Credit goes to LKY – 3rd World to 1st World

Ok, ok, don’t be angry. I know many of you don’t like this statement, but other than all the iffy arguments, it was during LKY’s watch that Singapore moved from 3rd World to 1st World. This one, no matter what, like him or hate him, you got to give credit to him or someone else would be getting the credit.

The question that I would want to ask is, who would want to claim credit for taking Singapore from 1st World to 3rd World? There are many ways to equate Singapore as a 3rd World country today. Just by demography alone, one can classify Singapore as a 3rd World country. Why, because half the population comes from the 3rd World. So at least it is a country that is half in and half out of the 3rd World.

Then look at what is happening all over and you have no choice but to admit that Singapore is looking more like a 3rd World country. First point, it has no talent, or no native talent. Second point, it needs 3rd World talents to help to grow the economy, to provide jobs for its citizens. These are official hard truths uttered everyday by the leaders, so must be the truths. Thirdly, the foreign talents are mostly from the 3rd World, ie 3rd World talents. This is one of the reasons why the streets are getting dirtier with litters everywhere. The trains and public transports are smelling like the 3rd World, including the chattering. Don’t ask me what is the official reason for the litters and dirty streets and who are responsible for littering. 

Fourth, look at the frequency of train break downs? And very likely they are seeking help from some #rd World country to solve the train breakdown problems. Fifth, look at the number of fakes being employed here? Sixth, we got no talents and our universities are being filled by foreigners as lecturers and professors to teach 3rd World students?

What more, what more to put this country in the 3rd World league of nations? The political system, a citizenry of daft Sinkies that  are incapable of thinking? A country that is dependent on 3rd World citizens and talents for everything. 3rd World culture, 3rd World thinking, 3rd World politics, and 3rd World talents laughing silly at our stupidity for employing them to replace our real talents with fakes.   
Is Singapore not already a 3rd World country?

And who is going to claim credit for this?


Anonymous said...

What is really First World
Economy (FWE)?

Which of the world economies
currently are FWE?

What are the global acceptable
definitions of First World
Economy (FWE)?

What are the gold standards and
key ratings involved?

Do we really know?!

Are we currently a FWE or a TWE?

Or a No World Economy?

I don't know!

What say U?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> The question that I would want to ask is, who would want to claim credit for taking Singapore from 1st World to 3rd World?

I claim credit for first making the prediction 20 years ago. In all that time I can also make the claim that I've been called every name in "the book" as a traitor, unpatriotic sonovacunt, blahdy blah blah blah, even though I've tried to explain to people that "Matilah Singapura" is a PREDICTION, not a curse, nor a wish.

This ties in very well to the indisputable truism that The People Always Get The Cuntry They Deserve, because culture, is destiny.

Anonymous said...

3rd World to 1st World.
- For who?
- PAPigs, Aiens, Traitors or Singaporeans?

Who really benefited?

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore not already a 3rd World country?

Why would PM Lee care, even if this is true, as long as the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt?

And 3rd world country is better than Sinkie country with no Sinkies in the long run, tio bo?

And with the below replacement fertility rate of real Sinkies, it's only a matter of time before Sinkies become extinct, if PAP do not take in the best available 3rd world foreigners to become instant Sinkies.

Too bad lah, if the best available is not the best.

Anonymous said...

Sporeans are good in numbers. Credit goes to the tens of thousands Singaporeans who worked tirelessly in the 60s 70s 80s in crunching the numbers with their calculators, pcs doing their daily accountings in the banks/institutions in OCBC, CHUNG KHIAW BANK, BANK OF SINGAPORE, TAT LEE BANK, KEPPEL BANK, TAT LEE FINANCE, KEPPEL FINANEC, FAR EAST FINANCE, OUB, OUB FINANCE, FAR EAST FINANCE, GOLDEN CASTLE FINANCE, HONG LEONG FINANCE, SINGAPURA FINANCE, UOB, POSB, CPF, DBS, DBS FINANCE etc etc.
They built the solid foundations of our finance industry .

Anonymous said...

Now I start to understand why the Indians in India put up statutes of LKY in India.
Can we call LKY the Founding Father of the Indian Prosperity?

Anonymous said...

Back then many finance cos were forced to close because MAS wanted them to increase their paid up capital. It seems obvious today that the objective is to bring in the foreign banks to open their branches here and to staff with their own people in upper and middle management levels thus replacing many Singaporeans and caused demise of many local banking institutions in the process.

b said...

All these 1st or 3rd world are just some bullshits created by politicians to confuse the mass population. Everywhere is 1st world for rich ruling elites and 3rd world for mass population. It does not matter where one is and which country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ b

>> Everywhere is 1st world for rich ruling elites and 3rd world for mass population.

If that is so, then can you blame those who ambitious in the "3rd world" to get off their arses and make it to the "1st world", so that they too can be "elite"?

You just have to look at this blog and others like is:

"1st world" local Singaporeans think their shit don't stink, and that they should remain in their "sacred" positions of entitlement and good fortune. And that those "3rd world trash" should "stay where they are" and not even dream, let alone TAKE ACTION of joining in the largesses life in the 1st world.

PM LHL, open up those fucking borders again lah. And keep them open!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Nanking and later Tianjing basically ceded land and allowed foreigners to operated freely in China. It was considered a huge national shame as locals were marginalized and peak when the British had the temerity to put up a sign "No dogs and Chinese" in a park in Shanghai. There may be a historical parallel here. The only difference is that we ceded our rights willingly to the benefit of a few.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 502:

>> There may be a historical parallel here.

Got such a "thing" as a historical parallel ah? Or did you just invent it?

>> The only difference is that we ceded our rights willingly to the benefit of a few.

Which "rights" exactly? Or did you invent those too?