Amos Yee – When kindness died

We have seen the episode of how a boy was persecuted by a lynch mob of adults like they were out hunting for a witch. A lot have been said about this case and I will make it short and sharp.  You want to read more, go to TRE and read what Vincent Wijeysingha wrote.

What happened was that a child and his offensive rant and his dirty cartoon in the net were seen as a devious and intolerable act. And next, adults, presumably mature and wisdom and full of themselves in righteousness, went berserk and braying for the blood of this boy. Hey, he is only 16! The merciless pursuit of this kid, even being beaten by another asshole man in front of the court, claiming he wanted maximum publicity to teach the boy a lesson, was cheered by some quarters of adults.

It was the shameless adults that thought flogging a child in public was a decent thing to do. Where is kindness? We got a kindness movement going on. What did the movement said or not allowed to say?

Kindness is dead in this pretentious city state of graciousness when basic human decency towards a wayward child was thrown into the longkangs. There was not a word of kindness and compassion towards the child from the right places. The sadistic circus was allowed to run its full course.

Would anyone feel ashamed of the whole thing? Obviously not. They are so unforgiving even to a child.



Anonymous said...

The people are so sick but claiming Amos is sick. They should all be sent to IMH and be locked up permanently.

Where is humanity, where is human decency. Shame is the word. They can paste the millions on their faces but they cannot hide the shame all over them.

Anonymous said...

All the low life out there, unbelieveable! The relentless persecution of a child without any sense of shame.

Vile anyone?

Anonymous said...

Amos was sent to unveil the deceit and treachery of a breed of people filled with hate and intolerance, narrow minded nincompoohs, but preaching peace, kindness and graciousness, forgiveness....

Anonymous said...

Aiya, on hindsight, I think the authorities should have left young and mischievous Amos alone right from the beginning lah.

He is definitely no Roy Ngerng, much less a Chee Soon Juan, tio bo?

That's why I think PAP really screwed up on many things, despite the high pay the ministers are getting, and really taking the support of the 60% for granted.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As a certified Nerdy Geeky Lazy Beach Bum, I'm beginning to look at the Amos Yee "saga" as a "Black Box Experiment" of the cultural and social variety.

➠➠ INPUT Not the video or cartoon themselves but the SIGNALS those items generate in the mind of the individual viewer.

BLACK BOX ➠◼︎➠ The "system" under investigation. How these input signals are processed; what is their meaning, what are the implications, how do people feel after experiencing Amos's "creativity", what conclusions and behavioural choices do they make after the fact, and WHY.

OUTPUT ➠➠ What is manifested in the real world as an "output" from peoples' minds. Their comments/ feedback, their behaviour, the philosophical and moral positions they adopt, what they want their govt to do, or not do.

There are many interesting OBSERVATIONS from this experiment, and one can generate so many interesting hypotheses about the Singapore's present culture and societal proclivities.

Redbean hypothesises that "kindness" and "compassion" have failed in Singapore. However he neglects to appreciate the CONTEXT. Ordinarily, Singaporeans are reasonably kind and compassionate...i.e. "normal". However after viewing an "Amos creation", the individual MENTAL CONTEXT can radically change. Take into account the "shock value" of Amos releasing the "Lee Kuan Yew is Dead, Finally!" video 2 days before the state funeral, plus bring Jesus into the picture to "wallop" peoples' minds one more time, for good measure. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Are you really that surprised that many people lost their fucking minds, or flipped their shit so bad they had ideas of harming the kid?

Anonymous said...

Was PAP's Singapore ever about human kindness and decency?
Or was it just about making the rich even more rich?
Do you think PAP is on the side of rich people?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ clueless about the world, 1112:

>> Was PAP's Singapore ever about human kindness and decency?

For fucks sake lah. It is not the place of a political party, especially the dominant one in govt to be "kind" or "decent".

For govt to be effective is has to be UNKIND and TRAMPLE on decency when necessary. Govt is the agency of LEGALISED force and coercion. Its role is to swiftly HAMMER and OBLITERATE threats with cold efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Hope China will soon overtake S'pore as 27th province. With China's swift & unrelentless justice, unkindness can be made a capital offence, just like software piracy was made a capital offence in the 1990s in order to attract Microsoft & Oracle. Everybody will be very kind then.

Anonymous said...

Is that all you know, a one trick pony? I mean one view?

Anonymous said...

"Its role is to swiftly HAMMER and OBLITERATE threats with cold efficiency."
May 16, 2015 11:21 a.m.

Oh for fuck's sake.
What threat does Amos Yee pose?

Sickening Leeder and Country said...

When a country is led by a sick man suffering from cancer, the whole country is also sick and suffering from a cancerous disease like its leader.

When a country's leader is sick, you can hear its ministers uttering the word "SICKENING" to show you that the ministers are also sick.

When a minister of that sick country is sick, he will show you that he go for a heart by-pass for only $8.

When a minister has mental sickness, you can be assured that he will tell you cock and bull stories about how good he is and then make you vomit by saying that fake degrees are only unaccredited degrees .... that means it is okay to accept fake degrees deceptive dishonorable people to be your New Citizens and be employed in government positions as consultants in order to replace you from your good jobs.

When you have a sick leader, his political party is also very sick. You can see for yourself that IT will go all out to make use of the State's Machinery and Resources to FIX the Oppositions, even to the extent of FIXING ordinary citizens with law suits, even to the extent to FIX a young boy of 16 like Amos Yee.

