Asia and Asean beware – The Americans are here to start a war

The peace in Asia and SE Asia is at risk. The Americans have shown their
true intent in its pivot to Asia, to dominate the region as the Empire.
They are claiming the right to meddle in the affairs in the region, to
bully the countries here, to throw their weight around to show that they
are the Number One Gangster in the region. Accept American hegemony or else
get a black eye.

The Americans tried the insidious way of allowing their running dogs like
Japan and the Pinoys to do the barking and biting. They tried to rope in
the South Koreans, the Indians, the Indonesians, the Malaysians and other
Asean countries, to be part of the gang to go against China and any other
country challenging their supremacy. They failed to get these countries to
be part of their pointman in a war against China.

Asian and Asean countries do not want war. They know how destructive and
dangerous war can be to their countries and people. War means the Americans
would triumph and they will forever be under the control of the American
Empire. They would not want to be used and manipulated by the Americans to
fight and die for the Americans. They are staying out.

Now the Americans are showing their hand, having failed to get the hands of
other Asian and Asean countries to do their fighting. It is now all hands
on the table, the Americans, the Japanese and the Pinoys against China who
would likely bring in the Russians and the North Koreans. After setting the
Middle East on fire, the Americans are here in South East Asia to start
another fire. This time this fire is going to be very big and could burn
the whole world when it is lit.

The Americans are dangerous, and are telling the Asian and Asean states
that it would use brute force against anyone refusing to acknowledge the
Empire is in charge.  They are demanding that China stopped their land
reclamation immediately. China would show them their middle finger for

The situation now is Redcon 2. The gangsters have spoken. Their warships and weapons of war are here.

The Americans are here to rule. Forget about the pivot. Forget about the
crap of protecting freedom of navigation and over flight.  It is Pax Americana that they are here for. And they are daring China for a fight in China's backyard. This is a declaration of war.

Asian and Asean countries must prepare for war in the region, a war brought
about by the Evil Empire that claimed to come in peace and for peace, but a
peace under its domination.

Bow everyone or be flattened. You are with me or against me. Now is the
time for the Asian and Asean countries that have been buying and upgrading
their military arsenal to see if they are of any use in the face of a big


Anonymous said...

Singapore will soon become 27th province of China. China is now extending its territory across the South China Sea, from Shanghai down to Singapore. Soon Singapore will be renamed the original Han dynasty territory of NanYang -- Southern Land. By then the whole world will have to accept that Singapore was, is and forever will be the sovereign territory of China. And China will have 10,000,000 PLA army plus nuclear-armed bombers, nuclear missile frigates, and nuclear submarines to enforce it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ easily ruffled and panicked, RB:

>> It is Pax Americana that they are here for. <<

Of course lah. Pax Americana is declining, this is an almost guaranteed way of shoring it up.

>> Asian and Asean countries must prepare for war in the region <<

Alamak, please lah uncle. It is their own fault. Unlike you, I don't blame the USA. I blame the Asian cuntrees and ASEAN---no fucking balls, no spine, no bloody use, they sabo their own people!

The Americans have a certain nature: American exceptionalism and global "leadership". The US President is the de facto "leader of the free world". They talk a BIG game, they swagger, and have no problem in starting internal strife in cuntrees that don't tow the American line...especially if the people in said cuntrees are non-white, and don't have cultures rooted in Judeo-Christian western "enlightened" culture. 👽👽. That is their nature. Like it, or lump it, but please, don't be DELUSIONAL and DENY that it exists.

That being said, the only strategy that the Asians and ASEAN must adopt, is to tell the Americans to "FUCK OFF and LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE" to sort out our differences. But the Asian cunts running the Asian cuntrees and ASEAN have not done so. In fact, they've courted the USA as their "protector".

Just recently, the USA said, in very plain language, that the Asians have to take more initiative to sort out their own SHIT. But no. Cuntrees like Taiwan, Pinoy Land, Vietnam, and the panty-sniffing Bull-shit-do Japanese are begining to thinkj that they are E N T I T L E D to protection from Big Daddy Obama. (he speaks Indonesian, therefore he's part Asian.😱 WTF?!???)

Anyway, the Asian cuntrees get the govt and representatives they deserve. Welcome, American heros. We'll all bend over for you to fuck our arses. Then we'll take out your dick and suck you, ass-to-mouth (ATM) style, like online pornography!

Asia is America's whore. By choice. 😂

Anonymous said...

Before China can take over Singapore, it would be taken over by the Indians first. Look at the systematic taking over of the finance industry and the IT industry. And also the occupation of private condos in the East Coast area. Soon it would all be taken over.

China would have to fight the Indians to get in.

Goh said...

