Hi guys, I am back/
My apologies for not being able to post over the last two days. Sneaked in a post on Friday before leaving to enjoy a little Malaysian hospitality while I still can and before Najib and his challengers declared open warfare. Some opportunists could divert the attention elsewhere to create public disorder and keep everyone out of the country.

I am still a bit tired but still in excellent health. I will just make a quick post and get some rest before I post again tomorrow.

Oh, my book is almost completed and may be able to send to the printer before next weekend.


A degree course for politician wannabes – Lesson 6

Politicians to be must prepare for the day they get elected and enter Parliament as the people’s representatives or members of parliament. And they must anticipate the hustling and elbowing in parliament, the booing, the sneering and the jeering from MPs of the opposite camp. They need to be properly trained to survive parliament sessions, know how to ask questions, how to apply for leave, know how to go to the toilet at strategic moments when they are called to cast their votes. A very fine art of being an MP is how to sleep in parliament without being seen to be sleeping or be caught by the camera. In the army the soldiers learn how to sleep while standing at senang diri or sedia.

There are many things to learn for politician wannabes. There is one very important skills set that parliamentarians must possess, the ability to cut opposition MPs to pieces by glaring. Several parliamentarians have developed this to an art, the acme of killing by staring. When they stand up, pause and deliver the cold steely stare, the opposition MPs will shrivel in their seats, probably wetting their pants. This is fine art, a skill to cut down your opponent without saying a word.

Not anyone can impart this skill and a politician wannabe must go to the caves to hunt for a Yoda and call him master to learn the art. It is a survival skill set in parliament.


Anonymous said...

No need degree course lah!
As long as I know how to suck the "correct" oblong dick ... can already lah!
No need degree.
Sucking dick is what I called relevant job experience.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle rb

Very very very happy that you are back!

Have a good rest.


Anonymous said...

"When Enough Is Never Enough" - What Do Millionaires Want?

- Do you think this will help us better predict what our PAP Millionaires will do after PAP wins GE 2015?


Anonymous said...


"Everyone agrees that Greece, under a corrupt political oligarchy, grossly abused its privileges as a Eurozone member.
In fact, with the help of a few sleazy sophisticated Goldman Sachs financiers, they actually cheated on their application forms in order to join the exclusive club to begin with.
The illegitimate Ionian books were cooked from the get go, and it only got worse and worse over time.
The self serving political elites and their self-seeking sponsors at multinational banks and corporations ran up a massive tab, while their ill-fated nation did not have the wherewithal to pay the astronomical bills.

That is essentially what happened here.
Oh, and the parties specifically involved all happened to personally get rather wealthy themselves along the way.


Anonymous said...

RB, you sound like Arnold in terminator.