China needs to play a bigger and more responsible role

I am picking up the cue from Straycat on the historical rights or wrongs of the past. The Americans and western media have a very good memory of China’s past. Every little indiscretion or mistakes would be lifted out from the pages of history to remind the world of a negative China. China is always wrong and never right, never good, never responsible. The western countries, particularly the Americans, their histories were always about rights and goodness. They never commit crimes like China. They were peace loving countries unlike China. They were never aggressors, never invade or conquer other countries, never claim no man’s islands as theirs. They were angels, godly people.

China is dangerous. Look at how China bullied the small countries in the South China Sea and claiming islands belonging to no one, but some South East Asian countries are also trying to claim? Look at how the Philippines are telling the Chinese that they would fly their aircraft over Chinese islands defying China and this bully could not do anything about it? Who did you say is the bully?

The Americans and the West have a global responsibility to stand up for the victims of China’s aggression and expansionism and bullying. Which country has China invaded, are there any Chinese troops in foreign soil? The Americans and the West have appointed themselves as the global policemen and the power to fight for justice and for the victims of aggression. Who are the aggressors?

According to the Americans China is not playing any responsible role in the world. It must play a bigger role. There is a role that is cut out for China, to defend the weak and victims of Imperialism, Colonialism, of aggression and invasion. The victims of such nations need a great power to fight for their rights and justice, to take back their countries lost to the invaders. For a start, China should speak to the natives of conquered land, the Red Indians, the natives of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many Pacific Islands and those in the Indian Ocean, to reclaim their rights to their homeland, ownership of their ancestral land.

China must speak to the natives, champion their rights in the UN and take the invaders and occupiers of their land to the International Court, to reclaim what they had lost to the invaders and conquerors. These injustices cannot be simply forgotten, not to talk about again. It is history, and history is right. Fait accompli! It has been done. Cannot bring back the past. Who is bringing back the past?

Fortunately there are still a few Red Indians, natives and aborigines that survived the genocides and could lay claims to their father land. These survivors of genocides have rights too. Don’t they? Where is the conscience of the Europeans that robbed their land, their inheritance, and murdered their forefathers?

Should China play a more responsible role to fight and defend the rights of these dispossessed people? The victims of aggression and conquest need a spokeman and a champion to stand up for their cause.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Red Indians, our forefathers have killed many of your fathers and taken your land. We can't turn back the clock. We can't return you your land.

Sorry Red Indians of Canada.

Please accept this fact.

Sorry Maoris, sorry Australian aborigines.

Sorry Amigos, California, New Mexico, Texas now belonged to the Americans. Just too bad.

Anonymous said...

The Maoris are one of the very few indigenous people that were not completely conquered by colonials. Due to their hardy warlike culture, the difficult terrain, and the extreme re-supply distance between UK & NZ for troops & weapons. So a truce was signed between the Maoris & UK in the 19th century and is still active today. Till today, large parts of NZ belong to the various Maori tribes, and not to the NZ govt.

But you want to know the irony?? The Maoris are NOT the original people of NZ. They were originally from other South Pacific Islands driven by over crowding to migrate & find new lands. The Maoris landed on NZ and killed off the original inhabitants, every man, woman & child.

Anonymous said...

So it is right to kick out the Maoris by the Brits?

Anonymous said...

rb, i am sure that US media dont even tell their people

that US president are not elected by AMERICAN PEOPLE

american people dont even have right to vote for their US PRESIDENT

american people only enjoy right to vote for "ELECTOR"

CNN , BBC dont talk about such issue when they report about US presidential race.

press freedom dont exist

that explain why US media is playing up the issue of south china sea in recent years

yet, there are NO single news about tension in south china sea during 10 years war in iraq and afghan

Anonymous said...

philippine is a clown nation

the name of philippine is a spanish name

philippine constitution clearly stated that national territory of philippine are based on "historical right, claim"

philippine regime reject the concept of historical right , claim

yet, their territory are based on such concept

their historical claim refer to SPAIN CONQUEST , US CONQUEST

before spain conquest, there are no statehood identity as FILIPINO

luzon island belongs to brunei kingdom during spain invasion

how can Filipino claiming spain colony, US colony ( foreigner ) as their historical right?

