Amos Yee – Making a mountain from a mole hill

Not say I want to say, I think it is unwise to pursue this Amos Yee’s case from the start. It was a video clip, people would have a good laugh and passé. To make this into a case and now snowballing into a monster would extract a heavy political price pay in an election year. I am saying this from the political perspective. It would definitely be an election issue for sure. No amount of damage control can help now. Many people are watching this episode but not saying anything but forming a lot of impressions about it. Only hope the damage is not too serious.

And there is another joker who taught it wise to attack Amos Yee outside the court and had his picture taken by so many cameras. What is going on? Hope this joker is a lone wolf and this is a lone wolf incident. Whatever, the perceptions and the court of public opinion is going to be very noisy and not very good for publicity. People tend to put one and one together to get two. It is a PR disaster.

Oh, it is reported that Shanmugam is visiting the Vatican City and even meeting Pope Francis. Good for him to get some divine blessing for Singapore. A little enlightenment from the Holy See would be useful and beneficial to Sin City. He should take the opportunity to get a shower of holy water for a good cleansing on behalf of Singapore.
And don’t forget to ask for blessing in front of Prophet Amos in the Vatican.

Literary there is now a mountain of issues coming out from a mole hill, something that could be avoided, with a little good communication, yes, didn’t they know good communication can move mountains? Didn’t they say that?

God bless. Good timing.


Anonymous said...

I think the PAP is desperate to win votes. They are making mountains out of every little molehills.

Besides that, they are throwing spanners, hammers, screwdrivers, nuts and bolts into the opposition camp to spoil their chances. On top of that, they are using government resources, paid for by the whole of Singapore, to fight the opposition in the courts that have no direct bearing on the rest of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It is a good point by the defence lawyer to tell the court it should not be involved in the case. The duty and responsibility should be exercised by the MND.

Anonymous said...

No! No! No! Worry Not!

The Amos Yee case will not affect any of the political parties and will not become an election issue at the coming GE.

Many may feel sorry for him but when come to voting, the decision can be very different.

You know Singaporeans lah!

Talking about the coming GE, it has become very exciting and very interesting.

Both PAP and WP are very busy.

PAP is very busy and active in organising events and activities with mass participations in all corners of the island.

WP is very busy with their town council!

When come to GE, Strategy Is Everything!

You know Singaporeans lah!

When the final results of the coming GE are out, many will be surprised!


Anonymous said...

We are already surprised by the 'by hook or by crook' method of paying lip service to democracy, as mentioned in the pledge '...to build a democratic society based on justice and equality....' Where is the justice we are talking about? Are we going down the slippery road of 'hudud' law or 'hood' law? Hard to tell the difference.

I think the pledge is not worth that piece of paper it is written on

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> Oh, it is reported that Shanmugam is visiting the Vatican City and even meeting Pope Francis.

My respect for the law minister has just dropped off a cliff.

This guy is actually going to meet and smooze with a known protector of child rapists and molesters? Add to that the Vatican's position on LBGTs, abortion, contraception.... On taxpayers money, no less.


Anonymous said...

One of the two charges against Amos is dissemination of Pornography. Now, I have not seen his blog and do not know what images he displayed. So I'll leave it to others to correct me if I'm on the wrong track here...

By my imagination, I'll expect his blog to have satirical cartoons or drawings, just like the Charlie Hebdo newspaper. So I'll like to remind people of what's the definition of Pornography. In all respectable mainstream sources, the definition of Pornography states that there must be a result of sexual excitement. So merely depicting the sexual organs does not qualify as pornography if the reader responses in anger and not sexual excitement. Ditto if the reader laughs at the subject in the drawings without being sexually excited.

So I'll suggest that readers who have seen whatever drawings in his blog to tell us if they find it pornographic. Better still, knowing the full definition of Pornography, those who kept the images can feel free to post them if the images do not fit the definition.

We know very well that the mainstream media tries to fool us by withholding facts. It's up to alternative media to fill up the void created by the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

"I think the pledge is not worth that piece of paper it is written on."
May 07, 2015 10:31 a.m.

Maybe Singaporeans do not have the backbone to live up to the Singapore Pledge?
Maybe political leaders do not have the "correct" values to support the Singapore Pledge?

Maybe Chinese Singaporeans are born to be slaves?
Especially Chinese Singaporeans with our 5,000 year cultural history of faithfully serving our emperors?

Maybe the Indian Aliens from democratic India will teach us how to be more democratic and have more backbone?
Who helped us to remember about rioting again after 50 years of independence?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


HERE is the so called offending piece of "pornography".

As you can see, it is a drawing that could very well be made by a kid with lousy art skills. Like the "art" found in public toilets. It's not even funny---unless you're 12 years old. he "funny" part comes in because Singapore authorities consider this "pornography" which is a "threat to the decency and security of our society".

