Indonesia executed 8 of 9 traffickers

It is never a good thing or right thing to say execution is good and necessary. Every bleeding heart apologists would cry father and cry mother when someone is in the death row pleading for mercy. What to do, why people end up in the death row for drug trafficking and then everyone, including presidents and prime ministers have to beg on their behalf and wanted to punch one another because the traffickers’ lives were not spared.

Now that the 8 had been executed, can the leaders of the world make a stand, to make sure that no one would be in the death row for drug trafficking? Can all the leaders make it known to all the potential drug traffickers that they must not be drug traffickers and that if they are caught, no one will be pleading for them. Would such a stand work, letting the traffickers know that they are on their own, that they know what they are doing with eyes wide open, and that they must stop what they are doing now or going to do next?

Can all the bleeding heart merciful souls go and plead to all the potential traffickers NOW, to tell them not to do it as they will meet with certain death? Would this be a better way, a preventive way, than to cry father and cry mother after the traffickers were caught? Then no prime ministers or presidents would have to do the silly thing, to plead like pathetic fathers and mothers for the lives of their miserable sons and daughters? This is the time to plead to the traffickers and their dear families, the ageing and dying mothers, the pathetic wives and children, not to do it instead of after they have done it and got caught.

Please, all the good hearted people and world leaders, please do your part to tell those drug traffickers to stop before it is too late. To stop now can or not?

Of course an easier way is to abolish death penalties and let the drug traffickers feel free to do what they want. Which is better?


Anonymous said...

Well done, Amos! Expose and Reveal all the hypocrites.

I wish you were my own son.

I love you!

Anonymous said...

I think this Freedom to criticize all religions should not be taken or considered as Sedition.

Sedition is against the State, Country.

Religion is confined to a group of followers, where sane or insane, where real believers or hypocrites.

Why is Singapore now will harbor the Xenophobic Fear of Religions becoming a case of Taboo Subject?

If that is so, then why allow religious processions to take place every year. Isn't those occasions arouse anger, hatred and / or uncomfortable feelings in others who do not profess that particular religion or who totally do not believe in any religion at all?

Pretentious leaders will always hold on to ancient laws to continue to justify its power.

The people must see through their designs and ulterior motive and not allow them to imprison you with silly laws, which restrict your freedom to think wisely.

Wisdom is God of All Gods said...

The word "molest" has a few meanings. People with dirty mind will immediately jump to the image of sex and sexual harassment.

Thinking adults should not fall prey to their own tricky mind with habitual tendency to only grasp the commonly used meaning.

Educated people should be fully aware that "molest" can also mean disturb, irritate, annoy, harass, making things difficult for somebody, etc.

So, instead of trying to teach Amos a lesson, you nincompoops had better wake up your bloody ideas and turn around and start to LEARN FROM AMOS, OUR LITTLE GENIUS WHO HAPPEN TO APPEAR ONCE IN ONLY 50 YEARS.


Anonymous said...

Execution is the lesser of 2 evils.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Although some western democracies are legalising the use of marijuana, and have all but removed death penalties altogether (except for the USA), Asian cuntries have a zero tolerance plus mandatory capital punishment position on drug trafficking.

However the use of drugs has been part of the human condition throughout human history---from traditional and ritualistic use to the hedonistic use today where it is part of the POP CULTURE , even though it has to be kept "underground" in most places.

Asian, especially ASEAN cuntrees and China have laws which will get drug traffickers EXECUTED, some mandatory, which relieves the court of having to make a decision based on the principles of jurisprudence, and instead REQUIRE---by the LAW itself---the judge to mandatory sentencing, which in a cuntree like Singapore is DEATH by hanging, for certain quantities of drugs.

The majority of conservative and traditional Asians themselves cheer and support their respective govts zero tolerance policy. When Thaksin gave his police force the right to arrest then LEGALLY MURDER suspected drug pushers in Thailand, Thaksin was roundly APPLAUDED by the conservative Thais for his bloodletting.

China, once the regions biggest drug addict, saw terrible social problems occur as the Brits and Dutch (the world's biggest LEGAL drug pushers) made billions keeping the population "hooked" by placing a huge monkey on China's back.

Asia is aware of this dark piece of Chinese history, and thus is damn scared that the shit can happen again, this time in their OWN societies---and believed (without evidence) that inter-generational destruction and cultural corruption will occur. Shocking! πŸ™€ (IMO---TOTAL bullshit!)

Thus, 40 or so years on, Asia still has some of the most LETHAL anti-drugs social programs, backed up by intolerant laws.

If you deal drugs anywhere in Asia, you haven't carefully considered other options when making the decision for your career choice πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

I don't support death penalty, but I'm ok with body mutilation. E.g. cut off arm, leg, penis, balls, dig out eye, etc etc.

And to be more effective, to perform the above amputations publicly, like on Orchard Road or Padang.

BTW for greater deterrent effect, the limb amputations must be above 2nd major joint, i.e. above elbow amputation (AEA), or above knee amputation (AKA).

With plenty of cheap india doctors & nurses, we can perform such punishments & do initial medical management on a very economical basis.

Most importantly, such public punishments and permanent effects on the convicted will be MUCH MUCH more effective than dealth penalties carried out on Fridays at 5am in some godforsaken room in Changi prison, that no one bothers about. 99% of the time, the newspapers don't even bother to report it at all.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ be pragmatic lah, 1207:

>> With plenty of cheap india doctors & nurses, we can perform such punishments & do initial medical management on a very economical basis.

For the best economy, just use parang or Chinese chef's cleaver to do the chopping. And can use any local hawker to get the job done. See? Job for locals lah, where is your sense of patriotism? πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Anonymous said...

Dont want to face Death Sentence then go and traffic drugs at lawless places and pkaces where there are no Death penalty.

b said...

Executing them is useless. The druglords will come out with more innovative ways to con poor people to peddle drugs. Just make these people do ten years of free hard labour is more productive and meaningful and merciful. The real culprits (ie druglords) are still out there.

Anonymous said...


It's too cruel to sentence them to death by hanging. I for one disagree with such a law; irregardless of which country.

Foul Is Fair and Fair is Foul said...

For those who said it is cruel to sentence them to death by hanging, I ask them this question:

What is "cruelty"?

Cruelty is when your own son or daughter is hooked on drugs and his/her whole life is totally ruined, and the drug traffuckers stay alive and continue to sell drugs to them and to your grand children (if your children managed to have children) as well.

Cruelty is when your wife is hooked on drugs and she goes around behind your back to prostitute herself in order to earn some extra cash to buy more and more drugs to satisfy her addiction.

Cruelty is when you yourself is hooked on drugs and because of your condition you cannot work or unable to find a decent job and you have to go and beg, borrow or still money to buy more and more drugs to satisfy your expanding appetite for drugs.

Cruelty is when you have no peace of mind because your whole neighborhood is filled with drug addicts and you are the only family who is not. So you have to ensure that your wife is safe, your daughter is safe, you son is safe, and if you happen to have grand children, see to it that your grand children are safe. But first of all, make sure you yourself are safe and your house won't be broken into 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Have your got it? Do you need more illustrations?

Anonymous said...

The scourge of drugs must be wiped off completely as the harm caused is many many times worse off than the little pleasure of drugged halucination.

b said...

when there is no buyers (addicts), there will be no sellers (druglords) and hence no peddlers (traffickers). he only way to justice is to say NO to drugs.