Amos Yee – a most serious crime in Sin City

How does one rate a crime as serious or not serious? The police have some definitions like seizable or not seizable offence that would give one an idea of how serious the crime is. Another way is to look at the resources and time allocated to the case.

Look at this Amos Yee’s case and look at the number of law enforcement officers involved, the number of prosecutors and judges and their time, and the time of the courts, my god, this is no small crime when money and talented resources are involved. For such a serious crime committed by a ranting 16 year old boy it is definitely unpardonable. The boy must be punished. Punish is the word. If he is not stopped now, imagine how bad he could be when he grows up? More time must be devoted to educate and rehabilitate this bad boy.

Putting him in jail for 2 weeks would not help him. He is hardcore stuff, dabbling in hard core porn, incorrigible and could mislead the young into porn stuff. He is more dangerous than Alvin the scholar porn artist. The next best thing is to put him under the guidance of angels. Yes, angels will do him good a lot of god. But since there are no real angels around, 12 months or 18 months of reformative training look about right. He will come out a good boy, just like NSman spending 24 mths and changing from boy to man. Jack Neo must be beaming of his new movie.

Now isn’t this a damn good idea? Keep him under watch for 18 months! Actually 18 months is too short for such a serious and unforgiveable crime. Wait, not to worry, after 18 months it would be just nice for NS for this bad boy. That would mean Amos would have been under some form of regimentation for more than 3 years. It is sure to work. And Amos and his parents would be so grateful for the special treatment and care given to him. No one deserves such attention, but under such a caring govt, it can be expected. It is for the good of the boy. Amos is in good hands.

Wonder what would happen to him if someone is to brand him as devil reincarnate? He is so lucky that the people here are so sensible and thinking individuals and would not go to that extent. Did anyone say daft?

Now which is more detrimental to Amos Yee’s well being, 2 weeks jail or 18 months of reformative training? Shit, let me rephrase this. Which is more beneficial to Amos Yee’s well being, 2 weeks jail or 18 months of reformative training?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, "Kill one monkey to scare hundreds" mah.

Hence I believe Amos will be the last monkey around with his type of monkey tricks for PAP lah.

And do u also know why the Sinkie opposition, after 50 years of Sinkieland independence, is still not ready to be govt?

Because PAP under the late LKY "slaughtered" quite a number of opposition "monkeys" mah, especially in the earlier days. Same principle applies even today.

So his son is merely continuing the good legacy left by his father lah. And most important, it works, despite all the useless kpkb by netizens, RB included.

Anonymous said...

If I were PM Lee, I would have done the same to Amos Yee too.

So that less opposition "monkeys", teenagers and young included, will dare to join the opposition to fight PAP lah.

So the opposition, without enough brave and good "monkeys", will not be strong and ready to be govt lor.

And the 60% will not dare to vote the "not ready" opposition as govt to replace PAP lah.

So if u were PM Lee, need to be tough with Amos or not, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Amos and his parents should refuse reformative training and insist for a jail sentence. No sensible man, no reasonable man will take this as a criminal record against Amos. It is actually a badge of honour for Amos to flaunt in later years, like the badge of Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi.

Anonymous said...


希望明天会更好! 希望明天会更好!

可怜! 可怜! 可怜!

Anonymous said...

"It is actually a badge of honour for Amos to flaunt in later years, like the badge of Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi."
Anon 9:01 a.m.


U are assuming Sinkies are like the people in South Africa and Mynanmar. Or Sinkieland is in similar situation as South Africa or Mynanmar.

If that is the case, then why our own Aung Juan Soon Chee, after 20 years of struggle including going to jail too, and party under him, is not even able to win a single seat, let alone ready to be govt with Soon Chee as PM?

So please don't anyhow advise Amos to go commit suicide OK?

Anonymous said...

You so sure Chee Soon Juan will not be the PM tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

PAP Kee Chiu even made fun of Chee Soon Juan for trying to compare himself (Chee) with Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar. And drinking glucose water while fasting to protest his sacking from NUS during Chee's early days in politics.

And even Presidential material Hainan Ah Ko under SDP got less than 40% votes in last GE, losing even to the "budget overun by hundreds of millions for Youth Olympics" PAP Minister Vivian. No wonder Ah Ko want to form his own party to contest next GE.

So what makes Anon 9:32 a.m think Chee Soon Juan can even win a seat next GE, let alone become PM?

Anonymous said...

When evil is good and good is evil. You know the end is near.

Anonymous said...

Of course is 2 weeks jail lah.

Since he was already so publicly incarcerated by law, what's the difference between having a jail record and no jail record?
No one will be hiring him anymore , means he will find ways to hire himself so he can do some creative works, presumably film.
Unless he migrate, which means he could likely even flourish or destroy himself in a liberal environment like USA, but there is a chance he might return as the next Asian Quentin Tarantino or Christopher Nolan . Living here and getting reformed" is like straitjacketing him and brainwash his unique minds and thinking that he would rather die than killing his spirits. Remember he would rather languish in jail than to put up with Vincent laws BS. We are pushing him to make a bad choice. This thing could blow up in their face if they don't manage him well.
And people need to understand, if his mother is right, he has aspergers. Aspergers lack empathy and habve no sense of danger. He can't recognize or sense it. So no matter how you want to label him and chide hi m for behaving badly, you fail to have a compassionate and understanding about his conditions. Lastly, his mother ,May indeed been an enabler, but I believe hers is a reluctant one.

Anonymous said...

If a 16 year old teen can pose a danger to the well being of country;
Should we worry that the Founding Prime Minister has not built the house on a good foundation?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies maybe surprised that a 16 year old teen could help to bring down a regime.
The many alternative parties have been impotent for over 50 years against the pimps and prostitutes. However, a single foul mouth boy nay just do the trick of demolishing pimps and pros or at least make substantial damage on them.
Do open your eyes wide wide to see the turn of event.

Anonymous said...

I have to question the political acumen and judgement in pursuing the charges against a 16 year old boy. In all first World countries, these acts are not "crimes". makes me question the competence of the people involved.

Anonymous said...

Are you a Singaporean? What a brain you have (gray matters must have congealed badly) to use the terms "Sinkie" and "Sinkieland." I pity mentally-crippled jelly fishes like you.

Anonymous said...

So many brain damage IBs here. Their father died and now so free to come here to kpkb.

Anonymous said...

Amos Yee is like a bad dream of 1984 coming alive.
And the sickos could not see anything wrong with the whole rigmoro of a bunch of mental institution staff trying to bundle a normal person into their cell.

b said...

I think he is not filial to his parents. He costs them a lot of troubles and monies. He should study hard, earn a good degree, get a good career, earn a lot of monies for his parents instead of BS about LKY. LKY is no saint but he is no devil too. He is human. There is no free speech in this world because all speeches should be responsible not free.

Anonymous said...

There is no free speech in this world because all speeches should be responsible not free.
May 29, 2015 4:07 p.m.

All "responsible" speeches say the "correct" things.
If what Amos Yee says is so false ... why are we so worried?
Meritocracy of ideas would suggest that false ideas will disappear on its own accord.

And if what LKY says is so "correct" and "true" ... his ideas like the Bible will live on for the next 2,000 years. No need to "protect" LKY's ideas. LKY's ideas stand on its own merits.

Anonymous said...

@ May 29, 2015 4:07 p.m.

Amos Yee is just saying what most Singaporean adults are too afraid to say.
Adult Singaporeans are cowards.
We hide behind our teenagers and LGBTs and expect them to fight for our rights.
Huk Pui! You deserve to be PAP slaves.