Coward of the neighbourhood

This guy thought he was the village chief of the neighbourhood. He could not stand a little noise by children playing in the corridor, especially the boy downstair. Whenever he heard the boy playing he got irritated. How could children behave so unruly in the corridor and disturbing everyone?

He shared his unhappiness with his neighbours and they egged him on. They agreed that he should deal with the boy. So this ‘village chief’ guy, or thinking he was the village chief got more garang. Then he went snooping on the boy’s routine. He also knew that the boy’s father was bigger size than him. He got to be careful of the boy’s father.

He waited for an opportunity to strike when the boy was alone. And one day the chance came. As the boy was coming out of the lift alone, this village chief walked towards him, whistling as if nothing was wrong. Just as the boy was passing him, he launched a sneak attack at the boy, slapping him. And then he ran for his life, got back to his flat, locked the gate and then taunted the boy in the safety of his flat, come and get me lah. Imagine he ran away from the boy he slapped! What a shame! Luckily he did not wet his pants in fear of the boy.

The boy was stunted for a moment. How could a big man suddenly sneak behind him and slapped him without warning? It was a very shameful act. The case was reported to the police.

When the police called on the village chief, he explained that he wanted to teach the boy a lesson. He meant no harm. The police found his explanation silly. If he was acting as a village chief, an adult, and wanting to discipline a boy, other than telling the boy’s father, he should have told the boy straight in the face. And if the boy was rude and he could not control his anger, might slap the boy like an adult. His sneaky attack and running away as if in fear of the boy hitting back was pure cowardice and did not make sense. He was behaving like a little rascal.

Anyway the police hauled him up and charged him for assault. And he walked into jail lan lan, with everyone calling him a stupid coward of the neighbourhood. Pity his wife and children to have such a stupid and coward man as a husband and father.

Was he a village chief, or a deluded asshole? One word of advice, look at the mirror first. An asshole is always an asshole. A coward is always a coward.


Anonymous said...

But he said that he did it for the dear leader. Good enough mah.

Anonymous said...

Thank yew.

Anonymous said...

How many more acts and actions are going to be committed in the name of Lee Kuan Yew and the Hard Truths?

Goh said...

Please la.Village chief dun act like that.
Birgo will tell you that if that happen many years ago in his Chinatown area this so think hero will get whack for such act in his kampong.

Those days ,almost all villages are protected by ah Tong and even if its not ,villagers will not allow such act to happen in their view.

Today including those so call educated reporter ,photographer or Sinkies only cheekeikoocheekei so its nothing unusual to see such acts.Sinkies are too scare to step forward to help.
Learn a lesson here.Go NS to learn how to defend yourself or adapt to unforeseen circumstances and stepforward to help those in trouble.
Young uncle.If you happen to see such act.Village chief or not , what will you do?

Goh said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I've explained it before: the guy is not a coward. It took a lot of GUTS to do what he did.

The guy is guilty of initiating violence---yes. He used "surprise" attack---yes. He is morally corrupt and broke the law---yes and yes. He is a coward---Categorically NO.

i.e. those who say this guy's a coward have committed a CATEGORICAL error. It is a logical error. If you want to complain about the use of "power logic" by politicians, make sure your own fucking house is in order first lah, Kotek.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If I will have to slap Matilah, I would slap him and tell him to go to his mother.

That is what a father figure will do.

Anonymous said...

Now you know what is gut and bravery to this idiot. Surprise attack, slap a boy when he is walking without knowing you want to slap him, then run away as fast you can. Not cowardice but bravery.

Someone contact Oxford and all dictionary printers to change the definition of bravery and cowardice please. Brave man.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ idiot who just cannot "take it", and still WRONG, 134:

>> Surprise attack, slap a boy when he is walking without knowing you want to slap him, then run away as fast you can. Not cowardice but bravery. <<

Navy SEAL Team shot Osama Bin Laden whilst in bed without knowing in advance the Americans were coming to kill him. Shoot Osama, then get away as fast as possible.

Is this "cowardice" or "bravery"?

Kotek. All kotek. Dun study critical thinking. Dun study logic. Still garang to talk absolute COCK. Get a motherfucking life lah.

Anonymous said...

I said "Sue me!"
Why Yew "Jail me?"
I'm on your side.

Anonymous said...


just maybe,

he is a hero or bully

his family and


Anonymous said...

The coward I heard is Chinese educated, cannot read Ingrish. How did he know what Amos said in Ingrish?