"Sexual excitement" from crap like this? Please...

Lucky there's no law against "bad art", because that's all Amos is "guilty" of.

If they want to call this "porno" they they have to consider shaking off your dick after a piss "masturbation".

Anonymous said...

I had no idea his blog was still online. I thought the courts had made him shut down his blog. Anyway here is the post, with pic. Amos encourages people to make fun of their govt leaders.

Here is the post in its entirety: https://amosyee.wordpress.com/2015/03/28/lee-kuan-yew-buttfucking-margaret-thatcher/


The Real Singapore Political Commentator said...

Generals' Erection Year or not, PAP not scare one. How can people say PAP is desperate to win votes?

Since 1959 till now, PAP has been the BEST and is still the BEST. There is no other political party that can even smell a little bit of farts of the PAP.

Look at WP. People gave 2 SMCs and 1 GRC to them. And what had happened? Can't even get their acts together with simple thing such as accounting, estate management and collecting of conservancies fees. Financially, it is going to run out of funds by July. Yet their Car Parks are the only Ones in Singapore that are so very stingy to give a 10 Minutes Grace. Every single minute - just go in to unload goods and come out within 10 minute - also must pay. Champion for the Workers, for the Poor? My big fat foot!

Look at SDP. After achieving a few seats in Parliament under Chiam, now it is like in a Limbo, with its leadership trying very hard to breath some fresh air, with the graciousness and compassionate allowance of Emeritus Goh and our Late First Prime Minister Lee to give him a way out to contest in this coming Generals' Erection. Yet still not grateful and behave like a kay poh kpkb trying to act smart here and there. And even unable to keep the good quality people like Dr Ang Yong Guan and Mr Tan Jee Say inside the SDP. Making them leave the party to form a new one called the Singaporeans First Party (SFP)

Look at NSP. Can't even get its newsletter off the ground. Simple thing such as fulfilling the necessary requirements of the government, also cannot do. How to win elections?

Look at Reform Party. It is a joke. Again like father like son. An OMO - One-Man-Operation. Trying very hard to make some noise here and there but still can't mingle with the populace. How to mix with locals if cannot speak Singlish but only speak rotten-potatoes lingo?

Look at the SDA. It is as good as dead, though started with a BIG ambition to bring all alternative political parties under one Umbrella to counter the PAP. With the NSP and SPP (its leading party) having left this Alliance, it is as good as a Total Failure!

Look at SPP. With Chiam being so old and fragile in health, movement and even difficulty in speech, and with Potong Pasir gone, how can it be able to hope to win any seat again. Since Lena Chaim took over from her Husband the seat in Potong Pasir, it has become a Family Affair. How is it for the morale of those who have been working diligently and painstakingly for long years for the party? If they can't even look after their own members, how can they make the people of Potong Pasir believe that they can look after them?

Look at the newest party, the SingFirst Party. Newly formed only this year in February. Now walking about here and walking about there to try to impress people. Trying very hard no doubt, but it is still very very weak. Only two men therein are of some substance. The rest are yet to be seen or tested.

The other parties? Too insignificant to talk about. So I just shut up on them.

Now, look at PAP. When I look at PM's Dream Team for the future I laugh until peng. So impressive, sure win many votes one. Even if he had made a blunder, NEVER MIND, DON'T WORRY, ITS ALRIGHT!

Conclusion: Next Generals' Erections, looks like around the corner, PAP will WIN WIN WIN .... with HANDS AND LEGS DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!

No Ministers will be lost at all. All will be guaranteed to continue to collect their Millions of Dollars pocket money every year. They can safely continue to go and buy up more properties locally or any Country they might wish to use as Safe Havens. They can also continue to buy a few Ferrari's or Lamborghinis for their Children and grand children. Such a wonderful good life. I am happy for them.

Really Swiss Standards of Living as promised by ESM Lau Goh, right? I am very happy for them.

Daft Sinkies, too bad for you lah. You will, I know very well, continue to be daft, and even more dafter. You will vote PAP, right?

Anybody wants to disagree? At my pleasure.

Virgo 49 said...

Chinese Singaporeans or rather Chinese race as a whole has so many different dialects and differences even though same colour yellow.

Still has their own clan mentality of kia kee lang, kai chng ang ang. Hong Fei Hong Luo kuang etc.

They are loose sand only good in looking after their own welfare and backsides. You die your business. They are in fact more fearful of their own kind rather than other races for they knew they had to compete amongst themselves to be TOPs.

Also, many become yellow bananas after absorbing the western mannerisms which they taught are superior and even scorned their own kind. Go along with embracing other religions and marrying other colours that they had given up their inferior ah fook chai complex.

