Expats agree Singaporeans should be employed first

‘It seems there are just VERY FEW good jobs on offer in Singapore because the market IS SO SMALL.
Having said this, why does your PAP Government even allow Pinoys and Indos to take PR and then take SENIOR MANAGEMENT JOBS?

These jobs (which are the same jobs I am competing for) are in EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY and, in my opinion, should be RESERVED EXCLUSIVELY for local citizens and foreigners should be told to fxxx off.

You see, while I compete with Pinoys, Indonesians, Indians and Chinese (not locals) for these jobs, I have seen on many occasions that my interviewer is actually NOT EVEN A LOCAL SINGAPORE CITIZEN.

I feel the PAP is doing a great disservice to the local Singaporeans.’ By Sam

The above extract is posted both in Transitioning.org and TRE, supposedly by an expat called Sam.
The main question is why are Singaporeans, PMETs and young graduates, facing so many problems and hard times getting a decent job here? Singaporeans are complaining not because they are against expats and foreigners working here. The angst is that why are so many Singaporeans not able to get a decent job and ended up unemployed, underemployed or retired prematurely? And we have practically full employment. And we have a few hundred thousand foreigners here with good jobs.

Why is it so difficult to get all the Singaporeans, especially the PMETs and young graduates employed? Singapore is not facing a situation when there are not enough jobs to go round. We have so many foreigners happily employed here and many found it so easy to get a job while our very own citizens are having trouble landing a job.

Any politicians still cannot understand or see the point or the angst the Singaporeans are facing? I must conclude that such people are simply daft, dumb or pretending to be daft and dumb, looking the other way.

And no, for the monkeys who are accusing the jobless Singaporeans of having an entitlement mentality, I say stuff it in your ass. Singaporeans should have priority for jobs here, good jobs.  Level playing field is not good enough. This country belongs to the Singaporeans, not to any asses. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to work and underperform. The lazy and spoilt PMETs would get the boot. They should get preference, especially in govt or GLC jobs but it must not be an iron rice bowl and they could be fired if not performing.

We have so many jobs to go around, to 500,000 foreigners. There is no good reason that Singaporeans who want to work cannot find a decent job commensurate with his qualifications and experience. Please don’t give any crap reasons like lack of skills set. Rubbish! Sometimes a little training, orientation and OJT would be enough to work someone into a job until the job is so specialized or technical in nature. It is so sinful, a crime, for fake foreigners to take the good jobs of qualified Singaporean.

There is no excuse for not providing jobs to Singaporeans. There are plenty of jobs for Singaporeans and foreigners and for fakes. Even if all the PMETs and young unemployed Singaporean graduates are employed, there will still be hundreds of thousands of good jobs available for foreigners.

Let’s not short change the Singaporeans, the citizens of this country. Singaporeans must not accept this state of affair. Not doing anything to right this wrong against Singaporeans is unacceptable. This is the chance for politicians to prove that they are there to serve the interest of the Singaporeans, to look after the voters who voted them into Parliament. Did anyone say they need to take care of the interest of foreigners first, to give them jobs because they are better than Singaporeans?

Please kee chiu.


Anonymous said...

"The angst is that why are so many Singaporeans not able to get a decent job and ended up unemployed, underemployed or retired prematurely?"

Is it because 60% Singaporeans voted for a Pro Alien Party with a Pro Alien Agenda?

If you are a Singaporean.
And you vote for a Pro Alien Government.
Does this mean that Singaporeans will have fewer job opportunities?

Anonymous said...

If we want to achieve a target of 6.9 million population.
And there is not enough jobs to support a population of 6.9 million.
Does this mean we will have to give job priority to Aliens so that the 6.9 million target can still be achieved?

Anonymous said...

人在做 天在看!

人在做 天在看!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The logical fallacy here is "argument form expat"---which is my form of "argument from authority", i.e. as if the "celebrity" status of an unknown alleged expat makes his/ her argument and opinion true or valid.

Companies and their bosses are free to hire whomever they choose for whatever the reason, to reap profits or losses from the consequences of their decision.

That's called a Free Market in labour. Your life, your business. 💰💰💰

Anonymous said...

Do PAPigs allow Aliens to be employed first?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Yes, they do. This is one thing they do RIGHT. If you want businesses to succeed, you have to give them freedom.

Anonymous said...

"If you want businesses to succeed, you have to give them freedom."
May 09, 2015 1:47 p.m.

If the businesses do not benefit Singaporeans.
Then we don't want them to succeed in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

There's a new advert showing in the tv, that because of the reduction of foreigners, that air-con installer had problems in the installation, stating that upgrading or work improvements are not cater for them.......rubbish philosophy......a really poor representation which indtectly shows the stupidity of the pll that made it.
What happen to scheduling, what happen to planning and management.
The most sickening thing was that the owner made another assumption that he had to have 2 air con then, 1 for stand by......would any house owner agreed to the vendors poor mismanagement.

This advertisement made us look like fools, poor in planning, out sourcing, management etc. even my expat colleague was laughing when he saw it......damn that idiot that made that advert.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

UK "Expat" Bus Company gets tender in Singapore.

To SBS-- "Pip pip and cheerio, old boy. England gets a piece of Singapore and makes money, again"

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:13, that guy also having a second wife as standby.

Anonymous said...

That is why Singaporeans better have a strong Opposition - a standby government in case the PAPigs run road.

patriot said...

Traditionally, in most cultures, especially in the Orient, the Parents bequeath their wealth and possessions to their children no matter how ugly and stupid they are. Reason is simple, the Children are OWN People of Ines' own lineage.
The Chinese have the Tradition of giving the Male Successors piority because of continuity of the Family.

Sages of Olden Days likened rulers to that of being parents to their subjects(爱民如子).
When children are well love and taken good care by the Parents, they naturally grow up well breed, healthy, filial, civil and courteous. They will be altruistic and have much love and respect for others.

It is VERY WRONG AND SINFUL for parents to love others children because they are better looking, cleverer and act pleasing or obedient. Kinship has it's special feeling, it is not selfishness, IT iS SPECIAL RELATION THAT HS TO HVE A SPECIAL PRIVILEGE, an ENTITLMENT SO TO SAY.

If parent behaves like a EVIL STEP Parent, do not blame the Children for hating him or her.


Anonymous said...

It's all for the greater good of the Traitors & Aliens.
It was never about Singapore or Singaporeans.