When a country is very sick, the whole world can witness that its once honorable citizens turn into a horrendous monstrous sadistic and cruel lynching mob to attack a small boy who happens the SHAME THEM NO END AND HURT THEIR SUPER-EGO.

When a country, its citizens and its leader are very sick, her mass media, especially its main newspapers will also become very sick and produce sickening reports to make everybody very sick.

And so on and so forth ......

The only way for the country to become healthy again is to remove the sick leader and replace him with a healthy one.

Anonymous said...

The World Famous Amos Yee Saga is the Legacy your country's World Famous Father of Sickapore left behind - that is the beauty, the glory and the nightmare of his leadership for the past 50 years.

So don't left at other countries for being Corrupt. You have a different kind of Corruption. Others are corrupted in the Head, your country is corrupted in the Heart.

Other countries are corrupted under the table, your country is corrupted over the table.

Others are corrupted in darkness and behind closed doors, your country is corrupted in broad day light and in the open for the whole world to see.

Congratulations! Sickapore!

Anonymous said...

Amos Yee's crime was that he reminded Singaporeans what it is like to be free and human.
Instead of being an LKY digit, PAP slave and a slave to our HDB mortgage.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance begets tolerance
forgiveness begets forgiveness
punishing begets punishing

When LKY ruled with intolerance;
he begets a country n citizen with intolerance
(Neo cannot tolerate Amos );
When Lee Hsien Loong ruled with unforgivenss;
He begets a country n citizen with unforgivenss
(Amos cannot forgive Judges Power logic verdict)
When Khaw Boon Han ruled with punishing hands;
he begets a country n citizen who want to throw him out of parliament.
(AHPTC citizens cannot forgive PAP 2015/2016 GE)

Law of the Universe.
Nothing new under the sun.

Anonymous said...

Truly a country starts rotting from the head downwards.
I can forgive an incompetent and useless Prime Minister.
The idiot is too stupid to know that he is useless.
I can't forgive voters who keep voting for an idiot Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

ε―ζ€œ ε―ζ€œ ιžεΈΈε―ζ€œ !

ε›½ε’ŒδΈ‡δΊ‹ε…΄ !

ε€§δΊ‹εŒ–ε°δΊ‹ ε°δΊ‹εŒ–η„‘δΊ‹ !


A Graceful Citizen said...

Uncle Red Bean,

You should write another article titled

Singapore - A Nation Sinking To Dis-Grace-Full Nightmare.

Thank you, Uncle.

Yours very sincerely,
A Graceful Citizen.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ enlightened conscience 1209:

>> Oh for fuck's sake.
What threat does Amos Yee pose? <<

Here is the excellent question no one yet has BOTHERED to ask any of the authority figures in this "saga" DIRECTLY.

Actually, this is usually THE FIRST question to be asked---"to what extent is this defendant a REAL threat? Did he plan a terrorist attack? Did he use weapons? Did he take hostages? Did he kill or physically harm anyone?

NO? seriously, right...NO?

Ahem....then why the fuck put on cuffs and leg shackles on him!?!??

See, Singapore society for all its "smarts" couldn't even get the simplest, most fundamental, MOST OBVIOUS question asked.

How lidat?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. The state can do anything to anyone for any reason. They can even make up a reason if they need to. Or change reasons if they choose to. And all this...suka suka by State: perfectly LEGAL.

Don't like it? Neither do I!

But there are people who like it. Especially the ones who "call police" every time their sensitivities get "offended".

What to do? You can't do SHIT. Accept it and just be happy ;-)

Anonymous said...

The whole Amos Yee saga has brought shame and disgrace to Singapore. A country where such intolerance is so prevalent cannot be a first world country. ALL Singaporeans should hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

ALL Singaporeans should hang their heads in shame.
May 16, 2015 4:03 p.m.

Actually hor.
I think ALL Singaporeans who voted PAP should hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Sinkies cannot make their opposition strong, united and ready to be govt.

That's why those daft and only know how to kpkb Sinkies deserve the kind of govt like PAP to tekan them jialat jialat.

Anonymous said...

What about LKY?
Did kindness die with LKY?

Anonymous said...

Are Leaders In Sin gracious


kind ?

Thot they are the most

sickening, greedy and


Anonymous said...

Uncle Red Bean,

Why are you still so naΓ―ve? You so old already some more?

Since PAP took power, has IT (refer to animal or object) ever show any kindness to anybody?

As far as I can remember, observed, read and feel, it has been RUTHLESSNESS ALL THE WAY, man.

IThas always been using the KNUCKLE DUSTER IN THE CUL DE SAC, man.

IT has always been SUE UNTIL BANKRUPT, man.

IT has always been FIXING THE OPPOSITION, man.

AND lately, under the even more RUTHLESS Cancerous Leeder, IT has always been FIXING EVEN THE LITTLE PEOPLE, ORDINARY PEOPLE, man.

IT has always been YOU DIE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, man.

IT has always been STAY IN POWER FOREVER, man.

IT really cares for the PEOPLE?
Has it really been about CARING FOR THE PEOPLE?



b said...

I think the ministers and the whole justice dept should be ashamed that they are so afraid that Amos Yee satires will bring the whole country and people down. We the people in this small island are more mature and smarter than the ministers anticipated lah. Do provide us with some bbc level of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

We in this small island are small minded. We are scare of small things and small boys like Amos.