Amos Yee’s assailant arrested

I wrote about this trivial incident yesterday, just to quote the intro paragraph of the article, ‘The boy, Amos Yee, was hit by a man outside the court when he turned up to hear the charges against him for insulting religion and God. After hitting the boy the man ran off but not before shouting ‘Sue me, sue me’ in front of journalists waiting outside the court for the boy’s appearance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ17hfhI0C0....’

Our super efficient men in blue did not fail and the man was arrested at 2 am on the same night. The news broke the next day saying that a 49 year old man was arrested. Oh, 49 year old! Heck, my old man’s vision must be playing tricks on me, or was it the above video? That man seemed too young, at most in his mid 30s. His movement, mannerism, his running and gesturing, all seemed too young to be 49.

It is unbecoming for a 49 year old man to behave that way, more like a juvenile. If he is not caught and identified, I would go on thinking that it was a young man hitting Amos Yee.

The big question, what’s next? How would this man be dealt with? In this case, though trivial, it has an international standing and an international audience. It is a very high profile case, and God is watching over us. At the mortal level, this is a case of reckless defiance of the law, the police, and the govt. It was conducted just outside the courts of justice, presumably there would be police around, and in front of many journalists and reporters with cameras ready, and he did it, without a care that he would be caught in camera. He was so confident that he could get away with it, thinking, acting and behaving like a kid. After hitting the boy he turned around to taunt the boy, facing the cameras, without trying to hide his face, no sign of fear of the law, that he could be easily identified. It was very unusual for a 49 year old to behave so naïvely confident of himself. You would expect a 49 year old to know what he was in for and be more careful to commit a premeditated act of violence. He was not provoked and act in the heat of a moment. He was there waiting for Amos Yee..

Would the courts, the police and the govt take this case in a different manner? Would this be treated as more than a simple scuffle between two private individuals and Amos Yee be asked to file a personal suit against his assailant and claim for damages? The fact that he has been arrested means that the govt or the police are taking this very seriously. Would this case be used to make a statement, a deterrent, against all future and potential violators of peace and order, not to think that this is a lawless country, ‘bo cheng hu’, and they can go around hitting and assaulting anyone they liked, right in front of the courts?

With the noise about this case spreading unrestrained, many cheering, some jeering, that the hitting of the boy is a right and good thing, and with many leaders keeping their lips sealed, other than Shanmugam, the impression is not very well received.  Shanmugam, as the Minister of Home Affairs, had to say something or people will get the wrong message, like the fake degree case.

Now, would more righteous people, and ministers, speak out against this assault in broad daylight, against a child by a 49 year old man? A trivial case, nothing much about it, not vile, not outrageously?  Not alarming? Anyone wants to be kind to this kid, or to be kinder to the kid/man for hitting the kid?

What would be the message to be sent out by the govt and the police?


Anonymous said...

My question about public safety in Singapore is this:
If no police report was made, would the 49 year old man have been arrested?
Even though there is ample video and eyewitnesses evidence that an assault really took place.

Anonymous said...

I would think it also depends on the merits of the case.

In previous reports of such cases, I read that police would normally close the case by advising the victim to take a civil suit against the assailant. Of course no minister also spoke for the victim lah.

But in Amos case, this is different. Not only a public recording of the incident was put up on Internet, a minister even deem it necessary to make a statement on it.

So basing on its merits, I believe the Amos slapping case will be treated differently. Perhaps the assailant may even be sent off for a short jail term too, after arrest and conviction in court.

Anonymous said...

"In previous reports of such cases, I read that police would normally close the case by advising the victim to take a civil suit against the assailant."
May 02, 2015 12:20 p.m

So are you saying under PAP government's justice system;
If a Singaporean gets slapped,
Your only recourse is to hire your own lawyer(expensive) to seek justice.
And if you cannot afford a lawyer ... too bad ...
If true, this means we can anyhow slap poor Singaporean people and get away with it right?

But what about Alien maids?
If I slap my Alien maid, I will get arrested right?
The Alien maid no need to hire a lawyer to protect her rights correct?
So an Alien maid has better protection under PAP Singapore laws than a Singaporean right?