Anonymous said...

In 1543, Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos named the archipelago Las Islas Filipinas in honor of Philip II of Spain.The Philippines became part of the Spanish Empire for more than 300 years. This resulted in the predominant religion in the country being Roman Catholicism.
After relocating to Panay island and consolidating a coalition of native Visayan allies and Hispanic soldiers, the Spaniards then captured Islamic Manila. wiki

Anonymous said...

When the Hongkies were fighting to elect their Chief Executive, the Brits also refused to tell them that in many democracies like Singapore and the US, the PM and President were not elected by the people.

The Hongkie protestors are a laughing stock and the Brits pretended to go along.

Anonymous said...


A total waste of time.

Always talk and talk and more talks.

Why? Action please!

Don't just talk and talk.


Anonymous said...

According to a 2007 Okinawa Times poll, 85% of Okinawans opposed the presence of the U.S. military,[23] because of noise pollution from military drills, the risk of aircraft accidents,[24] environmental degradation,[25] and crowding from the number of personnel there --wiki

Why US ignoring the wishes the locals for so long despite their strong protests against their military presence in the former 琉球國. ?

Anonymous said...

up until the formal annexation of the islands and abolition of the kingdom in 1879, the Ryukyus were not truly considered part of Japan, and the Ryukyuan people not considered Japanese. wiki

Anonymous said...

Since pinoy insisted on flying over China territory, China should just shoot down one pinoy military plane then see what Pinoy can do and whether USA is willing to risk ww3 over Pinoy

Anonymous said...

The Japanese never treat the Okinawans as true Japanese. Thus they are sacrificed with their land being given to the Americans as a military base. The first to be struck when there is a war with China.

Anonymous said...

Ask Okinawans and they will tell you they are not Japanese, they are Uchinanchu (the people of Ryukyu)

after decades of protests Okinawans are standing firm,

US just occupy Okinawa like Guam despite protests ?

patriot said...

China must protect itself from any subversion by alien as well as its very own citizen against its nationhood. It has every right to counter any threat to the wellbeings of its people, nationhood, allies and friendly neighbours. It is fair for China to strike first to keep itself and allies from harm.

As to gow China should go about protecting itself from threat; think the Chinese 是胸有成竹。


Anonymous said...

US and its military has no moral high grounds to be in Okinawa BECAUSE the people of Ryukyu has objected.

Anonymous said...

Okinawa has about 32 U.S. military bases or installations and nearly 50 restricted air and marine sites designated for military training.

The japs has given US a unsinkable aircraft carrier as a platform to launch offensive against the China/Korea peninsula

Anonymous said...

China must take over from the US as the champion of human rights and defend the Red Indians, African Americans, and victims of American aggression all over the world, including the liberation of Okinawa.

China must do good for the world by standing up to the American hegemon and not allow them to push around and bully small countries.

It is lucky that Iran and Pakistan have China to back them up.

Anonymous said...

these hongkies dont know about US democracy.

Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico are considered U.S. citizens,

there are a variety of restrictions on voting in federal elections for these citizens.

None of them have full representation in the US government: they can't vote for president, and they don't have voting representatives in Congress

the biggest reason for electoral college system(unfair system ) in US

- long-term political stability.

JOSHUA WONG is the hero on US media

black protester in baltimore, Ferguson -

their name, picture, their face , background remain as a secret on US media ( great censorship)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China should definitely step up to the plate more on global affairs.

This "let's keep it in the family" and not engage the world worked for a few thousand years. Now the times are different. Our species has evolved culturally. The human species of the past was organised into tribes. Now, although still tribal by nature, we are more integrated, culturally, socially, economically and even politically.

China is already on the world stage, but not really a "player" yet. It has to be more "garang". Should take a lead from the USA, and add some special "Chinese Sauce" to make it their own. Show some attitude, some defiance, get a bit "rock star". Jackie Chan should be commissioned to "mentor" the Chinese leadership in "attitude".

Then the Americans will be blur. Shocked. But respect they will.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are the worse violators of human rights. China must set up a dedicated agency just to dig out all the shit the Americans had done, and still doing to show to the world how cruel and evil these bastards are.