Amos Yee’s assailant charged in court

Neo Gim Huah, the 49 year old assailant of Amos Yee was charged in court on Monday morning. He admitted hitting Amos and confessed in a CNA article, ‘Through a translator, he said that Yee had been disrespectful and had insulted Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew, and that he only wanted to teach Yee a lesson as an elder and did not want to hurt Yee.’

Neo’s slapping of Amos was premeditated, planned to achieve maximum exposure to the media. He ‘wanted the assault to be publicised “so that the world at large would know that the victim was being taught a lesson”.’ He added that he wanted to ‘instil fear in the teenager, let him know what the ways of the world are and teach him a lesson, ...’

This guy must be thinking that he is another kind of god out to deliver justice to Amos, claiming that ‘it would be difficult for the criminal justice system to deal with Yee effectively because of his age’.

The court thought differently and gave him with a deterrent sentence of 3 weeks in jail to prevent the erosion of the justice system in case every monkey thinks he is the law, to deal with anyone they deemed fit, that the court is unable to deliver justice.

What would be interesting now is the possibility of other parties thinking the same way as this Neo and would want to deal him a dose of his own justice the way he did to Amos. Amos has a father and mother to discipline him and it is pure arrogance for this Neo to think he should do the job, and to represent the justice system.

What a cock? See how he feels if he is made to take his own medicine by someone who thinks he deserves to be taught a lesson, to ‘let him know what the ways of the world are...’

Finally all the suspicions about something missing ends with this man’s appearance in court and his photograph in the msm, and the 3 weeks jail awaiting him.


Anonymous said...

It is precisely that there may be many more such Sinkies like that Neo Gim Huah on the loose, and many more than u think, that PAP could win at least 60% votes every election, even in bad times for suffering, money no enough Sinkies, like in 2011.

And I think this Neo Gim Huah sure money got enough, being a owner in the "sure must need" aircon and electrical business. In this regard, he is what I would call a smart Sinkie, who will most likely not join or vote opposition. Of course he is not so smart by slapping Amos.

Anonymous said...

Three Weeks Jail For Smart Neo!

This is the "sorry" or story of smart Neo!

Really very very very sad!

At the end, three weeks jail!

Three weeks jail! Three weeks jail!

Why? What for? Why? Why? Why?

In hokkein we say "Eat Full Very Free"!

Why smart Neo did it his way?

Very sorry for his family.

What to do? This is life!

Sad. Very Sad!

Anonymous said...

Did this Neo Gim Huah by coincidence, got any aircon and electrical projects to do in the state courts? If not, how come he was so free and got time to loiter, stalk and slap Amos there?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Red Bean,

Think and search deeper. There is much more than meets the commoners' eyes.

This is all wayang orchestrated by an unseen hand.

Why is the 3rd charge stood down (not dropped)?

Because no witnesses willing to come forth to testify, so the charge cannot proceed.

Some one, a hero, has to be presented in court to establish a point. To substantiate the evidence required.

This Neo (in Chinese means Bull) guy volunteered. He said he was not concerned with the First Two Charges - ie. the so-called obscene cartoon and the hurting of Christians' feelings. He said he is only concerned with the disrespect shown to LKY.

So, put 1 and 2 together, what do you get?

I say this is all a BIG DRAMA!

Anonymous said...

This mother farker wants to drive fear into the kids. Wow, who does he think he is? Hope someone teach him a good lesson about bullying and about fear.

Anonymous said...

We get so much drama and angst from the PAPigs over the alleged heckling incident in Hong Lim Park.
But for slapping a teen.
PAPigs very quiet.
No drama, no angst.

Anonymous said...

"Through a translator, he said that Yee had been disrespectful and had insulted Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew, and that he only wanted to teach Yee a lesson as an elder and did not want to hurt Yee.’ "

Do you think this guy needs a psychiatrist assessment more than Amos Yee?

Anonymous said...

The three weeks jail is
"wet-wet-water" considering
the free "publicity"!

Indeed very smart, Neo!

Anonymous said...

Rb it's not just the three weeks lar. Once he is inside and someone inside wanted to teach him a lesson, he may Kena ass fuck in the prison. I think that may be worst getting three weeks of free accommodation and food

Anonymous said...

Amos should now sue him for damages, physical, psychological and emotional pain plus legal fees, and make him pay big big.

Anonymous said...

Funny, funny, funny. This guy got arrested on 1 May. Was he in police custody and presented to the court by the police?

Or did he walk to court and walk home free after being found guilty and sentenced to 3 weeks jail? Why was he walking away from the court like a free man?

Anonymous said...

Some say he is a foreigner, beating a citizen.

Virgo 49 said...

49 years and he think LKY is a God to him. We over 65 years and think LKY is a Devil.

Who knows LKY better than him??

Brain washed zombies! Frightening!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wow! This is spectacular. Not only is our hero a vigilante targeting recalcitrant children, but he applies Confucian values of strict obedience to authority and if to "talk back" like a rude ill mannered boy, he will get slapped because he "needs a lesson" to "correct his deviation from the path of righteousness", so that he will not DISGRACE himself, his family and his culture any more.

I think we need more of these vigilante slappers to ensure our young remain obedient and subservient like the good Confucian Sheeple they're suppose to be!

Got sifu?

Anonymous said...

Not sure about situs, there are certainly no shortage of sifuts.

patriot said...

Amos Yee was shackled though he harms no one and was in remand for weeks before conviction and verdict.
So, a three week jail term for the 49 year old Neo Guy is small deal in comparison to the Treatments that Amos got.
While Amos Arrest and his getting assaulted were widely reported in the State and Alternative Medias showing him in handcuffs and shackles, there was no picture of the Neo Guy in handcuffs and escorted before or after conviction.

Poor Amos has got very special treatments.


Anonymous said...

Amos should take up Neo's dare to sue him for premeditated assault. Let's crowd fund him