = Founding Nobody!

'Mat said...

Pinkie = Founding ChowHum

Anonymous said...

Pinkie = founding Mee Siam Mai Hum

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Wong = Founding Sucker of Oblong Dicks

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If you search around on the internet, you will find a few online stores which will print custom toilet paper. Go ahead, be creative 😜

But, dear readers, seriously lah...What a ridiculous proposal for a law. C'mon lah, the fucker is DEAD, and GONE...or at least should be. Move the fuck on lah. Kill the past. What the fuck? Copyright?!? WOW! This is twisting the law to a new, new low. Motherfucker, die already, and YEW STILL WANT TO SUE PEOPLE???.

What's wrong if I want to come out with a line of Lee Kuan Yew crotchless panties and make a buck? Why cannot ah? Govt kill local entrepreneurial spirit ah? Then complain "Singapore got no entrepreneurs". Eh, Lee and his PAP have been making buck$ out of the Singaporeans, so now it is the citizens' turn to make quick buck$ from LKY. Why not? Is it so bad? If so, then please prove to me: WHO---specifically at least one living human---is harmed?

This proposed law is an anti-BLASPHEMY law, because it turns the Lee image/ icon into a "sacred artefact". This is not just a national embarrassment, but is a sad testimony to all the people, because...

...this proposed law, turns us ALL into oblong dicksuckers---for many, against our will.

Slavery much?

Anonymous said...

So putting his stickers onto cars should also be banned lah ? Otherwise those who don't like him pui chow nuar on the sticker how ?

Anonymous said...

What to expect from boy scouts and girl guides?

Anonymous said...

Mad Sinkies


Stupid Law.

Anonymous said...

Just as we thought we had enough of repressive and stupid laws, they top it up with another one like this.
In a democracy, any politician or leader is fair game for ridicule and criticisms,so why is LKY an exception unless he is God?
LKY was able to handle all kinds of insults and criticism to his reputation and rule when alive so why does he need the PLPs to protect him now he is gone?