Amos Yee - Identity of attacker not disclosed

Many people are demanding that the police release the photo and identity of the man that attacked Amos Yee out the court house. You can sense the anger and suspicion of the people wanting to know who this man is, how he looks like, where he lives, his family and background that brought about this attack. Nearly a week has passed and the police are not revealing anything.

Those people demanding to know who this man is must look at things from another angle. The police must have learnt a lesson in the Amos Yee case. When Amos Yee was under police custody, handcuffed and shackled, he was safe. I remember many years ago the police handcuffed a photographer photographing the flood in Bukit Timah for his own safety. It is getting to make sense, safety in police custody.

Amos Yee would have been safe under police custody and if his photos and identity were not disclosed. When the masses are braying for his blood, letting him walk around unescorted had proven to be the wrong thing. Also, with his photos everywhere, he could be identified easily. Unfortunately Amos Yee took the safety of our streets for granted and forgot that low crime does not mean no crime. And there are bound to be extremists, the loose ones, hiding somewhere waiting to strike.

This could be a possible reason why the assailant’s identity and photo are not in the newspaper. It would be very embarrassing if there is a repeat incident when this assailant is assaulted outside the court house. Protecting the identity of criminals may be a new practice to be adopted in view of what could happen to such people when there is an unrestrained mob out there with different ideas. Ya, the man may be a violator of the law, he still needs to be protected and not exposed to danger in the public.

And it may be a good thing that Amos is back in custody for his own safety. Amos, please do not opt for bail. It is definitely safer for you under the protection of the police. Now, would his attacker be produced in court wearing a hood for his own safety?

My reasoning ok or not?


virgo49 said...

Thought they must charge that fellow within 48 hours?? No???

Either custody or on bail!!

Wah piang, cover up own people ah???

I military one, charge in camp already got guardroom or transfer to ta kor rehabilitation camp

Anonymous said...

It is indeed safer to be in police custody as the assault on Amos Yee near the Court Compound has shown.

The one who assaulted Amos may face the same consequence or even worse. There should be no disclosure of where the assailant stays for that will expose him and his family to ridicule or even physical abuse.

The only question is why was Amos Yee given so much attention by the media?

Anonymous said...

He Amos what. Amos the prophet. He brings warnings of woes from God.

Anonymous said...

Worry Not! Worry Not!

100% Safe! 100% Safe!

I have absolute confident with
our govt authorities!

They must have valid good reasons.

However, the non-disclosure may
leads to lots of guessing and
ridiculous stories by the people.

How will this talk-of-the-town
and very well-followed case
finally evolved?

We shall see.

patriot said...

Have trust in our police men/women, they are there to ensure your safety.

I would imagine that the Two PRC Ladies could have beaten the Gentleman in his office. He wont be just spitted at, they could have stripped him naked too ad shown in the Video, had the Police Officers not being around.

Nowadays, it is hard to feel safe in Singapore whence there are no Uniformed Police Officers around.

My only lament is that there are few Uniform Police Officers seen patrolling.
I tend to agree with the Police Commissioner that we need a thousand more officers in the SPF.


Anonymous said...

May i suggest SPF put up cardboard police officers in the area..like they do in supermakets

Virgo 49 said...

SPF officers nee ka, so no foot patrols.

Also low class walking. Sit in patrol cars so new and luxurious.

Got class. Even citizens driving cars more than ten years old. CoEs very chiak liak.

Even pay for five years also some people retired also got no amount.

After paying HDB flat, children's education not enough for COEs liao.

Anonymous said...

Cardboard policeman.
Good idea.

Cardboard policeman at the court house.
"Slapping is a crime."

Cardboard policeman at Hong Lim Park
"Heckling is a crime."

Cardboard policeman at ICA Changi airport
"Hijacking & terrorism is a crime."

Cardboard policeman at the polling station.
"Loitering within 200 meters of the polling station is a crime."

Confused and Frightened Senior Citizen said...

There is a Super New Law is this Post-LKY New Era lah. You all don't even know meh?

You see, Sinky Land's population is aging, and there are more and more seniors than babies and juveniles combined. So New Laws or New Procedures Must be introduced.