So we can more easily get away with slapping a poor Singaporean than an Alien maid?
True or not?

Another avalanche of social issues.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There is no way Shanmugam is going to let this one go lah. He already made it clear on his FB post. Everything out in the open already, thanks largely in part to the invention of smartphones with great sound and video recording capabilities.

Present AG too is a stickler for the rule of law. If his public prosecutors can prove premeditation and intent---this 49 yr old better hope he doesn't kena ROTAN for unprovoked , premeditated, assault. Total lack of self control, total lack of consideration for the consequences for himself---i.e. he was "undeterred" by the obvious heavy consequences under Singapore law.

Another fact to support his "I don't give a fuck about Amos, nor the law, nor whatever happens to me" attitude is that he assaulted Amos in broad daylight, outside the court where the media was here in full force.

Hope his backside got thick skin ;-)

Anonymous said...

Personal suit? No lah! It was planned, premeditated & unprovoked assault. Much worse that that foreign guy who punched one of our taxi uncles. Jail and 3 strokes of the cane before he turns 50 would befit this crime, and teach LKY worshipers that they are not above the law.

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet, a warning and let go or a $100 fine? After that up to Amos Yee to take legal suit to sue him.

Virgo49 said...

Most cases foreigners hammered sinkies, they tried to downplay acts as under restraints by their masters to welcome them

They are our saviour after all.Creating jobs for us

If sinkies God help you. See sinkies now like the Red guards of Mao era,

Reporting, sabo other each even after fifty years of so called nation building and national service

agongkia said...

Please lah.49 mean 49.
You implying he is a Tua P K issit?(imaginary god cannot mention name)
Have faith in our MIB lah.

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And also another sweet pretty and charming young auntie in Chinatown.Before I approach luckily someone told me she is one leelee,Medan doctor married to a rich man.
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Dun anyhow suspect ok.

Anonymous said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 511:

The only kind of "pecker control" required from the uncle brigade is to make sure you stay alive and fit enough to shoot strong bullets as often as possible, preferably without viagra, but no loss of "man points" if you need to use it.

So many luscious women in Singapore, and they are not shy about their sexuality. They feel good about themselves. Many of them are financially and emotionally independent and have achieved respectable social stations in life. They got "attitude", hot like chilli padi lah.

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Anyway, to my fellow horny uncles, Singapore-made film called "Rubbers" started today (theatrical screening). Go have a look and have a laugh. That Malaysian lead actor is one sexy cougar (lau chio).

Wake-Up-Lah Daft Sinkies said...

This is NOT a simple case of assault, a 49-year-old man slapping a boy on the face.

The following MUST be taken into consideration:

1. The intent - premeditated no doubt about it.

2. The manner he executed the violent assault - unprovoked.

3. The location in which the criminal intimidation was carried out - in front of the State Courts.

4. The defiance against the Laws he displayed - "Sue me, come and sue me".

5. The total disregard to public scrutiny and sentiment - executing the terrorising act in broad daylight in front of not an ordinary audience but a group of reporters and camera-men.

Taking all aspects into consideration, it is very clear that this violent man was throwing a direect Challenge to the Law and Order of the Country/State and had intended to get it publicised by the reporters and cameramen.

The State cannot simply brush it aside as a small matter, a trivial matter as Red Bean had put it.

This is an extra-ordinary case that requires careful extra-ordinary care in handling and treating.

The sentence MUST be Deterent Enough to serve as a warning to any other people who profess violence and who have the tendency to take the Law into his own hands.

Less than that, it means Singapore will become a lawless State, expecially so with so many foreign wolves, foxes and snakes invading and infesting the tiny country no end.

(And I hope Amos Yee's father can learn a lesson here.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe this bravado thinks he is above the law?

Goh said...

You reminded me of my sifu:-)

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks my eyes are playing tricks. Certainly does not look or move like a 49-yr-old.

I urge everybody to download and keep high resolution pictures of that slapper criminal. That includes pictures which reveal his height. We should compare with the person who they arrested. I have lost all trust in the authorities.