So the Chinese race will exterminate each other and be loh chais to the others. The rich will scorned their poorer cousins and their main weakness is that they are afraid their own kind is beter off than them. So it is destined that they are to be extinct in the near future.

Any way, will not live to see this happen and bo ngan tai (no eyes to see)

Anonymous said...


It is just a question of whether the Chinese wants to be extinct. They were the greatest procreator, with more than 1.4 billion on show at this time, now overtaken by the Indians.

The whole human race is bound for extinction, what with all the greed, war mongering, and fiddling around with the genes of all the food they consume, animal and vegetable.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49

>> the Chinese race will exterminate each other and be loh chais to the others

What? Are you kidding me? They are already the dominant economy and most populous nation, which is reasonably STABLE internally.

Also with so many millions of these agonkia-approved chio bu , rest assured that "baby production" is going to happening. ;-)


>> They were the greatest procreator, with more than 1.4 billion on show at this time, now overtaken by the Indians.

Not yet. Present generations have to age first. India will overtake China in 25-40 years time, according to the stats. However, anything could happen in that time---trends can reverse, for instance.

Should any other cuntry want to dominate the world, the best way to do so is to start a long, protracted and intense war between India and China ;-)

Anonymous said...

Real skillset or competence is only relevant during periods of crisis whether internal or from a foreign threat. History has shown us time and again, during periods of relative stability, the "politicians" and cronies take over. This is because, with no perceived threat, loyalty is valued over competence.

Competence is often viewed as a threat to the leader because the competent usually have a different view which is often difficult to stomach without losing face. Amos has a different view, which is currently not well accepted and frankly uncomfortable to accept. But then we once believed the earth was flat. Let's not forget that bad apples and the incompetent often succeed during these periods simply because they are focused solely on pleasing their leader. This focus to please comes naturally not only because it is rewarded, but also because it is the only alternative path to actually performing on the job.

Gary said...

The govt/PAP is implicated by the simple fact that the identity of the 49 years old arrested bully who slapped Amos at the entrance to the state court has been kept a 'secret' to date. Can anyone thing of any reason why the govt is protecting the identity of the bully?

Your conclusion is as good as mine - because it is one of their own.

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully at the man who assaulted Amos Yee, you would notice:

1. He has a hair-cut very similar as those in the Police or in the SAF.

2. The way he slapped Amos Yee tells us that he is a well-trained person.

3. His challenge to Amos Yee to sue him tells us that he could have some backing.

4. He did all these right in front of the State Court and in front of so many camera men/women and reporters showed that he did not care for the consequences that he would face.

5. His age is closer to in the early 30s, than in the late 40s.

Conclusion? I have mine. You make your own conclusion from the above facts.

Anonymous said...

In times of peace and stability, you put a dud as a conductor, the music will go on.

Anonymous said...

You only good at self pleasure yourself.

Anonymous said...

The PM got saboed and his govt is being made to look so bad to the whole world.

The best part of the deal, he did not even know he is naked.

Anonymous said...

Implicated or not, the weasels will wriggle their way out. When you are in power, there are so many ways to do it, by hook or by crook.

Or perhaps just keep quiet and hope that the whole population suffer from memory loss. This is a favourite disease that even the exhalted one put to good use when he told the world that he had forgotten who cast the deciding vote to make him PM many decades ago.

Anonymous said...

They don't believe they will lose power and be on the other side of the equation. Even the last emperor didn't believe until he became a commoner.

And they still handcuffed and shackled Amos Yee like hardcore criminals.

Anonymous said...

Amos is a victim becos he is a threat to the Authority.

Unlike the five uouths that spray painted profanity against PAP at a highrise hdb, Smos is using the new media. He was acting and appears to be savy with video reproduction and even cinematography. Amos has excellent command of languages and could go very far with his knowledge of using the new media.

The way he has been handled could probably do much damage to the reputations of the leaders and spf. Singaporeans too are havong much misgiving about the treatment meted out to Amos. On the other hand the one who attacked him near the court gets no publicity which is being seen as given a form of protection. Many suspected that both are not treated impartially.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 856:

>> Amos is a victim becos he is a threat to the Authority.

...and also the "establishment" and the "established social order". Rocking the boat, and shaking the tree to find out what falls out....these are all no-no's in orderly and pristine Singapore.

And so they are going to make an example out of young Amos. He appeared in court in prison garb, restrained in handcuffs and shackles. WTF? Is this a dangerous, violent career criminal, Public Enemy No. 1, a serial killer, or Mr Big of a notorious international organised crime syndicate?

No. He's a BLOGGER, for fucks sake lah!

Everyone in Singapore should be going W T F?!? .

When all sense of proportionality has been abandoned, the authorities are now behaving like unrestrained beasts. This is LOUSY for justice.