Uncle RB.This one i share with you only, since u said your uncle and my ah kong are neighbor in Boo Lim Sua cemetery.Cannot afford to offend any one.
My great ah Kong once told me that starting a war or to occupy one's territory does not necessay mean military wares need to be use or the need to occupy it physically.
He said occupier can win by starting a soft approach and other means.
Ah kong said a Armo cuntree can first influence another cuntree dafts to be westernize and name themselves or children to call themselves armo names like Amos, George, Slyvia.. and put their surname behind etc.After sometimes dafts will believe and worship the armo ,do or pray to whatever the armo do or believe and finally claim their own ancestors are devils and their imaginary god is their only father.
Slowly the daft local geh armo will create problem for their leaders or cuntree and daft armo leaders may even gong gong sell their cuntree to them or armo.
This may put the cuntree in trouble .
Many of my friends and their children or grandchildren here are oredi armo when they are born so after generations who u think these amos will support.
Not only here, 中国,台湾...
The only way you can do is to stop your children becoming armo , since you are so concern about China like I do.

This one my ah kong say one.

Goh said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agongkia:

And why do you think it happens that way? I'll proffer a reason: western culture is SEDUCTIVE. o be "westernised" means you are "cultured", "hip" and "enlightened".

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agongkia:

>> The only way you can do is to stop your children becoming armo <<

Err...good luck trying 😂 In fact, good luck trying to CONTROL your kids...yes, it may work for awhile, but comes a time when they will REBEL against you, and quite possibly end up distrusting and even HATING you for the lousy job you did as a parent.

I love to see kids rebel against authority and their controlling parents. Most parents suck at being parents, and so they deserve all the shit which comes back to them from their kids, once the kids grow up. Parents, what you sow, you reap....with interest!

Anonymous said...

The US is trying to turn the tables on China with more allegations and malicious words ,typical sia for them.
John Mccain is calling the world to condemn China regarding the so called ártillery deployment on the reclaimed island.

Anonymous said...

The BIG question now is if CHINA ready to take on USA? One mountain can't accommodate 2 tigers anyway, it is a matter of time ! Forget about the rhetoric that the Pacific Ocean is big enough for CHINA and USA . Please stop patronizing the Asians by saying that.

Anonymous said...

US controls all the oceans in the world China just wants its south china seas, the mouth-face kpkb liao

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> One mountain can't accommodate 2 tigers anyway, <<

Like I've said before: thank the gods and demigods for that. Imagine if the USA and China were close allies?? We all die lah!!

The USA vs China dynamic of being "rivals" is best kept that way. They each "moderate" each others power and influence in global matters.

Be thankful for small mercies.

Virgo 49 said...

The most seductive one is believe in him and you shall be saved.

only thru Him you can go to heaven.

wah piang, this type of offer, where to find???

Can commit murder to all mankind and yet be saved.

Anonymous said...

Ask that McCain guy how many Vietnamese had he killed?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo 49

>> wah piang, this type of offer, where to find??? <<

Can find...look no further...

Religion gets your money in advance for a "promise" that you will be saved later, in the afterlife.

CPF (a tax) gets your money in advance for a "promise" that you'll be saved later, after you stop working.

Motherfucking liars. 😂

Anonymous said...

"Asia and Asean beware – The Americans are here to start a war"

But I think the chances of a war actually happening is as good as the chances of a Sinkie opposition leader announcing his party is ready to contest 100% seats as one party in coming GE lah.

So should Asia and Asean be still worried about a war happening?

Anonymous said...

What are the chances of RB contesting the coming GE? I mean not under a PAP ticket lah, of course.

Anonymous said...

the only way for singapore survival

to grab philippine land when war do break out.

so that, Singapore able to secure more space development for their future

philippine had plenty of island ( historically, it dont belongs to them )

philippine had incorporate many island as "rightfully theirs" ( based on spain conquest, US conquest)

island of palawan should belongs to singapore.

get ready for " new world order " ( territory of border been re draw again)

Anonymous said...

maybe singapore can ask CHINA to allow singapore citizen to stay in their new island

to create second home - ( build second singapore )

future of singapore looks very bleak as lack of space, land had hinder singapore development.

singapore required many immigrant across the world to help them to keep their competitiveness.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. Singapore is planning to be a big big big country like the USA. So we have to plan big big. Plan for a big big land and a population of 100m. Then Singapore can become the next super power.

patriot said...

"Their warships anf weapons of wars are here", unquote.
Here in Sin?
It is reported that US, Singapore and Australia have agreed to play their parts to ensure the Peace and Security of the World.
Why are the Other Nations not with the Three?
What are their stands and how do they look at the Three?

The Smallest Nation playing a giant role whikst its larger neighbours and super powers such as China, Russia, Koreas and Japan were not mentioned. .

World Peace seems pretty easy to attain leh.
Three Countries declared they have a pack and the Others Countries will all 'quai quai' keep the Peace???


Anonymous said...

Why take sides?

U.S. and China are both bullies.
U.S. being the de facto bully while China is the up-and-coming bully.

To support one bully against another is insane.
In the end, we still get bullied.

Why take sides?

Anonymous said...