One of these New Procedures, in my very confused opinion, is:

Criminals who are 45 years and above are considered as Seniors, and MUST BE PROTECTED by Sinky Laws. Their identity cannot be revealed to the public in order to protect them and their families from harassment and abuse by Foreign Talons and Local Jobless People who may try to earn a living by being employed by people who want to harass these senior criminals..

Whereas, People who are 17 years or below, like Amos Yee, who would normally be considered as MINORS, JUVENILE OR CHILDREN PROTECTED UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAWS, when they are allegedly accused of allegedly committing some minor offences, are not only NOT PROTECTED but must be treated in the following mannerS:

1. Firstly, minors must be imposed with a hefty bail and be remanded and put into the Changi Prisons if nobody bail them out.

2. Secondly, for minors the Police Must Employ not less than EIGHT uniformed policemen (not cardboard policemen) and two plain-clothes detectives to arrest them in the middle of the night at their home.

3. Thirdly, for minors the Police must make sure they are properly humiliated openly with handcuffs and leg shackles (not because they may resist arrest but mainly because they are too young to understand the severity of their offences committed or not committed.

4. Some more, before minors are being found guilty by the Courts (not to be mistaken for Courts Supermarket), they must be bailed out and the bail converted from Police Bail to Court Bail, with a hefty $20,000 and later increased to $30,000 and may yet be increased again at the pleasure of either the Prosecutors or the Honorable Courts (not to be mistaken from Kangeroo Courts in Australia).

5. Some more, they must be imposed with extreme measures by bannig them from all forms of freedom of excess to the Internet in order that they cannot tell the whole world of their predicaments.

6. And some more, they must be made to report to a police station far away from their homes every morning to inconvenient them so that they will not be angry with the Authorities and Government again and will be like a sheep obey everything dished out to them at present or in the future.

7. Some more, minors faces and all confidential details about them or their families must be revealed to the Whole Wide World through all the Main and Secondary Medias as early and as fast as possible, so that everybody will have a "GOOD IMPRESSION" about them, and hope may be some public person(s) can take the law into his own hand and threaten to cut off the minor's penis or go in front of the State Court to criminally assault and criminally intimidate him in broad day light in front of many reporters and cameramen .

8. Last but not least, some more the Prosecutor or Police MUST try to find as MANY Charges as possible to ensure at least one of them will stick, to charge them in Court as early as possible, preferably the very NEXT Day.

I may be wrong about all the above? If anyone thinks I am talking rubbish, please forgive me. I stand to be corrected. Because, as a Senior Citizen, I am now VERY VERY CONFUSED, AND HARRASED AND UNDER DURESS! Because I think Sinky Land is NOW NOT SAFE ANY MORE!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ no idea Sheeple via RB:

>> Many people are demanding that the police release the photo and identity of the man that attacked Amos Yee out the court house.

WOW! Mob justice making demands on the nation's police force. Mob "law" thinks it is above the rule of law.

Let the cops do their work lah. There is no "impropriety" here. The alleged assailant's identity will be made clear in good time when the case goes to court.

If the fucking mob does a "CSI" on this guy, attacking him and his family, terrorising him at work etc. it could jeopardise the case lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

IMO this low life should kena terok terbokok by the courts. At 49 he would just "qualify" for a worthy recipient of the rotan, and he looks reasonably fit and can most certainly deliver a good slap (upper body strength and core working A-OK).

The Sheeple should back the fuck off and allow the law to work properly. This is one case---aka PHYSICAL ASSAULT, aka initiated VIOLENCE---where you want the full force of the law to come down on him.

After he's had his "due process", then light up the interwebs with the comments.

When I read comments like "Punishment too harsh!", "Court should have shown more mercy", "As a modern society must stop this eye-for-an-eye barbaric justice...", then I'll be the one opening champagne and buying the magistrate or judge a drink if I ever met them outside.

Anonymous said...


Let me tell you sth which you guys are not watching. This assailant, he is no ah pig ah dog assailant. He's a practitioner. Look at the video again and you should be able to see. Good luck everybody.