Fandi, the Singapore Boy made good

They wrote him off. He went away to fulfill the prophecy that a prophet has no place in his home town. He became a foreign talent away from home where he was appreciated. They did not give him much of a chance either. He is from a city without talent. And many still appreciate and think that foreign talents from Europe and the Americas are better.

Fortunately someone was stricken by guilt or felt that Fand is the best we have and deserved a second chance. There were lots of critics and disbelievers in Fandi. Should have another foreign coach if we are going to do well. Should have more foreign players if we are going to do well. And you can imagine the moral of this Singapore Boy and his charge..

He soldiers on quietly in his Fandi style. He let his legs do the talking. Fandi is back in the headlines. He has brought back the Malaysian FA Cup with his charge, the LionsXII. We are champions again and Fandi has done it again. Who says we need to do a global search for another foreign talent?

If we don’t believe in out own talents, if we keep throwing away good money to foreigners, when will our locals be given a chance to grow and make a name for themselves? We will be forever looking up to foreigners, for foreigners, even to be conned by fakes.

It is so pathetic. First Word daft that don’t believe in themselves but in trash? Would this mindset be changed and we start to grow our own timber? Well done Fandi. You have proven yourself and proved them wrong.


The said...

Throwing huge amount of money at foreign coaches and what have you got to show? Now, reluctantly giving Fandi a chance with a fraction of the pay those fallen talents got, and Fandi brought back the Malaysia Cup.

Fandi Boleh!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe the whole team are made up of locals now and they have shown their worth and talents, unlike in previous cases of foreign imports who came here, make their pile, wash their hands and go away.

Just like the foreign workers, why do they care about productivity when they know they will leave when their contracts are over?

Anonymous said...

By the way, in the long history of Singapore football, how many Fandis have we produced?

And in the 50 year old history of Singapore, which opposition party, let alone how many, is ready to be govt?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! Our local Fandi, Malay chap fro Singapore, goes to Malaysia and "schools" their Malay chaps.

Priceless lah.

Anonymous said...

Fandi, though a talented coach, also has his ups and downs lah.

In fact at one time, perhaps due to forces beyond his control, he was even demoted from his position when he was a foreign talent with a foreign football club!

And forces beyond one's control can work both ways too. That's why luck also counts.

Anonymous said...

如果 FANDI 不是人才, 谁是人才?

你说! 你说! 你说!


Anonymous said...

"If we don’t believe in out own talents, if we keep throwing away good money to foreigners, when will our locals be given a chance to grow and make a name for themselves? "

Will we ever see a PAP government throw away good money to talented Singaporeans like Fandi?
Or does PAP consider all Singaporeans to be slaves ... so pay peanuts to Singaporeans is considered good enough already?
I really don't know.
What does PAP track record for pay and hiring tell you?

Virgo 49 said...

Some made their piles corruptly and one even allowed to escape undetected.

see how the PAP loved the foreign trashes.

one even returned to be s commenter after convicted of corruption.

Goh said...

Imho,wasting too much money on sport activities and players , irregardless of foreign or local are just a waste of money, khongcum and phua kay to me.
What is so interesting or beneficial watching a group of jokers chasing , hitting or kicking after a ball .
These matches only caused daft taking MCs , malingering and drinking, betting at kopitiam and unproductive.

As a boy, I played combat, act as VickMorrow , lead a team to throw 'bomb' on my 'enemy',kept fighting fishes and kombang with my neighbors..play marbles...kooto kooti...always won till no one want to play with me..
Does that make me a talent?.
Dun be crazy on the term talent .
Talent are those special breed doing special thing and not those good in playing kooti kooti.
Give me a break la.

Goh said...
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FL said...

To Fandi and LionX11 and all backroom staff, I congratulate and salute you all for winning the Malaysian FA Cup. Keep it up & best wishes.