Please don't be deceived by the Americans with the peace. When they said peace, they are saying they are the masters, they are in charge and you must obey them. That is peace to them.

When they say balance of power, they are saying they have all the weapons and you have none. That is why they cannot stomach Iran and North Korean.n They want to be in control, they are the Empire.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> World Peace seems pretty easy to attain leh. <<

Actually, it is not and IMO (which I could be wrong), it is improbable. For several reasons, but mainly because we humans are PRIMATES, which are social creatures, even though our existential experience is that of an INDIVIDUAL.

Being social means we tend to congregate in groups, then identify with such groups by adopting common aspects and abstracts which define the groups and hence its members. Individuality decreases, and group identity increases. Think tribalism.

Tribes are prone to either fight or cooperate with each other---i.e. they are able to capitalise on their differences in IDENTITY to either be friends or foe with each other. What is usually the case is that some tribes are allies with each other, whilst being hostile to other tribes. Tribal "warfare" is limited to a highly limited amount of resources. Now enter the creation of the NATION STATE.

As long as you have LARGE NATION STATES, you will have hostility and war. Nation states are able to "unite" tribes and commandeer resources by coercion of LAW. It is impossible for tribes to have full time standing armies, blue-water navies and air defence, but as a nation state with the power to command political economies and divert resources, engineer society and "brainwash" the masses to whatever the "objectives" top down managers decide.

Nation state ==> ever present prospect of WAR. Get rid of the nation state and return to small(er) tribes/ cantons/ city states/ stateless nations, and you will have WORLD PEACE---i.e. general lack of warfare for the entire world. You will still get tribal fighting (because we are fear-driven primates), but that would be limited to small battles because small tribes/ nations cannot muster the resources of the nation state, and are severely limited with what they can do because of SMALL population sizes, and thus are limited to the size of fighting forces which they can muster.

Virgo49 said...

Shangri-la man shot to death!!!!!

Is it Mc-Cain or the Carter???

World war three next change

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Well done SPF!

Bloody kotek, obviously not very bright criminals---ram police barricade and try to chabut? WTF? What were they thinking...oh, maybe not thinking :-)

Very soon during the "public inquiry" some xi bai kwai lans from the "anti-police" public will try and say that our cops were in the wrong and that they should have pursued the vehicle with a patrol car or motorcycle. These lunatic fringe dwellers will use the example of the Ferguson shootings in the US to tekan our cops.

One of the roles of cops is to SHOOT BAD GUYS. I would like to shoot bad guys too---but alas, the law prevents me from doing so. So when cops shoot and kill bad motherfuckers, they get my 100% support.

Anonymous said...

MS, you shit head, where got nation state, borderless lah. See, Singapore so peaceful, bring in people of the world to live here like a hotel paradise.

You still thinking nation state and war? No war lah, all make love and peace in borderless world. Singapore so peaceful, all so happy, like hotel guests.

Anonymous said...

singapore should use their military strength and forced philippine to cede palawan island to singaporean people

after all, palawan island does not belongs to philippine historically,

spain invaded palawan

there are overseas chinese communities already staying there with local when spain arrived in those island

those overseas chinese could have links to current Singaporean people

spain invader brutally killed chinese people
because they are afraid that local people might help china to defeat them
spain had ambition to conquer china.

when spain invade philippine,
china had issued warning to spain.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1209:

>> MS, you shit head, where got nation state, borderless lah. <<

I say, you dumb cocksucker of dead dog's dicks... cyberspace bordeless lah. Can transmit info, data and even money....no sweat. Real world, real life in the motherfucking objective physical "reality", got nation states enforcing borders lah. You require proof? No sweat..

Next time you come in from Johor to Singapore, just suka suka drive your car thru the check point, don't bother stopping lah. Then you will discover for yourself whether nation states got borders.

You want answers? Do the experiment and gather empirical DATA. OK? Hurry, up, don't waste time. Customs, Immigration and the Singapore Police are all waiting for you at the Checkpoints to test your "theory". 😂

patriot said...

I for one never believe the World can exists in peace. On the Contrary, beings are programmed to war via inbuilt animosity created by vanity, jealousy, envy, want of power and supremacy.

Ultimately war is unavoidable. So bring it on.

If World World Three happens during my life time, it will the Greatest Event that I ever have a chance to experience a World shattering event and this will be great.

War like death is a neccessity in my opinion.


b said...

" It is now all hands on the table, the Americans, the Japanese and the Pinoys against China who would likely bring in the Russians and the North Koreans."

Thats why Japan got an earthquake. I think filipine will be next, they will get a typhoon. THe weather also planning an attack on america. Why fight, must learn to help each other. No one immune to bad luck.

Anonymous said...

ASEAN no balls especially this so called rich countries, coz they dont farking care.
They dont have guys to tell shitty CHN to F Off and stop wgat ots doing.
Shame on u ASEAN,
No balls.. no guts..